Pantone Color of the Day: Burnished Lilac February 1, 2015

burnished lilac

The period of scrubbing is over. Now we move towards some fine sifting and some refinement of the purification process.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”


Pantone Color of the Day – Polignac – January 27, 2015


Dive deep on self-love today, no matter how you see yourself or how much loved or unloved you feel. Practice self-love. It is a powerful force and a cloak of protection. True self-love engenders respect.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

New Moon in Aquarius – January 20, 2015

Silver_Green_Blue_Glass_Gloss_Smooth_Wall_Mosaic_SKZSMAR158.jpg&w=800&h=700The New Moon on January 20 opens the next lunar cycle, which comes with a lot of spiritual energy. If you have been feeling disconnected lately or took a detour into the dark side, know that the Light is coming back, and it always favors those truly aligned to it. Be strong, your turn is coming. Balance, Reparation and Restoration are on their way. Archangel Gabriel will be very much present during this cycle.

The Aquarian energy is very strong with Sun and Moon at its cuspid and Venus conjuncting Mercury at around 20 degrees of Aquarius, under opposition of Jupiter, Juno and Lilith, all retrograde in Leo. Dark materials from the past and previous lives in relation to manipulation and energy control will give way to less self-centered dynamics. It is a much lighter period, based on mutual love, caring and cooperation. On the 21st Mercury begins its retrograde motion until it reaches the Aquarian cuspid on February 10, rescuing the New Moon energy and bringing it forward one more time while we refine our powers of communication and find new venues for it.

New Moon: January, 20

First Quarter: January, 27

Full Moon: February, 03

Last Quarter: February, 12

Pantone Color of the Day – Deco Rose – January 18, 2015

Deco Rose

The good place we were in yesterday becomes a sweet spot today. Bask in it as a standpoint from which to start the week with a renewed frame of mind, more focused and less vulnerable.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”