Tarot Reading August 1-10, 2016

Tarot Reading  for August 1-10, 2016 – Part 1: General reading for the energy affecting us all (Leo New Moon). Part 2: Mini message for each sign. Check it out on http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeg7QBkHC2-SQfWo9_-QzRA



Gemini New Moon – June 4, 2016

Christian Schloe

The New Moon occurs in conjunction with Venus, giving us a chance to experience a new phase in relation to Venus in Gemini (love, values, finances, and beauty, allied with communication, intellect, trips, exchanges, etc.). Not only that, but Moon/Sun/Venus are part of a grand cross and form a quincunx with Pluto retrograde, adding more power to the New Moon and the Venusian vibes, as well as bringing karmic, issues from the past, and transformational overtones.

Soon after the New Moon, on June 6, we have Venus’s superior solar conjunction, when Venus ceases to be a morning star and disappears from sight for a few weeks, reemerging a few weeks later as an evening star. We will go into a retreat as regards to Venusian’s themes and undergo deep transformation as we get ready to change gears and reemerge ourselves when the evening star does. Our emotional predisposition changes as we turn more inwardly, become more intuitive, emotional, and more attuned to, more productive, and shining more during the nighttime. Those born under evening star Venus will feel  more comfortable and in their element until the next inferior conjunction, which happens on March 25, 2017.

New Moon in Aquarius: February 8, 2016



The Sun-Moon encounter happens at 19-20° of Aquarius this month. This is the opportunity to break free from societal molds, especially by working through deep karmic ties, deep seated emotions and issues. Saturn squares Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, releasing a lot from the unconscious as well as pumping insights into our dreams, that can have a deep impact on us and be easily remembered. You will be able to get to the roots of what has been holding you back. Pluto conjunct Venus squares Uranus conjunct Vesta, igniting issues about family, home, finances, and love, especially in relation to a few specific women in your life. Sun and Moon square Mars conjunct Juno in Scorpio, which in turn form a quincunx with Uranus. Emotions are running high, sparks and tension may be flying all around, and the energetic profile is quite heavy and tense. It will be difficult to walk through it, but it comprises some necessary karmic adjustments at this moment. Jupiter retrograde brings up a lot of energy into rescuing matters from the past, adding more baggage and fuel to the mix. It is conjunct the North Node though, which points to the direction that we should take and lessons to be learned.

The Sabian Symbol activated by the New Moon is: “A large white dove bearing a message”. During this lunar cycle, we will be prone to receiving life changing messages, so be attentive to that. Spiritual light will be pouring down to us, so do your best not to get swamped by your problems, anxiety or low vibrations around you, so you can have some room for receiving the blessings. We are being given the energy needed to rise above what has been holding us back. This is a movement from breaking free from the past towards a place of inner peace. This process is also taking place on the collective level. One of the Aquarius’ features is about finding and defining your individuality so you can break free from the pressure and narrowness of the society, and from there, envision and build a new collective. The theme for this lunar cycle is to break free through deep transformation as we rescue and resolve the past, towards an inner peace that allows us to envision and begin moving into a more peaceful Earth.

The North Node in quincunx with the New Moon points us the direction we are going, activating 22-23° of Virgo:  “A lion tamer displays his skills and character”. Agendas of the ego, unconscious impulses, animalistic instincts, uncontrolled emotions, manipulation and control, defensiveness as a result of fear, passive-aggressiveness, etc., should be acknowledged and dealt with. The tamer is not afraid nor loses his temper in the face of adversities. Remain centered on the notion of who you are and recognize you inner strength and your light. This is a process of purification of emotions and motivations so we can become a more enlightened and spiritual being, able to rise above lower desires and immature needs of the ego.

This is a good month to realign or align more deeply with your spiritual support, spiritual family, and spiritual lineages. Jupiter is just by the North Node helping us restore our faith and belief in our strength, reconnecting us to buried jewels, past achievements, self-worth, and our personal power at 21-22° of Virgo: “A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones”.

As difficult emotions and situations surface or are played out in your life, remember that it is part of a necessary process towards inner peace. If you get overwhelmed or thrown out of balance, remember the image of the white dove bringing in illumination in many forms, and know that there is spiritual support available, as well as the energies that you need.

New Moon in Capricorn: January 9, 2016

graced-with-light-ribbon-installation-grace-cathedral-anne-patterson-121The New Moon marks the start of a lunar cycle and is the appropriate time for new beginnings. This particular one even more so, for we have Sun and Moon in conjunction with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings. They are in Capricorn, an earth sign, indicating that we will be changing how we view, relate to, and handle our finances, material structures, limitations imposed by reality, our home, our body (eating and exercising habits, taking care of our health), aging, our ancestry, and death. We will be inclined to make important decisions that will affect our life in the long run. This is a good period for launching a new business, making long-term investments, selling and buying real estate, and relocating.

Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius, bringing to the mix the possibility of moving into the line of work that you love, into a home that you love, making transactions with harmony, following your heart when making business decisions, and expanding your finances. There is also a possibility for beginning long-lasting relationships or taking existing ones to the next level, especially with Mars in conjunction with Juno in Scorpio. There is love and passion in the air and a good chance for marriage and destined relationships. Just be attentive when signing contracts (business, real estate, marriage, etc.) since Mercury is retrograde until January 24.

Here is the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon in Capricorn 19-20°: “A hidden choir is singing during a religious service”. This symbol talks about work being done behind the curtains and a lot happening on the spiritual realm that will impact your life positively. Count on spiritual support, be open to receiving messages, and pay attention to subtle signs. Ask for specific spiritual assistance. At this moment they can provide guidance in regards to our practical, material living, as well as bringing soulmates together. A lot of progress can be done during this period.

Lots of blessings will be pouring down to us. Open your heart and enjoy it. Feel a multicolored wave of high frequency light being delivered to you. Rely on music to lift your spirits. This is a magical week and a magical lunar cycle. Don’t doubt when incredible things come your way. Visualize your life being built as a tall, strong cathedral with spiritual light inside and an angelic choir.

New Moon in Sagittarius: December 11, 2015


Symbolon Cards

We begin a new lunar cycle at 19-20° of Sagittarius, home of the following Sabian Symbol: “In an old-fashioned Northern village, men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer”. This talks about planning in advance and preparing for what you will need in the near future, finding creative ways and making the most of the resources you have at hand, working as a community or in small groups, and helping each other.

It is time to prepare ourselves for 2016, defining goals and what we need to achieve them, so we can envision how to get from where we are to where we want to be next year. I suggested a simple yet powerful process to help you to get clear about what you would like to accomplish in 2016, and plan the steps to get there. If you want to check it out, you can find it here. Include in your plans collaborating with others and being open to receive help.

The melting of the ice relates to a very emotional process. The warmth of the heart, either from within us or from people around us, can defrost the ice and allow any rigidity, fixed positions, stuck emotions, and ties to the past to flow again. This can also be a sign of stepping out of isolation. Let yourself be inspired by the purest values of the holiday season, put problems and old grudges aside, and embrace the warmth of friends and family. This can trigger deep emotional healing.

New Moon: November 11, 2015

CurtainsThe New Moon is the moment when Sun and Moon come together to start a new lunar cycle, which sets the tone for the following four weeks. This month it happens at 19-20 degrees of Scorpio, which connects to the following Sabian Symbol: “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway”.

Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury, and are on one of the branches of a Yod, or Finger of God. We have Uranus retrograde in Aries at the focal point, and Jupiter in Virgo on the other arm. The Finger of God configures a bifurcation and can be a point of destined reversals of fortune and the opening of a totally new phase in one’s life. This one shows a destined time when curtains suddenly part and you walk into a path that you have been before in previous lives. It involves short and long distance trips, communication and languages, reconnecting to where your ancestors come from and their culture. There could be an opening of a spiritual path and psychic abilities. Uranus is in opposition to Juno in Libra, which is highlighted by the presence of Venus, Lilith, and the North Node. Mars is also about to enter this sign. Even though relationships are not the focus here, they can unfold in the process. You may reconnect with loved ones, people you knew in previous lives, or even to a soul mate.

This interpretation of the Scorpio New Moon relates to and is reinforced by today’s color of the day, Malaga, and the ones of the last couple of days, Aurora Red and Persian Red. It is also in synch with the Message for November, which talks of a parting of the curtains, a return to purity, and the color white. In the picture of the opened curtains, we see the four alchemical stages represented: nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, rubedo. Out of the darkness we have gone through a process of purification by the shedding of light or whitening; the yellow; the red, connecting to the color of the month, Claret Red; and arriving at the purity of self again, represented by the color white. Then we are ready to embark on a new journey as a path opens up and reveals itself to us.

For this week, watch out for impulsive communication and the use of hurtful words.

New Moon: July 15, 2015 – Astrology and Tarot

moonWhen the Moon opposed the Sun in Cancer at the Full Moon (July 1), we had a very disruptive energy directed to home, family, and family structures. Now the Moon comes and encounters the Sun, configuring a beneficial energy for the same themes. Home in a broad sense – the place of dwelling; the body; the Merkabah as a vehicle for the soul; family; people, relationships and places that makes you feel at home – will be undergoing transformation, begin anew, or actually go through a brand new beginning, with the help of several supportive energies. The Sun and the Moon conjunction indicate an inner and outer merge of the male and female principles. There is a possibility for the beginning of relationships or families. Venus approaches Juno, intensifying the chances for soul mate reunions, long-term relationships and marriage. Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Cancer igniting communication and favoring the expression of feelings. Surprises, unexpected encounters and impulsive communication, including declarations of love, are likely to occur with the planets in Cancer forming a t-square with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and with Uranus and Vesta in Aries. News about real state or inheritances and changes in career may still be a part of the mix.

20150711_144857The emotional transformation could be extreme and revolutionary. There is material support for that as well as means for the manifestation of the desires of the heart. The sprouting energy is strong and balanced, and will provide for sustained growth. Some people might be leaving your life, whereas others may be coming in.We can witness changes of heart with a direct impact at home. This could be emotionally exhausting, so hang on. Know where you stand and hold your ground. Come home to yourself and let home come to you.

New Moon in Gemini: June 16-23, 2015 Astrology and Tarot


Josephine Wall


As the Moon encounters the Sun at Gemini 25°, we have the New Moon marking the beginning of another lunar cycle. Mars is on Gemini 24° enhancing the power of the New Moon. It is important to have a clear mind, be sure of what you want and make decisions, especially about your beliefs and what you want to move forward with. Align your thoughts with your speech, saying only what you believe in and what you really mean. A lot of clarity may be achieved and transmitted if we manage to keep them in balance.

Saturn is still retrograde and we continue to reevaluate our structures, yet now we can see how deep our pillars go, get rid of what is not necessary, and rebuild them, since Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Leo forms a quincunx with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We may receive lots of insights about past relationships, so pay attention to dreams and signs – particularly in music and films. Reconciliations are possible as well as rekindling what you used to cherish in the past like values, styles, another version of yourself, etc. Reuniting with your soul mate and marriage are favorable with Jupiter in conjunction with Juno in Leo. Focus on relationships that make you feel better about yourself, add to whom you already are, enhances your confidence and your light, and does the same for the other person.

Last but not least, we have the Summer Solstice on June 21 with the Sun entering Cancer.

New Moon in Taurus: May 18, 2015 – Astrology and Tarot

taurusAs the Moon catches up with the Sun on Taurus 27°, May’s New Moon comes into formation, marking the start of a new lunar cycle. This one takes place at the Capricorn, Saturn ruled, decanate of Taurus, bringing together two earth signs. This is also the decanate of the Auriga, or the Charioteer, which points us to The Chariot card. The corresponding minor arcana cards for this degree are the 7 and the 9 of Diamonds, and the Jack of Spades. They indicate a dissatisfaction with what we have built or the path we are on, as well as the ending of a phase as we review our roots, family, home, and making a living, and we get ready to start a new one. We desire a swift change as we rescue our young, adventurous and impatient spirit, and recall old dreams and values that were left along the way. The Chariot indicates that rapid change is possible as long as you know which way you want to go. The reins are in your hands and you are given another shot at choosing your destiny.


As an additional flavor, we have the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon fitting the theme well: 27-28° Taurus – “A woman, past her “change of life”, experiences a new love”. Some maturity was necessary to get to this point, and now we can have what we thought was no longer possible, expected or hoped for. The “change of life” can be representative of this very moment, as we are about to enter a path towards a renewed vision of our happiness.

The Sun and the Moon connect to Saturn retrograde via an opposition. Capricorn, in turn, hosts Pluto, also retrograde and forming a Yod with Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter/Juno in Leo, having Venus in Cancer at the midpoint. As the Chariot card, the Yod can indicate change and movement, yet you have to decide between two paths. It is either right or left. Some aspects to be taken into consideration are: if the path you have been on is the one you truly desire or if you have been led to pursue what you thought you should; how you make a living and how it affects your happiness; values, family, home, finding happiness at home, faith and beliefs; freedom for traveling and meeting new people; avoiding commitments; being an individual as opposed to being part of a couple; finding your soul mate and not being sure if you are ready for it.

Think on your feet, get a clear vision of your choices and make a statement of them, preferably before Mercury turns retrograde on May 19 (it will regain forward motion on June 10), for it can jumble up your mental processes; or before the Sun enters Gemini on May 22. We will then have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini, shifting the overall quality of the energy from earthy Taurus to airy Gemini. Then, it will be time to put some wheels in motion in the ethereal, mental and communication realms.

New Moon Week – April 18-24, 2015: Tarot and Color Oracle

cEstradaPrints_3Yellow and the Jack of Hearts:

This week we regain strength, vitality, and a spirit of adventure as we look back to earlier years and remind ourselves of what made our hearts sing. The person you used to be is still alive within you and you can tap on that. People from the past, especially men, or something that reminds you of them, will come along to help you reconnect to yourself as you recall how you were around them and how they perceived you. Focus on what strengthened your light and your sense of self.

Green and the 9 of Diamonds:

You are coming to an end of  a material cycle and you might have experienced material losses or not achieved quite what you hoped for in terms of career. You had to come to the end of this cycle before you could move forward. Now, something that is preventing your material progress must be left behind. Energetic clearing is in order for all things material: body, house, finances, car, your professional life. Scrub away any stubborn energies and people who refuse to leave your space.

Brown and the Jack of Clubs:

This is a reminder that you are on the right track, even if you can’t see it yet. There are markers on the way that give you hints of which way to go. You may have missed a turn or two, but now you can get back on track. Other people, especially men, might give you some clues or rekindle some of your interests that will help you move into the next stage. Be attentive to it this week, for it can be subtle.

HKThe Horse King – reversed:

The Horse King comes to reaffirm the colors and the importance of a male figure that will show you the way. This person is on hold as he waits to fulfill his role as a marker for you. You might have taken a long detour, but he is still there, present for you, so he can lead the way. Allow yourself to be led. Reconnect to the light and the energy this person has provided you in the past and pick up where you left off.