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We come across a triple 8 in today’s numerology, as 2015 adds up to 8. This is the sign of a breach that allows us to move from one cycle into another. It is time for endings, beginnings, and fortune reversals. Clashes might occur, but only in order to break apart what has been stale for a while. We have a trigger point today which will propel changes and adjustments that will unfold throughout the month. As the door opens up for new beginnings, expand your mind into endless possibilities. Rely on beauty, step into faith and the power of belief, and sing your dreams into reality.


Pantone Color of the Day: True Red – April 4, 2015 – Blood Moon

19-1664 TCX

It is conspicuous that we are having a Blood Moon or Red Moon today and the Color of the Day is True Red. Total lunar eclipses are called Blood Moon because the Moon is not completely obscured by the Earth, rather some rays of the Sun are able to reach it and they give it a reddish tone. This is the 3rd one in a Tetrad, that is, a series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses. A significant window opens up today until the last eclipse of the Tetrad on September 28. Use it as a time frame for a project or a deadline for the ending of a cycle and beginning of another, as it will provide opportunity for a major turning point.

The number 4 (Tetrad) is also very present on the date today – 4/4/2015 (=8=4+4). It relates to the color red as they are both very grounding and stabilizing. When we have different elements coming together in unison like today, it makes the energy particularly special and important, for they comprise a cohesive theme as they amplify each other.

The energy can get very intense and emotional around lunar eclipses, so make good use of the color red and the number 4 to keep yourself centered and grounded as you harvest the eclipse’s energy.

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