May 2017


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COLOR OF THE YEAR 2017 Greenery

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR: GREENERY – 2017 – Intuitive Readinggreen
Greenery speaks primarily about our connection to the Earth, which entails not only our grounding and ability to be productive and creative, but also how we interact with life and living beings on many levels. It has a direct impact on our energetic profile as well as our material and spiritual living.
2017 is a year for redoing the channels of energy and transforming the conduits that keeps us grounded on Earth. This transformation can occur in our general vibrational frequency, open up paths for higher spirituality, lead you to your sweet spot, align you with a much simpler way of living, more heart centered and less consuming and acquiring focused. It also offers the chance to close old channels that keep you connected to past situations and old karma.
As your connection to the new vibration increases, your heart chakra will be also transformed. Once you’re anchored in a strong foundation, like a lighthouse built on a strong rock, you heart will be able to beam out new energy and connect with the world in new ways. Light can increase and reach far, dark places.
For many, there will be the need and opportunity to relocate and move away from disconnected energies that translate as imbalances, darkness, chaos and violence, in order to build their new foundation more easily and without unwanted interferences. From that place they will see their light and their life sprouting whereas reaching far out into the world.
This is a year for a collective consciousness leap and closure for personal karmic cycles.
Focus on Greenery, unlock your green thumb, connect with emeralds, work on your feet, legs and root chakra to open new pathways of light. Start opening up the doors to an enlightened 2017, if you will, right about now!
Have you all a wonderful 2017 with lots of green and much light! 🌿🌿🌿
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