Color of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

For the first time, Pantone has chosen two colors as the color of the year. This is very symbolic and interesting as it points to possible themes for 2016. First, our perception of a color varies according to the color that we place next to it. This is a reminder that our perception is relative, and therefore we need flexibility in our concepts and the way we see the world. Secondly, whenever we put two principles together – colors, ideas, people, cultures, etc. – a third element is created in a sort of an alchemical process. That can either engender synergy or conflict. Thirdly, being more aware of what your basic colors/frequencies are, allows for navigating 2016 more easily, since you will be able to recognize what suits you best.

The color for 2015, Marsala, is a color that goes deep and brings to the surface what is hidden inside. In 2015 we had to deal with a conscious or unconscious urge to let our real selves be seen. Masks fell off and differences came out into the open in a more obvious way, creating a lot of conflict and polarization in interpersonal relationships, as well as in the social and global scale. I wish I could say that Rose Quartz & Serenity represent the energy of 2016, but I see them more as qualities we need to develop in order to balance ourselves and the world we live in, such as compassion, calmness, centeredness, clarity of mind, and being able to navigate back and forth through different worlds and realities. There will be challenges and lessons in which we will need to put ourselves in the shoes of others in order to remain neutral and find a middle ground that is seemingly unobtainable. We will have to think things through with a calm heart and an open mind, and review our beliefs.

Have a happy transition into 2016. It will be a year with a lot of excitement and moving around. You can choose to navigate in calm or rough waters, but that will require conscious choices and attention. Keeping yourself centered and balanced will be key not only for yourself, but it can also have a huge impact on those around you. Focus on Rose Quartz as it connects to the energy of the heart, and come back to this space whenever you need. Rely on Serenity to keep your mind clear from untamed emotions so you can have the flexibility required to bring down walls of old mental constructs. In a sense, 2016 is a year of perfecting the blend of heart and mind. As we go through this process, we may find new ways of relating with others and with the world.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Year”


Color of the Year 2015: Marsala


Marsala allows us to look deeper into who we really are and what we value. We can discover new facets of ourselves as we feel compelled to explore our uniqueness. It is a tricky color though, for we may lose ourselves between the pressure for an alignment with our true self and not really knowing what to do about it. The theme of authenticity of self will be present in our hearts and in the back of our minds throughout the year. Yet, it might not be in a very obvious or external way. Also, Marsala can be elusive and let us believe that we are going on a certain direction when actually we will end up achieving the opposite of what we had been expecting and hoping for.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Year”