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999 and Jupiter in Libra


09/09/2016 – 999 – Completion! Completion! Completion! Time to close doors behind us and tie up loose ends! What in your life needs closure so you can move on?

999 happens with Jupiter moving into Libra, bringing a much needed dose of love, equality, fairness, and beauty. We still have some time to make our completions before the end of this number 9 year, and time to bask in expanded Venusian energy to recreate balance and harmony in our lives, in alignment with what we really value, preparing for the true and powerful rebirth we can go through when giant Jupiter walks into Scorpio, the sign of the phoenix, on 10/10/2017! – 111 -New beginnings! New beginnings! New beginnings! Have a wonderful ride!

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All that we have strengthened in Leo in terms of personal power, talents and abilities, can find an outlet in Virgo for the benefit of others. Virgo is highlighted during this period hosting the Sun, The North Node, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. We are being pushed into aligning with our path or mission, and being of service. Mars near Saturn calls our attention to issues related to setting boundaries and holding our ground. See how this unfolds for each sign on the tarot reading on youtube.com/channel/UCeg7QBkHC2-SQfWo9_-QzRA/