Tarot Reading Aug 11-20, 2016


The Tarot reading for Mid- August addresses the Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse happening on Aug 18. Check it out on YouTube!


Total Lunar Eclipse: 27-28 September, 2015


The upcoming Full Moon is a very special one. It is a Super Moon (closest to Earth), the Harvest Moon (time to reap what we have sown), and a Blood Moon, being the last one in a tetrad of four consecutive total lunar eclipses (April 15, 2014; Oct. 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 27, 2015). From the first eclipse to the last one, a window of transformation, discoveries and liberation has been opened, and now it is coming to a completion. Before we move on, we should take some time to look back and evaluate what happened during this period and ponder on how our lives have been affected.

There has been an illumination of the mind that brought about discoveries and allowed us to see what had been hidden and going on behind the scenes. That rose the need of purifying our environment and ourselves as we identified dark spots. That was followed by a period of regained vitality and growth, when we had some time to catch our breath and regroup, and we began connecting to new possibilities and ideas. Then we had another period of deep purging and purification in which we gained further understanding of the uncovered processes. We polished up our communication skills and were led to work on what should be said, when, to whom, how, or not be said at all. We became more aware of the importance of words on personal interactions and the energetic impact that it has on it, positively or negatively. We learned how to dose what we say and how to express ourselves. The need of, or the form of self-expression might have changed, since quality has become more important than quantity. Our refined communication skills, as well as difficulties we might have encountered in that area, has become an ally pushing us into a direction more aligned to a genuine expression of the self, and we began moving somehow to where you really want to be and to where we really belong.

We come to the end of the cycle with a higher perspective and able to have a different view in regards to where we stand in life, as we put together and make sense of all the experiences and the knowledge we have acquired. We embody the changes we have undergone and finally come to a place of calm and balance. The energy stabilizes and so do we. We are ready to leave behind what we don’t want in our lives or what we don’t want to be, incorporate our reinvented selves, and move forward certain about our destination, and with our minds and hearts at peace. The changes will be seen and recognized by others, with a positive effect on our careers.

Pantone Color of the Day: True Red – April 4, 2015 – Blood Moon

19-1664 TCX

It is conspicuous that we are having a Blood Moon or Red Moon today and the Color of the Day is True Red. Total lunar eclipses are called Blood Moon because the Moon is not completely obscured by the Earth, rather some rays of the Sun are able to reach it and they give it a reddish tone. This is the 3rd one in a Tetrad, that is, a series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses. A significant window opens up today until the last eclipse of the Tetrad on September 28. Use it as a time frame for a project or a deadline for the ending of a cycle and beginning of another, as it will provide opportunity for a major turning point.

The number 4 (Tetrad) is also very present on the date today – 4/4/2015 (=8=4+4). It relates to the color red as they are both very grounding and stabilizing. When we have different elements coming together in unison like today, it makes the energy particularly special and important, for they comprise a cohesive theme as they amplify each other.

The energy can get very intense and emotional around lunar eclipses, so make good use of the color red and the number 4 to keep yourself centered and grounded as you harvest the eclipse’s energy.

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Total Lunar Eclipse: April 4, 2015 Astrology: Nodes of the Moon and Sabian Symbols – New Vision of Inclusiveness


M. C. Escher

The Moon fully lit by the Sun will be obscured by the Earth’s shadow and turn reddish at 14° of Libra. The Moon is in conjunction with the North Node at 10° of Libra, which sets the tone for this total eclipse. They oppose Mercury, the South Node, the Sun, and Uranus in Aries. Both Sun and Moon square Pluto, reinforcing the last Uranus-Pluto square, keeping social and political reforms in the spotlight whereas providing a fresh perspective and pointing to possible solutions.

The North-South Nodes polarization gives a karmic and spiritual evolution flavor to the eclipse. The Aries-Libra axis is about the self versus others, that is, the dilemma that everyone faces as an individual who is also a part of a social system. This is represented on a personal level by the opposition between the Sun and the Moon near the Nodes, and on the collective level, by their connection with the Uranus-Pluto square. There is a need to find a common ground that provides balance between self-centeredness, assertiveness, decisiveness, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, on one side; and impartiality, caring about others, putting others first, establishing partnerships, seeing both sides, and commitment to fairness, on the other. This is a true exercise of individual interests coexisting within a social frame and searching for paths to win-win situations. This basic dichotomy finds resolution as they are blended in an ideal and universal Truth that professes that whatever benefits the individual must benefit the whole, and vice-versa. This is a lesson for humanity which requires high levels of understanding and maturity. It will take many individuals becoming adept to this vision and sharing it with others.

As we explore the degrees of the Moon Nodes – around 10° of Aries and Libra – through the perspective of the Sabian Symbols, we come across some interesting and illuminating imagery and symbology. The South Node represents what we have already accomplished and learned, and the North Node where we are headed or the outcome. In a sense, one is the departure point and the other is the goal, and the transition from one to the other is the lesson to be learned. As we look at the South Node, we find the Sabian symbol for Aries 9°: “A crystal gazer who is able to see things through the crystal”. With the help of a crystal ball, someone reaches a higher vision that could be a psychic, out of the ordinary, or a broader view of the whole. The sphere shape is symbolic of the whole and it connects to the Full Moon as a sphere that is completely revealed by the Sun, meaning that this is a time when one can attain higher perspectives. Then we move towards Aries 10°: “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images”. He finds a new interpretation to his vision, rendering it a new meaning and importance. The vision is not new, neither is the wisdom hidden in it, but its interpretation and how it can be applied to this moment is. He is now ready to pass it on to others.

On the other end of the spectrum, we notice Libra 11°: “A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students”. He has incorporated the higher vision and does not need the crystal nor the help of his glasses. He is looking over the glasses and sharing higher knowledge with his students, in a down-to-earth manner, putting it into a language that can reach and be absorbed by the pupils. In a sense, he is looking over his professorial glasses, indicating others forms of teaching than traditional ones. We finally arrive at Libra 10°: “Having passed safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters”. The dynamics between these degrees shows us a way out of personal and social chaos. The North Node indicates where we are headed: a feminine blend of intellect and compassion for self and others in pursue of Justice as we arrive at the haven of the Full Libra Moon. An elevated vision will allow us to pass through turmoil, personally and in regards to the political and social panorama. We can then move on to calm waters as we rediscover some Libran attributes, such as fairness and inclusiveness, and are able to share them with others in practical ways.

full moon

The aspects formed by the planets are also in accord and reinforcing the dynamics presented by the Sabian symbols. Both the Moon and the Sun, as well as Mercury and Uranus are forming beneficial aspects with Jupiter, the higher teacher of Wisdom. Being retrograde, Jupiter brings back ancient wisdom to be expressed by the self-assured and confident Sun in Aries, which is given eloquence by Mercury, and able to find new ways of presenting that wisdom and reinventing it with innovative ideas provided by Uranus, combining traditional and modern values and forms of teaching that will benefit all, as demanded by the Moon in Libra. Perhaps looking into ancient ways of passing on knowledge will bring up some ideas that can be incorporated with technology. Also let’s not forget the value of teaching by example.

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Total Lunar Eclipse: April 4, 2015 – Tarot and Color Oracle


This eclipse presents a mild energy that stabilizes karmic interactions and allows us to take a break. It is the time to leave heavy energies behind.

We approach the eclipse still carrying the effects of past conflicts, which affect our health and material lives. These conflicts have become unnecessary by now and if they are still present, it might be the result of other people’s imbalances. There are still some emotional attachments and illusions that have been recognized as such, but have not been overcome yet.

During the eclipse we will have the opportunity to take a stand as we look into the past and say goodbye to what has become excessive or superfluous, and welcome the near future. We can break free from a long cycle in which matters have been raised by disputes and psychic invasions. We will be reborn with mental clarity and determination.

We enter the post-eclipse period feeling good about ourselves, with focus, discipline and responsibility, and ready to move towards our biggest dreams, in a safe and tranquil way.

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