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Pisces New Moon + Total Solar Eclipse: March 8, 2016

pisces-total-solar-eclipseThis lunar cycle opens up with a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces and peaks at the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse, making it extra special and with a long lasting effect. The Solar Eclipse happens on March 8 at 18-19° of Pisces: “A Master Instructing His Disciple”. The Sabian Symbol activated by the eclipse announces sudden destined encounters between master and pupil, that are life changing. This is the time to find the right teacher, master, guru, counselor, mentor or guide, or to become one. It is also propitious to finding a school, institution, workshop, healing modality, etc. This pertains especially to areas ruled by Pisces/Neptune: spirituality, the metaphysical, the subconscious, the ocean, inspiration, fantasies, dreams, insights, arts (particularly poetry, music and cinema), psychic abilities, and symbology, among others.

In a broader sense, this could be about the coming together of soul mates or people who are meant to teach each other evolution lessons. If this manifests as a new relationship, have in mind that the Piscean energy can create a mist of illusion, magic, and fantasy, and be quite slippery and elusive. Also, beware of false spiritual teachers, guides, and healers. Use your discernment, don’t discard any red flags, and don’t be taken by appearances. This is part of the challenge of dealing with the magical, seductive, sometimes blurred side of the Piscean energy, and part of learning how to recognize what’s right down your alley, particularly when dealing with the master-apprentice relationship and the metaphysical. If you have been deceived or misled before, take advantage of this period to put it behind you once and for all.

Sun and Moon conjunct Chiron and Ceres, adding another layer to the importance of the coming together of Master and disciple, as it can facilitate the healing of old karmic wounds, especially through forgiveness and compassion, in the areas previously discussed, as well as those connected to Ceres: fertility, motherhood, vitality, reaping what we sow. As we heal, we also learn how ot heal others and prepare to become healers ourselves. There is a lot to be done and worked on, as Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter retrograde and the North Node. There is a lot to be rescued from our past and past lives that will place us right into our destined purpose and path.

What happens during the New Moon window will take us right into the potentials of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on March 23 at 3-4° of Libra: “Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion”. The connection we make will place us with kindred spirits, like-minded people, and spiritual groups. That’s when we will see the full results of this teacher, course, modality, etc., that we encounter, allowing us to network and exchange our experience with others. Communication will begin to play an important role then. This can impact and expand your spiritual evolution, social circles, and your career.

A new sense of belonging and being on the right track will be available to us. May you all have fortuitous encounters and discoveries!

Partial Solar Eclipse: September 13, 2015


We have been spending some time preparing, setting goals, focusing and getting ready. At the Solar Eclipse, which occurs at the Virgo New Moon, potentials will be grounded and details adjusted. The moment for emerging and blooming arrives. There is no room for hesitation, no need to be in doubt or second guess yourself and your choices. It is time for being bold and brave and move forward. It is time for reaping the rewards of seeds planted lifetime after lifetime, time for each person to reap what they have sown. This is a process that has begun many lifetimes back and now it is the end of a long karmic cycle and a sort of judgement day. Truth will come to light. The power of Balance and Equality will be working at an archetypal and spiritual level, putting things in their rightful places.

Some lifting of heavy energies will be taking place. For those who have kept their light intact, even if discreetly, it is time to step up and receive what is theirs. Those who have been pushed into a corner, forced to lay low and keep their light to themselves, can come out of the shadows to be seen and appreciated by those who can see them for who they really are.

Step by step we have come far and reached a spiritual destination. Enjoy it and allow things to be moved around and adjusted, and then settled. Be a spectator of the changes as you become aware of the spiritual maturity you have reached. Potentials are ripe. Abundance is present and flowing. There is support from the animal kingdom in terms of energy, presence and guidance. Attention to signs for they will be particularly meaningful. Ingest nutritious food as a way to keep your vitality high and stay grounded and connected to Earth.

Between the New Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on September 28, we have a window of transformation that can be highly emotional and bring unexpected changes, including of heart and mind. Don’t be surprised if that happens, and hold the urge to express yourself, since communication will not be favorable with Mercury turning retrograde on September 17. Let changes occur and things run their course.

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse and Equinox: March 20, 2015 – Astrology


Josephine Wall

This is the beginning of a very special lunar cycle. The New Moon takes place with a total solar eclipse at 29°27’ of Pisces, entering Aries right after it, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the South, which is also the beginning of a new zodiacal cycle. It is a good time to reevaluate what we want to leave behind and which projects we want to move forward with.

Between the 16th and 17th of March we had the last one in a series of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares, which began in 2012. During this period we have witnessed insurgencies, revolts, protests, fires and explosions, and lots of violence and barbaric actions. A lot of darkness came out in the open and somehow we had to face the themes of control, power and death. Squares between slow planets such as Uranus and Pluto last for a while, but slowly we will begin to see those things receding and diminishing, especially on the collective level but also in our personal lives.

During the Last Quarter Moon we dealt with karmic issues between fathers and daughters and with unavailable men. We continue with a similar subject, only now indicated by Venus forming an inconjunction with Saturn retrograde, revealing conflicts from the past or past lives between women and male figures of authority such as fathers, father figures, teachers, gurus or older men. This relationships have an attractive and luring side, but also a darker one of karmic revision through hidden agendas and veiled manipulation. From the masculine side, Saturn in Sagittarius makes an impression through the intellect, higher education and connection to foreign cultures, whereas Venus in Taurus is charming and related to sensorial pleasures.

We have been going through a period in which the ego and the masculine self were somehow diluted or dissolved by the presence of the Sun in Pisces and Jupiter retrograde in Leo (ruled by the Sun) hindering the expansion of the self. Jupiter is still forming a Yod with Pluto and Mercury causing karmic adjustments in terms of manipulation and control, especially through deceitful and insidious communication. Being aware of these astrological influences is very helpful in recognizing karmic dynamics, which can be obvious, but most often than not, aren’t.

After being occulted by the Moon, the Sun reappears in the first decanate of the first sign of the zodiac, doubled ruled by Aries, and activating the Triangle constellation. The self is reborn strengthened and able to take initiatives and move on. The warrior energy that we have been experiencing since the Last Quarter phase continues with the presence of the Moon, the Sun, Mars (Aries’ ruler) and Uranus in Aries. It is now possible to regain the focus on the self and move forward.

The Triangle constellation puts in motion the trinity dynamic, the power of finding synthesis and solutions for dichotomies, alternatives and 3rd possibilities. We may use the power of the 3 and its multiples, which is present and important throughout 2015.

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New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse and Equinox: March 20, 2015 – Tarot, Color and Oracle Cards


The 3 of Hearts and the color purple inform us that we will be soon leaving a long period of inner focus and purification of the heart and emotions that reach far back in time. There is a golden energy helping us close this period and prepare for the upcoming one in which the action will be more outside of us than inside. Attachments to things very dear to our hearts that no longer serve us and have been hindering our progress are being exposed and purged. We finally reach inner resolutions just before the eclipse. Big decisions are in order at this moment, but not without careful consideration. Since the eclipse provides a chance to turn a leaf, be very sure of which leaf to turn. It also allows for separations and rearrangements, so keep in your life what is really true to your heart and your core. Reconsider your dreams and if any doesn’t suit you anymore, don’t hesitate to discard them. Holding on to outdated dreams can only slow you down and bring harsh lessons that aren’t always necessary.

The Swan Queen Card, along with the 6 of Pentacles, point out the basic theme of the eclipse. It will take place at the North pole at sunrise, marking the ending of the Arctic winter. As the golden light of the Sun returns, we regain momentum and movement. The ice melts down revealing the dirt that had been out of sight. Some of it had already begun to surface during the Last Quarter Moon, especially around Friday 13. Now all debris of darkness can be washed away if we let them. Don’t overlook things that seem too small to be harmful for, like unplucked weeds, they can grow and spread. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition and let it go. Since this is just the beginning of Spring, there is no need for rushing. If anxiety arises, just calm yourself down and let things run their course.

Then we move on from the golden energy into more earthy tones with the moss green and the 9 of Pentacles. It will be a more steady period, rooted in a clearer version of self, aligned with body, emotional and spiritual health. You will find yourself ready for progress towards materializing your dreams, having selected the really meaningful ones. Little by little you will build a solid foundation around you. Don’t worry about time frames and allow yourself to see things from different perspectives. You might feel like you had been seen things inverted, as if reflected by a mirror, and now they get straightened out, or situations might actually turn around and positions and roles get reversed. Try to see things with fresh eyes to avoid falling back into old patterns by expecting them to keep repeating themselves. Also make sure your physical eyes are in good shape.

Once again the number 3, very important in 2015 and represented by the activation of the Triangle Constellation, makes itself present appearing along with its multiples in the cards (3, 6, 9). Think of ways of organizing yourself and your life in sets of 3.

An astrological take on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse will be posted soon.

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