Last Quarter Moon: June 9-15, 2015 Astrology and Tarot


After having such intense forces in this lunar cycle, we come into a halt during its last phase. We take some time to incorporate the changes we have been through and prepare to reset ourselves. We form a stable and fertile ground from which to grow that will allow us to be reborn with exuberant colors. A material and financial cycle comes to an end and we start rebuilding the pillars of the structures of our lives, especially in concern to career and finances – Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius gives us time to do some reevaluation. We begin moving towards activities that are truer to ourselves and closer to our hearts, and build our pillars accordingly.  Some other probable activities for this phase are planning trips and possible moves, and writing.

The Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces will bring a lot of inspiration for our next moves, but also awareness of what makes us uncomfortable. Pisces has a tendency to avoid and flee from what is painful. Instead, use it as information to redirect yourself. Write down intuitions and dreams that catch your attention, for Pisces provides psychic and spiritual information that can vanish as fast as they appear.

The Moon squares the Sun in Gemini, which is in conjunction with Mars. There will be an urge to express ourselves and share our plans with others. Be careful who you share them with, and don’t get angry if your ideas are not appreciated. Put them in paper to get them organized and help bring them into manifestation. Also, rethink your personal or professional marketing and how you present yourself, especially on the internet and social media. You might want to consider how your relationship with your mother has had an effect on your presence and influence in the world, since the Moon in quincunx with Jupiter in Leo allows us to become more aware of that.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, regains forward motion on June 11, reinforcing the themes pointed out by the Sun and Mars. As for Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, it turns retrograde on June 12, bringing up materials from the past or past lives to be played out. We can embrace old dreams and reconnect to spiritual support and/or spiritual groups or schools.


Last Quarter Moon: May 11, 2015 – Astrology, Sabian Symbols, and Tarot


“Moon” by Amanda Clark

The last phase of this lunar cycle happens as the Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus, being both connected to Chiron and Vesta in Pisces, via a semi-sextile and a sextile, respectively. These indicate emotional healing connected to home, hearth, family, spiritual groups, what keeps us warm emotionally and spiritually, being in service and healing others. It can also represent idealism and illusions in those areas. The practical Sun in Taurus and the mental Aquarius Moon help us to cut through the illusions and heal ourselves. In order to take a deeper look into these matters, we are going to rely on the Sabian Symbols. Our wounds are indicated by Pisces 20-21°: “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb”. The white lamb represents the purity and innocence of something we valued, cherished and dedicated ourselves to in our childhood or in earlier years. What was precious or sacred to us got tainted, causing our feminine self to go through a process of deception that left us with a scar. It might be worthy to make an inner inquire about what or who our white lambs are. The girl is not alone in the image, but it is not a family member who is watching over her, but someone somehow foreign. A little bit of abandonment or lack of identification with one’s family might be some possible traits. The Moon, in turn, shows the girl as a woman, or the mature feminine side, discovering and dealing with the inner child’s wound at Aquarius 20-21°: “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life”. The emptiness might be related to love, relationships, sex, marriage, soul mate, or as a result of disappointment with women or sisterhoods, lack of female friends or female figures, especially in regards to issues from the past or previous lives. This is pointed out by Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde and karma indicatives, forming inconjucntions: Saturn with Venus, and Pluto with Jupiter in conjunction with Juno. Secrets coming to the surface, endings and beginnings, adjustments, being torn between two choices, are all possible. Then we see the woman achieving a clear vision of herself and having her male self reinforced by the Sun in Taurus 20-21°: “A finger pointing to a line in an open book”. In a sense, she is being given clear instructions and seeing things for what they really are, as she reads in black in white without the need of reading between the lines, for the meaning is explicit. This indicates a way out of the past through the use of words. A written conduit for our emotions can be created by journaling, which can also be very helpful in organizing our thoughts, or we could write down affirmations and prayers to be repeated during this week. Pay attention to messages in books or other written media, by taking into account whatever catches your attention in a special way. There can also be a reconnection with people from the past that would fit into the dynamics described. Communication is enhanced since Gemini hosts Mercury, its ruler, and Mars is just entering this sign. We should always be careful when communication is a bit overcharged and watch out for harshness and impulsiveness in our speech, as well as saying more than we should. If actual reconnection does not occur, expect these issues and the people who played roles in it to come to your mind for inner resolution.


The cards tell us that a mental and emotional split that occurred in earlier years has hindered your emotional, material and professional progress. The inner division must be overcome so there will be no more ambiguity and indecision. You will then be able to see your path clearly, focus on it and have a fulfilled love and material life. Regain the trust in your own discernment, for that will allow you to trust others as you see clearly who and how far people can be trusted. Also, you might review your expectations on people so you don’t set standards that are too high. The Oracle card is saying that you are your own Spirit Whisperer at this moment. You are able to remove yourself from a frozen state that was created by the inner division. As you gain a higher view, change your perception and your mind, you will release past misconceptions and the energy blocks created by them. As you find inner resolution, a beautiful rebirth can occur, and you can move forward and have abundance flowing in your life.

Last Quarter Moon: April 11-12, 2015 – Tarot

chess queen20150411_123418The cards for this week are in synch with and complementing the astrological interpretation of the Last Quarter Moon. “The Chess Queen” represents Pallas and her ability to elaborate clever strategies. Now is the time to choose our next moves in a safe and decisive manner. The cards indicate again the elements of fire, represented by the suit of Wands, and earth, present in the earthy tones of the Color Oracle. A lot of energy was raised during the week of the Full Moon and now it must be channeled and anchored, but not without planning and efficiency. First of all, make sure you are stepping on solid ground, for there is a chance of moving forward into a new cycle, as much as of moving backwards. On the other hand, one might fall into emptiness if attempting to take too big a step. The impetus to take action and expect fast results must be tamed, for this will be a gradual process. There is a possibility for reconstructing old projects, as doors previously shut begin to open and obstacles begin to fade. Circumstances will be more malleable, so we should try to remain flexible and able to make adjustments.

Last Quarter Moon: April 11-12, 2015 – Astrology

last quarterAt the Last Quarter Moon we have two fronts of squares between Aries and Capricorn, creating an explosive encounter of the elements fire and earth. For the Uranus-Pluto square, the elements can be symbolized by the lava that comes from deep within the Earth to the surface, bringing along buried secrets, karmic and unconscious materials, and leaving behind a trail of destruction. The Sun-Moon square leaves us divided and alternating between their influences. The Sun, along with Mercury, is happy to bring the truth to light and eager to put it into words. On the other hand, the Moon in Capricorn, accompanied by Pallas, brings an element of caution, as they both know how to combine intuition and intelligence in a practical way.

There is danger in impulsive actions and speaking without thinking, for it can get out of control as it happens like a lightning bolt, but the effects can remain for a long time.


Lilith in conjunction with the North Node is very close to where the last Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse took place, becoming important in this lunar cycle. It brings up themes such as secrets hidden by women, gossip, intrigues, insidious plotting, and inappropriate use of seduction and sexual energy.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – March 13, 2015

pallas pink and orange

The Last Quarter Moon phase comes with a lot of warrior energy, not only masculine, but especially feminine. The Moon conjuncts Pallas in Sagittarius, squares the Sun in Pisces and trines Venus in Aries. Mars and Uranus, also in Aries, trine Jupiter retrograde in Leo (still in a Yod formation). We will be rekindling passions, revisiting paths and purposes, and will gain strategical abilities, perfect aiming and fuel for action.

Unresolved issues between fathers and daughters or with unavailable men will surface. There is a good chance for us to overcome those issues in an intelligent and practical way. Confrontations, trying to talk the issues through, demanding explanations, or giving ultimatums will most likely not work. Mercury enters the fleeting and elusive sign of Pisces, making communication obscure and symbolical.

Strengthen your immune system and watch out for absorbing emotional or psychic debris from places or other people, which might end up manifesting in the physical body.

The colors for this lunar phase are neon orange and pink. They talk about the feminine intelligence, which is firm, strong and determined, being out in the open to be recognized and respected.

The strong presence of the element of fire gives us a push into an extraordinary beginning of cycle on the next New Moon. It will happen on March 20 with a total solar eclipse, the Spring Equinox and the opening of a new zodiacal cycle.

Last Quarter Moon and the Alchemical Fire – February 11-12, 2015

last quarter moonThe Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio closes this cycle forming a t-square with the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter retrograde in Leo. We might come up with insights about where we stand in relation to how we are being seeing and appreciated, and be disappointed with what we encounter. Feelings of injustice, anger and jealousy might show up as a consequence to that. These are enhanced by the fact that Jupiter is still at the Yod’s focal point of the Full Moon, with Pluto in Capricorn on one hand, now in exact conjunction with Ceres, and Chiron on the other, not accompanied by Mars anymore, but by Venus. Past issues about our areas of influence and being respected are being revisited, especially in regards to home and being a provider and/or a nurturer. Old wounds and frustrations related to the feminine, motherhood, matriarchal versus patriarchal disputes, and dynamics involving finances, home and family are being brought to our attention so we can have another shot at perceiving, analyzing and finding new ways of handling them.

Mercury moves forward at the Aquarian cuspid, where the New Moon took place, activating all that energy again and allowing us to move forward with different perspectives about where we stand in our social environment and with new ways of expressing ourselves in consonance with that. Perhaps we will not seem that different, but changes will begin to be noticed as we interact with others in a consistent new way.

For this week, we have the orange, yellow and golden colors, which combined make up the pure alchemical fire. We close this cycle having undergone much more internal changes than we realize. We come out of it with a renewed frame of mind, a new set of attitudes and advanced communication skills. Furthermore, recognition is on its way!

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