Color of the Month: Caramel – January, 2016

CaramelJanuary comes in with a very soft energy. We are being given the opportunity to rewrite our destiny. Do-overs and second chances in life can sprout from our resolutions during this month.

This will provide for an easy transition into the next chapter of your life. Stay calm and centered. There is no need to rush this process. We will have plenty of time for going through all the adjustments. Keep your heart light and all will flow very well.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Month”


Color of the Month: Pagoda Blue – December, 2015

Pagoda BlueDecember will be a month of intensity and lots of clarity. We will have to make some decisions before the beginning of 2016 in regards to where we stand. It will not be possible to refrain from positioning yourself. Have a clear picture of who you are, what you believe in, and what your allegiances are. There will be no sitting on the fence nor abstaining yourself. Take your time to think things through carefully, but be prepared when external events push you into taking a stand. Keep your thoughts organized and have your priorities straight. This will allow you to stay strong and centered rather than being tossed around by events or other people’s agendas.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Month”

Color of the Month: Claret Red – November, 2015

17-1740 Claret RedNovember presents a fiery energy, with a touch of destiny and completion.  We can really go deep into a purging process if we so desire. We should take advantage of this available alchemical fire and prepare ourselves for transitioning onto a new plateau in 2016. Now is the time to harness this energy and use it inwards. Watch out for a tendency of being impulsive, prone to conflict, excessive lust, or consuming yourself in your emotions, wants and needs.

After having undergone the yellow alchemical phase or Citrinitas, during the Venus transit through Leo, in November we reach Rubedo, the red stage. This is when we experience the last transmutation through the phoenix fire and come to the end of the process within this current cycle, attaining gold, success, and wholeness of the self.
Intuitive take on “Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt

Pantone Color of the Month: Baja Blue – September, 2015

Baja BlueSeptember closes the third quarter of the year and we begin wrapping things up before we embark on the road that leads to 2016, which will come in as quite an energetic jump. Baja Blue helps us ground what has been brewed and prepared throughout the year. Nothing will remain up in the air or undefined for too long. Decisions have been made and there is no turning back. Everything has landed and the portal to a new path is here. The energy of the potentials is very palpable, near and all around us. By the end of the month you might find yourself overlooking a very different view.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Month – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Month: August – Sun Orange, 2015

Sun Orangee0f5f35a0bcfe855bbe6073a85cc0426

Sun Orange brings intense energy, vitality and enthusiasm. We are ready to move forward from the new standpoint we have reached in July. There is a sense of ripeness, and the time you have been waiting for has arrived. If anything stands in your way, Sun Orange can help to remove it or find a detour. One way or another you can reach your destination. This energy can be too strong, and people might become strong-headed under it. If conflicts occur, they will work as a pathway for sorting through things. The combination of two seemingly irreconcilable positions can be explosive but also engender a lot of growth. A power can be generated when a way of working together to the benefit of all is found. See how this can be applied to your personal life as it mirrors what is happening on a global scale.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Month – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Month: July – Coral Blush, 2015

Coral Blush e9923c0067a082c190431259f131aa16

The Coral Blush color denotes a great potential for a qualitative leap in July. There can be a refinement and renewal of the energy of the heart. Clouds have passed through and it is possible to move into a place of higher frequency that will certainly have an impact on your life and engender positive changes. We find home in our own hearts and out in the world.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Month – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Month: June – Aspen Gold, 2015

Aspen Gold20140418_125852

In June we begin to have rearrangements as part of a transition into July’s breaking through point. What is meant to be together – ideas, projects, resources, work, people, places – will begin to be brought together. That implies in separation and dismantling of what does not really fit. Like puzzle pieces, no matter which way you turn them or try to force them into place, they will never fit where they do not belong. Trust that it is all part of a bigger process and it is all for the better. We will not necessarily see these movements taking place and it could take a while, but when pieces fall into the right places, then it’s golden!
Intuitive take on “Color of the Month – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

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Pantone Color of the Month: May – Bud Green, 2015

bud green

May represents a turning point in which we begin preparing for the real big turning point that will take place in July. Our dreams need a recipient to contain them, and that is exactly what we will be working on. Bud Green will help us by providing a refreshed energy.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of April, 2015: Cayenne Time Tunnel


We’ve done a lot of preparation in the first quarter of the year. Now April opens up the second quarter with a lot of movement and speed. Time will feel different and things will take place with a timing of their own. You might feel like you are losing control over your life, but there is nothing to worry about as long as you keep in mind all discoveries made this year, the clarity about who you are, and the choices you have been making. Trust that events will unfold in accord.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Month – March – Fair Acqua: A Fresh Start


In February we arrived in new territory and had the chance to revisit a lot of stuff to sort out what to take forward with us and what to leave behind. In March we have a big shift in energy. We will be able to begin anew and see a new version of ourselves emerge as if by magic. Yet, it is only the result of the resolutions and the inner work we have done. Slowly we will see life aligning itself with the person we have become.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”