Forecast for the year 2015 – Color Oracle


The year 2014 was about dealing with karmic issues and relocation, reparation and redistribution related to them. Those who went through this process will find lots of opportunities for reconstruction and reinvention in 2015. The colors for 2015 show a vibrant energy that allows for a whole renovation of our lives and our values, both in conceptual and practical forms. Such energy is already here and we can feel it. There will not be a crescendo in intensity, rather this energy will remain high throughout  the year. We will be able to easily detach from old problems and patterns and we may allow the dark pieces in us and in our lives to be illuminated and the faults to be fulfilled. We will feel very comfortable about who we are and where we are at, no matter what that might look like. We will be seen without having to put ourselves in the spotlight and without fearing scrutiny.


Great achievements will be possible, therefore we should dream big and aim high. We can rescue talents and interests we might have left behind and there is an energy achievable for those who are more attuned to a certain frequency of the spectrum of the 2015 colors. The number 3 and its multiples are favored, so are interactions in small or medium groups. It is a good period for alliances and for not being alone. There will be plenty of movement, novelties, fast changes, experimentation and exchanges. It is not advisable to hold on tight to plans, for those will tend to be modified many times. Towards the end of the year things will begin to stabilize and we will be able to create a solid foundation to build something stable and lasting in 2016. 2015 will be like an avalanche of events and opportunities that will give us the chance to discover our most basic personal frequency and the color associated with it.