Reading for October 16-31, 2016


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999 and Jupiter in Libra


09/09/2016 – 999 – Completion! Completion! Completion! Time to close doors behind us and tie up loose ends! What in your life needs closure so you can move on?

999 happens with Jupiter moving into Libra, bringing a much needed dose of love, equality, fairness, and beauty. We still have some time to make our completions before the end of this number 9 year, and time to bask in expanded Venusian energy to recreate balance and harmony in our lives, in alignment with what we really value, preparing for the true and powerful rebirth we can go through when giant Jupiter walks into Scorpio, the sign of the phoenix, on 10/10/2017! – 111 -New beginnings! New beginnings! New beginnings! Have a wonderful ride!

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All that we have strengthened in Leo in terms of personal power, talents and abilities, can find an outlet in Virgo for the benefit of others. Virgo is highlighted during this period hosting the Sun, The North Node, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. We are being pushed into aligning with our path or mission, and being of service. Mars near Saturn calls our attention to issues related to setting boundaries and holding our ground. See how this unfolds for each sign on the tarot reading on

Tarot Reading for Full Moon, July 19, 2016


Faerie Tarot and The Enchanted Lenormand


At the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19, 2016, we will see how the processes ignited by the New Moon in Cancer (July 4), affecting our emotional life, especially in regards to family, the mother, and safety, fueled up by the explosive and transformative energy of the 777 (July 7), will gain form and affect our structures, security and relation to figures of authority, on the earthy sign of Capricorn, which is also hosting deep changes as Pluto transits through it.

The cards are showing the interaction of the energies of Cancer and Capricorn. The Queen of Cups connects to Cancer, our feminine side, and the mother, whereas the pentacles cards (King, 4, 8) reaffirm the important presence of the earth element. The Full Moon reveals how the material structures and foundation of our lives allow us to nurture and protect ourselves and those we love. It is time to think about that, and also about the legacy (material, emotional, energetic) we want to leave behind, not only for friends and family, but for humanity as a whole. Align your work with the legacy you intend to build.

Dedicate yourself to what you love and polish up your skills. Protect your projects and tender them as they grow. Be careful not to spend money now with things you don’t need. You might need it later to improve your domestic situation, invest on education or on your project. Take time to take care of yourself and spend time with family, giving special attention to parents and/or children, and protect your resources and your home, both physically and energetically.

Messages by sign:

Cancer: revelations about your purpose and spiritual path, what you love and self-love. Departed loved ones are near. Good time for a spiritual consultation (tarot, psychic, medium, astrology, etc.) (diviner)

Leo: dealing with real state, inheritance, family business, legacy. Difficult processes related to family karma. You will see what the obstacles are so you can find solution for them. (tower)

Virgo: destiny and karma involving people coming in or leaving your life. Relocation, immigration, pregnancy, birth. (stork)

Libra: connect with your inner gypsy and go with your guts and intuition. Find yourself the answers you have been looking for. (diviner)

Scorpio: reconnection with someone important. Use music to relax and raise your vibration. Enjoy music with friends. Communication from the heart can build solid and long-lasting relationships. Watch out for gossip. (birds)

Sagittarius: confusion related to work. Career change. Reevaluate how your work relates to the legacy you want to leave behind. Reevaluate career and what motivates you. (tower)

Capricorn: obstacle in love relationship (distance, one is not available, karma). Energy is moving and things will change. Either the obstacle will be removed, or you will choose to walk away. Emotional healing is needed to find resolution. (heart+mountain)

Aquarius: long-lasting and loving alliances, partnerships, marriages. If you are already in one, check if there are invisible chains limiting and holding you back. (ring)

Pisces: broaden your horizons to reach higher visions and use them as artistic inspiration or to deepen psychic abilities. Time to make a choice and accept all your Piscean capacity of imagining and giving form to what you envision. Take advantage of your ruler planet, Neptune, being in your sign. (diviner)

Aries: connect with your feminine side and the mother archetype. Improvement of self-love and identity as a woman. For men, connect with feminine attributes and reevaluate how you relate to women. A significant woman will have an impact on your life. Karmic elements to be worked out might come along. (woman)

Taurus: at last the moment when things turn around is here for you. You will see the first signs of it soon, especially affecting work and finances. The worst is behind you. Dealing with death could be a theme. (death)

Gemini: If you have been feeling isolated, it is because the frequency the people around you are in doesn’t match nor relates to yours. Be patient. In time you will find people who suit you better. Reevaluate friendships.

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