Gemini New Moon – June 4, 2016

Christian Schloe

The New Moon occurs in conjunction with Venus, giving us a chance to experience a new phase in relation to Venus in Gemini (love, values, finances, and beauty, allied with communication, intellect, trips, exchanges, etc.). Not only that, but Moon/Sun/Venus are part of a grand cross and form a quincunx with Pluto retrograde, adding more power to the New Moon and the Venusian vibes, as well as bringing karmic, issues from the past, and transformational overtones.

Soon after the New Moon, on June 6, we have Venus’s superior solar conjunction, when Venus ceases to be a morning star and disappears from sight for a few weeks, reemerging a few weeks later as an evening star. We will go into a retreat as regards to Venusian’s themes and undergo deep transformation as we get ready to change gears and reemerge ourselves when the evening star does. Our emotional predisposition changes as we turn more inwardly, become more intuitive, emotional, and more attuned to, more productive, and shining more during the nighttime. Those born under evening star Venus will feel  more comfortable and in their element until the next inferior conjunction, which happens on March 25, 2017.


Venus in Gemini – May 25 to June 17, 2016


Love and beauty meets metal stimulus and intellect. It is the perfect match of heart and mind. Fall in love with new fields of interest, write about what you love, discover precious books. Get out and mingle. Make connections online. Consider online dating. Meet like-minded people and have interesting long conversations. Be communicative and share your thoughts and ideas with passion!

Venus in Taurus – May 1 to 24, 2016


Wild Quan Yin Oracle

Venus arrives at one of its homes making it a special time for enjoying its qualities, and finding this sign already activated by the presence of the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Vesta. Taurus is a sign that knows how to enjoy life, being connected with sensorial pleasures, beauty, nature, home, and the body, but not in a careless or irresponsible manner. Quite on the contrary, it values security, groundedness, and stability. Take time during this period to love, appreciate, enjoy more, and honor yourself, your body, your home, your family, your foundations, Gaia, and all the pleasures that your sensory system and your body can convey. Then find ways of expressing all that love and appreciation! Rekindling interests and passions are likely to accompany this transit as well.

Venus in Aries – April 6 to 30, 2016


Symbolon Cards

Venus in Aries denotes a great period for relationships, as well as for improving self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. The self (Aries) is more willing to mingle and relate with others (Venus). Love meets passion, we feel more beautiful, more confident, and ready to take action! How we look and what we wear can become powerful statements. Renew your wardrobe and incorporate some red elements in it. Dress up, get out there, and mingle. If courage is what you needed, the activated Arian energy is here to provide it!

Venus in Pisces – March 12 to April 5, 2016

pisces-1-1-238x300As Venus strolls through Pisces we have passions reawakened and our belief in magic, fantasy worlds, and romance restored. We might dive into the world of mermaids and mermen only to find out later that it was all just a beautiful dream. In the world of romance and finances, let yourself discover new depths of enjoyment, but don’t get carried away by illusions. Know things for what they really are. This can be a wonderful transit if we don’t leave our reasoning behind. Connect to the mental side of Venus as portrayed by Libra, so you can safely navigate through this period, since Pisces is overloaded with the presence of 4 planets and 2 asteroids. This is wonderful for artistic inspiration, insights, and spiritual connection. Great ideas may come through in fashion, music, visual arts, automatic writing, stream of consciousness, etc. Be a witness of the watery flow of the Piscean imagination. Dreams during this period can bring extra inspiration and information, and point to areas and emotions that need healing. Harness all that Pisces can deliver to you and channel it in productive ways.

Venus in Aquarius – February 17 to March 12, 2016


Symbolon Cards

The energy of Aquarius has the power to shake up some Venusian features such as what we value and love, as well as our self-love. As Venus transits through Aquarius, our hearts will be longing for reaching higher consciousness via the crumbling of old mental constructs, and breaking free from recipes and molds.

Deconstruct your self-image as a way to liberate your individuality in the face of the collective, so you can reach higher grounds. Leave behind rigid mental processes, fixed ideas and concepts, and dare to find new ways of doing things, accessing the uniqueness of your individuality, rising above your previous self and above the constraints of the collective unconscious. Build a new relationship with yourself and open up room for intuition and guidance to flow freely through you. Make space for innovations, new ideas, new ways of being and relating to others, new spiritual paths and practices to come in. Connect with the arts, let your imagination run wild, and use it to reach levels that are hidden within yourself or escaping the eyes of the collective.

In the area of relationships and romance, open up your heart, but especially, broaden your horizons as you stretch your concepts of relating with others, expand what you want and expect, the kind of people you see yourself with in close relationships and partnerships (which can include business), and the roles you and other people play. Flexibility is key in this area.

This is a great period for quantum leaps, starting new projects that are bold and original, and freeing yourself from expectations and other people’s judgments. Enjoy the ride towards freedom and higher consciousness and discover new passions and new facets of yourself.

Venus in Capricorn – January 24 to February 17, 2016


Venus is leaving Sagittarius where it had the chance to stretch its wings and expand, yet it could also have gone overboard in terms of hedonism, sophistication, superficiality, and adventurous spirit that leads to carelessness. As it enters Capricorn, the expansiveness and exaggeration of Sagittarius is balanced by Capricorn’s modesty, soberness and seriousness.

During this transit we learn to enjoy the calmness provided by stable and lasting structures. We put our finances in order and learn how to make and spend money with our feet on the ground. We turn ourselves into appreciating material structures, security, stability, practicality, responsibility, simplicity, long term relationships, where we come from, ancestry, tradition, legacy and the passing of time.

We can achieve an impartial sense of justice and balance, and get a better understanding of karma and divine justice. We are able to align beauty, home, and fashion with practicality and functionality. Interior design is highlighted as a way to enhance beauty and harmony. We also connect to the beauty and sense of balance provided by nature, especially through rocks, crystals, flowers, and animals. Grounding crystals such as citrine can be very helpful, as well as the use of essential oils that are feminine and balancing, such as rose, geranium, lavender, and orange.

Venus in Sagittarius – Dec. 31 to Jan. 23, 2016


Symbolon Cards

As Venus transits through Sagittarius, enjoy life not for the sake of it, but for experiencing it to the fullest in order to know more about it, learn lessons, expand your horizons, acquire knowledge and wisdom. Freedom, imagination, curiosity, education, traveling, wanderlust, and exploring the world by any means are themes present during this period. Try new things. Discover things that you can enjoy or bring back into your life what used to bring you joy. Connecting with like-minded people can be very rewarding, gain new meaning, and affect how you relate to people and your concepts about relationships.

Connect with the archetype and the true spirit of the Renaissance man. Fall in love with knowledge, being knowledgeable, learning about the world and what transcends it. This sets the tone for the transition into the new year, giving a hint about how we will experience it and relate to 2016. Have a happy new year, full of love and new discoveries!

Venus in Scorpio: December 4-30, 2015

Symbolon Venus

Symbolon Cards

Venus has just entered Scorpio, where it remains until the end of December, when it leaps into the sign of Sagittarius, just in time for the shift of the year. With Venus in Scorpio, love meets passion and sex, and things can really heat up and get intense. We will be more prone to indulge ourselves in sensorial pleasures. Since Scorpio is a sign that tends to go overboard, we’d better be careful with excesses.

Dynamics between the seducer and the seducee will be at play. Watch out for control and manipulation, and the use of the body, beauty, power, and material possessions to allure. Get your values straight so as not to be carried away. Spice up your life if you like, but have in mind that not all that glitters is gold.

Feelings and intuitions are heightened, so is our ability to go deep and access insights. Trust your instincts and don’t dismiss any hints. This is a great period for psychotherapy as well as art therapy, especially as ways of bringing buried feelings to the surface and accessing the unconscious.


Venus in Libra – Nov. 8 to Dec. 5, 2015

Keeper of ScalesVenus is entering one of the signs that it rules: Libra. It is at home there, which can provide us with the same sort of feeling, especially in relation to Venus’s attributes, which are basically love, romance, beauty, aesthetics, money and finances. We see them being backed up by Libra’s strong beliefs in elevated concepts, such as equality, distribution, harmony, and fairness, all coming from a generous, balanced, compassionate heart, and a mind that can encompass them all and find ways of working within these parameters.

Libra is a very intellectual sign that can teach us how to find practical solutions to put those beliefs into action with reasoning, loving and impartial analysis and judgement, looking for win-win solutions, considering your side as much as the side of others, and having some solid values reflected in visual beauty. Beauty, on the other hand, can also mirror those values. This works much like kalós/kalé in Ancient Greek, which mean simultaneously virtuous, good, noble, and beautiful, since these concepts were not perceived as dissociated from one another. Let us be inspired by that and find our own version of kalós/kalé.