Full Moon: October 27, 2015

20151025_133434At this Full Moon window you can come full circle, look back and see things for what they really are. It is about becoming more savvy and smart, polishing up your talents and skills.

There is a process of the soul becoming mature that has been going on, and it is time to discard outdated dreams and desires. We will be more willing to face the truth about ourselves and our lives, which will allow for some course correction that will be very beneficial. In this process, you learn how to find balance in the use and distribution of energy and resources, as a way of becoming more in charge of your life and moving towards what is close to your heart. As you go through these adjustments, you become more honored and receive more spiritual support. Everything will seem more vibrant and colors will be brighter. A breakthrough of sorts is possible.

Overall, the energy will be very fluid and positive. Ride along with it and you will be able to break free from past restraints much more easily than before. Come together as an individual, holding your power, standing your ground, appreciating yourself and your life, before treading along out in the world.


Full Moon: May 3-4, 2015 – Astrology, Tarot and Oracle Cards

Full Moon


The Full Moon happens in Scorpio in opposition to the Sun in Taurus, both squaring Jupiter, on the degree 13. We see the element of water coming into play along with earth and fire. The Moon in Scorpio is particularly intense as it goes deep and tends to be exaggerated and possessive. We have a very intense feminine feature with this Moon, which can bring up jealousy, envy, revenge, manipulation, or seduction. Our female aspects are illuminated, so are female influences in our lives that have been hidden. Yet, all the other points indicate issues with the masculine side and with men, especially in terms of hierarchies, be it in the family, at work or in society. The Moon could overpower the Sun in complacent and stubborn Taurus, but the male self is strengthened by Jupiter in Leo, introducing an expansion of self-righteousness, self-centeredness, and indulgence. Still, Jupiter forms a quincunx with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn indicating a conflict between our will and restrictions of the material order that are karmic and family related. There is a potential for breaking free from identification with and being under the influence of parents, and from family karma. Mercury, the ruler of communication has just entered Gemini, and is in opposition to Saturn retrograde, which may produce a lot of misunderstandings, people saying what they don’t mean, lies and ill intended gossip. Watch out for what you say, and be flexible about what you hear.


The Tarot cards show a need to find balance between owning your life and your destiny versus imposing your will on others. We are urged to balance intense emotions, our sense of practicality, and self-indulgence, and find ways of focusing our energy in positive outlets. Otherwise, we might be in danger of jeopardizing important relationships and connections. We must take into account how our actions and what we say will affect our material lives. It is important now to keep balance and satisfaction in that department. The Oracle cards suggest some course of action in order to achieve such balance: cut away from any unwanted female interferences; rely on your own judgement, even if appearances tell you otherwise; be attentive to small signs and clues; don’t doubt yourself and stand for your own truth; cut through obstacles that have been hindering your material progress. This week you are entitled with the power and the determination to do that.

New Moon Week – April 18-24, 2015: Tarot and Color Oracle

cEstradaPrints_3Yellow and the Jack of Hearts:

This week we regain strength, vitality, and a spirit of adventure as we look back to earlier years and remind ourselves of what made our hearts sing. The person you used to be is still alive within you and you can tap on that. People from the past, especially men, or something that reminds you of them, will come along to help you reconnect to yourself as you recall how you were around them and how they perceived you. Focus on what strengthened your light and your sense of self.

Green and the 9 of Diamonds:

You are coming to an end of  a material cycle and you might have experienced material losses or not achieved quite what you hoped for in terms of career. You had to come to the end of this cycle before you could move forward. Now, something that is preventing your material progress must be left behind. Energetic clearing is in order for all things material: body, house, finances, car, your professional life. Scrub away any stubborn energies and people who refuse to leave your space.

Brown and the Jack of Clubs:

This is a reminder that you are on the right track, even if you can’t see it yet. There are markers on the way that give you hints of which way to go. You may have missed a turn or two, but now you can get back on track. Other people, especially men, might give you some clues or rekindle some of your interests that will help you move into the next stage. Be attentive to it this week, for it can be subtle.

HKThe Horse King – reversed:

The Horse King comes to reaffirm the colors and the importance of a male figure that will show you the way. This person is on hold as he waits to fulfill his role as a marker for you. You might have taken a long detour, but he is still there, present for you, so he can lead the way. Allow yourself to be led. Reconnect to the light and the energy this person has provided you in the past and pick up where you left off.