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Family Tree Reading and Healing

949eba1cadb497b9b1d437a5378bc990The “Family Tree Reading and Healing” focuses on generational karma, which is passed down through generations within a family set. It consists of family imprints, unprocessed emotions, deep frustrations, traumas, patterns that keep repeating themselves without a clear cause, and energetic baggage that we unconsciously carry around.

The reading addresses the relationship and karma between the individual and his/her siblings, parents, and grandparents. Both Color Oracle and Lenormand Cards are used to provide information on family karma, the basic energetic signature of each person involved and how they interact with each other, and the roles played within the dynamics of the family. The side of the family, people or person that affects the most the individual in terms of energy and karma is spotted and dealt with during the healing. This is a distant energy healing that uses color frequencies to release ancestral baggage by clearing and liberating karma, blockages and imprints that limit the individual, the full expression of his self, and his happiness. More flow of energy and light will come as a result, and areas that have been stuck will regain flow.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 27-28 September, 2015


The upcoming Full Moon is a very special one. It is a Super Moon (closest to Earth), the Harvest Moon (time to reap what we have sown), and a Blood Moon, being the last one in a tetrad of four consecutive total lunar eclipses (April 15, 2014; Oct. 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 27, 2015). From the first eclipse to the last one, a window of transformation, discoveries and liberation has been opened, and now it is coming to a completion. Before we move on, we should take some time to look back and evaluate what happened during this period and ponder on how our lives have been affected.

There has been an illumination of the mind that brought about discoveries and allowed us to see what had been hidden and going on behind the scenes. That rose the need of purifying our environment and ourselves as we identified dark spots. That was followed by a period of regained vitality and growth, when we had some time to catch our breath and regroup, and we began connecting to new possibilities and ideas. Then we had another period of deep purging and purification in which we gained further understanding of the uncovered processes. We polished up our communication skills and were led to work on what should be said, when, to whom, how, or not be said at all. We became more aware of the importance of words on personal interactions and the energetic impact that it has on it, positively or negatively. We learned how to dose what we say and how to express ourselves. The need of, or the form of self-expression might have changed, since quality has become more important than quantity. Our refined communication skills, as well as difficulties we might have encountered in that area, has become an ally pushing us into a direction more aligned to a genuine expression of the self, and we began moving somehow to where you really want to be and to where we really belong.

We come to the end of the cycle with a higher perspective and able to have a different view in regards to where we stand in life, as we put together and make sense of all the experiences and the knowledge we have acquired. We embody the changes we have undergone and finally come to a place of calm and balance. The energy stabilizes and so do we. We are ready to leave behind what we don’t want in our lives or what we don’t want to be, incorporate our reinvented selves, and move forward certain about our destination, and with our minds and hearts at peace. The changes will be seen and recognized by others, with a positive effect on our careers.

The Enchanted Lenormand Cards

 ELThe Lenormand Card reading is great for specific and practical questions. It gives a broad panorama of a person’s life or a subject matter. Readings can be of a general nature, focused on a question (mini-reading), or up to 3 questions. To view a sample click here.

Venus Moves Forward: Aligning to your Soul Purpose – September 6, 2015

Christian Schloe

Christian Schloe

As mentioned in the “Venus in Virgo” post, Venus regains its forward motion from Leo 13-14°, the point of the following Sabian Symbol: “A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation”. The planet that allows us to connect to what we love and value, has taken us to the point of entrance of soul desires as guidance to our journey back to wholeness. This is an auspicious opportunity to align yourself to your highest purpose, as it is presented, and move forward from this point on. You heart is a powerful and exact compass at this moment, and it can be trusted to lead you to the path most filled with light, love, and happiness.

Some cards have come up for confirmation and further insight:


It is time to achieve clarity and rely on beauty as an attribute of Venus, for beauty can function as a way of recognizing guidance from the heart. The mind must learn to cope with and accept whatever the heart sees beauty in. Male ego domination and control, whether in us or in others, whether male or female, has been present as a theme since Venus entered Leo on June 6. These dynamics are rooted in generational karma and must be overcome in order for us to realign to our true paths, which houses the highest expression of our most genuine passions. Healing family karma is very appropriate at this time as a way of freeing ourselves and allowing us to recognize, uncover and step fully into our purpose and soul connections.

Full Moon: August 29, 2015 – Lenormand Card Reading


The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle

This Full Moon presents a powerful window marked by karma and destiny. Emotions are high and so are psychic currents. Some inconvenient and inappropriate behavior from women must be dealt with, which is a theme that was already present at the Venus Inferior Conjunction. It is time for people to get their acts together or else be disconnected from you or stop having any effect on your life. A rearrangement and placement of women and female matters will be going on. Get rid of negative influences coming from women, be certain of who you are, feel comfortable in your own skin, and hold your ground, if necessary. Follow your hear, trust your instincts, and pay no attention to gossip, intrigues or anyone trying to pull you down. Share your plans only with people you trust and who have faith in you. Align yourself to your path and stick to it. Revelations and insights will surface and can be promptly put into action. Know where your heart lies, steer your life towards that direction and set some roots there. As the heart finds its home, things will unfold from that point on.
The moment for the movement to begin has finally arrived. Things are flowing and there is a good chance for lucky breaks, a sudden turn of events, and success, especially in new relationships, moves and career changes. A crossing or transition will be required, and it must be done by each individual on their own. For that to take place, a lot will have to be said and made clear. Everything will be out in the open, and ties will be undone so others can be done. Everyone will be seen for who they really are. This can go either way, and will engender consequences accordingly. Some people might choose to leave your life or be removed from it. Trust it is all for the best. People who are supposed to be together will come together. This is not the time for second-guessing yourself. Trust your heart, make decisions and cross over to where you want to be.

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