Tarot Reading Aug 11-20, 2016


The Tarot reading for Mid- August addresses the Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse happening on Aug 18. Check it out on YouTube!


Tarot Reading for Full Moon, July 19, 2016


Faerie Tarot and The Enchanted Lenormand


At the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19, 2016, we will see how the processes ignited by the New Moon in Cancer (July 4), affecting our emotional life, especially in regards to family, the mother, and safety, fueled up by the explosive and transformative energy of the 777 (July 7), will gain form and affect our structures, security and relation to figures of authority, on the earthy sign of Capricorn, which is also hosting deep changes as Pluto transits through it.

The cards are showing the interaction of the energies of Cancer and Capricorn. The Queen of Cups connects to Cancer, our feminine side, and the mother, whereas the pentacles cards (King, 4, 8) reaffirm the important presence of the earth element. The Full Moon reveals how the material structures and foundation of our lives allow us to nurture and protect ourselves and those we love. It is time to think about that, and also about the legacy (material, emotional, energetic) we want to leave behind, not only for friends and family, but for humanity as a whole. Align your work with the legacy you intend to build.

Dedicate yourself to what you love and polish up your skills. Protect your projects and tender them as they grow. Be careful not to spend money now with things you don’t need. You might need it later to improve your domestic situation, invest on education or on your project. Take time to take care of yourself and spend time with family, giving special attention to parents and/or children, and protect your resources and your home, both physically and energetically.

Messages by sign:

Cancer: revelations about your purpose and spiritual path, what you love and self-love. Departed loved ones are near. Good time for a spiritual consultation (tarot, psychic, medium, astrology, etc.) (diviner)

Leo: dealing with real state, inheritance, family business, legacy. Difficult processes related to family karma. You will see what the obstacles are so you can find solution for them. (tower)

Virgo: destiny and karma involving people coming in or leaving your life. Relocation, immigration, pregnancy, birth. (stork)

Libra: connect with your inner gypsy and go with your guts and intuition. Find yourself the answers you have been looking for. (diviner)

Scorpio: reconnection with someone important. Use music to relax and raise your vibration. Enjoy music with friends. Communication from the heart can build solid and long-lasting relationships. Watch out for gossip. (birds)

Sagittarius: confusion related to work. Career change. Reevaluate how your work relates to the legacy you want to leave behind. Reevaluate career and what motivates you. (tower)

Capricorn: obstacle in love relationship (distance, one is not available, karma). Energy is moving and things will change. Either the obstacle will be removed, or you will choose to walk away. Emotional healing is needed to find resolution. (heart+mountain)

Aquarius: long-lasting and loving alliances, partnerships, marriages. If you are already in one, check if there are invisible chains limiting and holding you back. (ring)

Pisces: broaden your horizons to reach higher visions and use them as artistic inspiration or to deepen psychic abilities. Time to make a choice and accept all your Piscean capacity of imagining and giving form to what you envision. Take advantage of your ruler planet, Neptune, being in your sign. (diviner)

Aries: connect with your feminine side and the mother archetype. Improvement of self-love and identity as a woman. For men, connect with feminine attributes and reevaluate how you relate to women. A significant woman will have an impact on your life. Karmic elements to be worked out might come along. (woman)

Taurus: at last the moment when things turn around is here for you. You will see the first signs of it soon, especially affecting work and finances. The worst is behind you. Dealing with death could be a theme. (death)

Gemini: If you have been feeling isolated, it is because the frequency the people around you are in doesn’t match nor relates to yours. Be patient. In time you will find people who suit you better. Reevaluate friendships.

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Full Moon & Summer Solstice: June 20, 2016


Faerie Tarot

Full Moon Sagittarius 29 followed by Summer Solstice (Sun enters Cancer) + Sun conjunct Venus (reemerging as Evening Star) + Jupiter conjunct North Node on Virgo 15 (part of mutable Grand Cross).

Let your life be readjusted as your energy is realigned with your higher destination. May lots of light come in and illuminate the path towards your spiritual home on Earth! There is a good potential for finding what complements you on any area and for worlds to collide.

Suggestion: for hints on your highest path and destiny, check on your chart what house holds Virgo 15 and if there are any planets around this point, to know what area will be expanding and opening up. Also see how it can relate and add to your natal North Node.


Tarot Reading: June 20, 2016 – Full Moon and Summer Solstice


On June 20th, we have the second consecutive Full Moon in Sagittarius, this one being in alignment with the galactic center. This is a special moment to get clear about our path and to connect more deeply with it. There is calling to step firmly into our soul’s design. On the same day the Summer Solstice takes place. We have the maximum of light both on the lunar and the solar cycle. This is a very special moment that opens up a 3 month window of powerful illumination and rediscoveries.

The card that shows us the tone for this cycle is The Chariot. It indicates movement and getting back the reins of your life. It also shows a masculine energy pushing us forward and enabling us to take action with courage. We have the opportunity to close a long karmic cycle. We have been detaching from it during the past several years, and now we can reemerge with a renewed path, purified energy, and having discovered the best we have to offer to others and show to the world. We come out of a shell to shine, be seen, and walk towards a position more aligned to our true colors, our unique frequency, our special talents and purpose. This period still involves some transition, in which we cut ties to the past and undo entanglements with people and energies.

Communication will play an important role. We will be more confident and more willing to talk about ourselves, our projects and creations. Spiritual communication is also highlighted. Some changes in the material front might be needed – relocation, job change, a new way to relate to your body, change in finances – in order to improve the health of body, mind, and spirit. A strong connection with nature is beneficial for the body, and  doors of communication with nature spirits will be wide open. You may connect also with energies from the cosmos, planets, and constellations. Being out in nature is highly beneficial, as well as sunbathing and being close to the ocean. The ocean realm can support our body nutrition through algae and sea food,, which also helps us connect with the fluidity of the water element, which teaches us to move with more ease. Neptune retrograde in Pisces enhances our connection with the ocean, as well as spiritual communication. Things from the unconscious and past lives can come up through visions or dreams. A lot can come back to you to assist in the process of rediscovery of self and past connections to people, places, spiritual guides and talents. Attention to signs in movies, poetry, and music.

Purify your thoughts and intentions. Be sure about what you really love and follow that. Once you have a clear picture of where you are at and where you want to be, start sending your thoughts out, blow your wishes in the wind, and take the practical steps that are needed and that make sense to manifest everything you need in your new path. Make sure you don’t dwell in past memories, sufferings, or grudges. Clear your heart, travel light, and open up for new beginnings. We have the chance to step into a place where things happen more naturally and more organically, where we feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Crystals and sacred geometry can play an important part in this process too. Learn more about your skills or new talents, and know that what you have learned and will learn in this period will serve you well to add to your knowledge, wisdom, and skills, and to teach others.

Faerie Tarot – Natalie Hertz – US Games

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Full Moon in Virgo: February 22, 2016

4 R

Art by Johfra Bosschart

At the Full Moon we will be ready to take practical steps based on what we have learned or discovered since the New Moon, as Virgo lends us its practical and grounding features. This process can be channelled and put into action through Virgo’s attributes, such as communication, writing, trips, trading, service, natural medicine, and the Priestess archetype.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Virgo 3-4° is: “Black and white children play together happily”, opposing the Sun at Pisces 3-4°: “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts”. On the Virgo side, we have opposites coming together harmoniously. It is the mingle of the yin and the yang to achieve balance, embracing differences, combining feminine and receptive traits with masculine and proactive ones, mind and intuition, as well as Virgo and Pisces attributes. Virgo can communicate effectively Piscean ideas and inspirations, but we should try not to get caught up or hold on to small details and differences. Virgo can be stubborn and picky whereas Pisces is more about the bigger picture. Yet, it can resort to escapism, fleeing and avoiding. We will feel the pull between those two sides that need to learn to work together.

The Virgo symbol talks about having fun, playing together, reconnecting to childhood flow and ease, finding middle grounds, creating ways of building connections, undoing whatever blocks or prevents connections, and communicating freely. There is a light feel and ease to this process, but at the Piscean end we perceive an excess than can slow down connection and flow, which could be due to too much psychic energy, unconscious material, imagination, and intuition flooding in. The Piscean energy is highlighted by the presence of its ruler, Neptune, plus the Sun, Ceres, and Chiron. We can anticipate a lot of healing of the self, especially through self-healing based on our expanded consciousness and perception. A lot can be revealed through dreams, art, intuition, spiritual messages, and synchronicities. There is a great potential for uncovering what has been preventing you from stepping fully into your purpose and service. Rely on the Virgo energy to stay grounded and use its analytical powers to cope with the revelations provided by Pisces, connect to your inner Priestess and do your own rituals for healing whatever comes up.

When planning trips, leave your schedule and itinerary flexible. Explore various means of transportation, embrace different people, food, language and costumes you might encounter. Trips through the ocean or to the coast are favored. Be open to messages, signs, intuition, dreams, and find practical ways of applying them in your life. Great period for automatic writing.

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Full Moon in Leo: January 23, 2016


Symbolon Cards

The lunar cycle we are in opened up with a lot happening in the invisible, spiritual, and inner realms. At the Full Moon, the inner and outer worlds come together, as well as the male and female principles. The time has come to make ourselves visible again after the preparation and transformation we have undergone since the New Moon. The Full Moon in Leo comes to shed light on our self-esteem, confidence, and visibility in the world. This is a good time to strengthen your solar plexus, put yourself out there to be seen, and let yourself shine.

The Moon at 3-4° of Leo activates the following Sabian Symbol: “A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition”. Gather up all your abilities, resources, accomplishments, prizes, titles, certificates, and put together the best picture of yourself to be presented to others. Organize yourself and polish up websites, business cards, presentations, etc., in order to showcase all that you are.

At the other end, the Sun is at  3-4° of Aquarius: “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers”. This is about inner healing that brings about an impact on others. Transform how you see yourself and what you have to contribute to people around you and to society. Change your mind about how you relate to the world and how you perceive yourself contributing and getting back from it. If you are or want to be a healer, this is a great period to have your work expanded and seen, as you gain a greater perspective about being of service and working from a spiritual standpoint.

The energy of Capricorn is highlighted and will support us providing objectivity and practicality. The New Moon took place in this sign in conjunction with transformative Pluto. At the Full Moon, it is Mercury that comes together with Pluto, favoring writing about the past, reconnecting with people, reestablishing contacts, and revisiting places for healing. Mercury turns forward on January 24 reigniting our communication abilities as an ally to launch our improved self. Venus enters Capricorn helping us have a loving and kind outlook on ourselves, our life, our body, and how far we have come. Value what you have and all the foundation and structure you have around you, including your family, rather than focusing on what is lacking.

Full Moon in Cancer: December 25, 2015


Siva in Moon Boat

On Christmas day we have a Full Moon in Cancer, which is very appropriate for the occasion as it relates to family and emotions. This is great for rekindling or deepening ties to family and friends. The water element is supercharged with the Moon in Cancer making a trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces, and with Lilith retrograde and Juno in Scorpio. We should watch out for an overflow of emotions, which it can bring up a lot of drama, sadness, crying, reminiscing about the past, and remembering the ones that have departed.

We could witness conflicts, open or covert, especially old issues coming up between females or couples. There could be a lot of bickering all around, jealousy, envy, things being said impulsively out of nowhere, and issues that are not conscious or had been forgotten resurfacing. Those themes and dynamics are reinforced by the Full Moon’s Sabian Symbols:

Moon at 3-4° of Cancer: “A cat arguing with a mouse”;

Sun at 3-4° of Capricorn: “A group of people outfitting a large canoe at the start of a journey by water”;

Uranus about to move forward at 16-17° of Aries: “Two dignified spinsters sitting in silence”.

We are all on the same boat as souls having a human experience on Earth. We need to put aside petty differences as we look at the bigger picture. These symbols can relate to the situation in Syria and Iraq, the polarization of interests based on ethnicity, migration on “large canoes” crossing Neptune’s ocean only to meet polarization again in Europe based on religion and nationality. We have disproportional conflicts based on small differences, very old polarization and lack of communication, journey in groups by water as a way of escaping. The silence about it has been broken, and now it is affecting directly or indirectly the entire world.

What happens on the global scale always mirrors somehow the personal and inner levels. Uranus moving forward might break the silence in regards to very old issues in our personal lives. Reevaluate disagreements you have with people and whether they have been blown out of proportion. Check which group or groups you belong to and how you are outfitting them in terms of beliefs, baggage, and travel companions. Uranus provides a push for the journey through water to begin, which is a journey through the realms of emotion, the unconscious, dreams, and spirituality. Explore your inner realms and how they connect to the world of matter and of spirit. Evaluate if old disputes are dead weight you have been carrying around, find ways of breaking the silence and work through problems.

Be aware of the dangers of the high tide of emotions during the Holiday Season, but above all, let it open your heart wide. Enjoy it!

Full Moon in Gemini: November 25, 2015

20151121_113917The Full Moon is the time when the energy of the lunar cycle peaks. This one in particular presents a very important and strong peak. It is a very emotional time that can be balanced by Gemini’s mental energy and dexterity. Our minds will be enlightened and we must balance heart and reason in order to take advantage of that.

Nothing will be hidden or withheld from you. You will begin to see things in a different light and perceive what has been overlooked. You will see new ways of doing things and paths you hadn’t considered before. Solutions and ways of surmounting obstacles will come to you.

What used to allure you, won’t anymore. That goes for any area of your life, especially in regards to the path you see yourself on; places, cities, and countries that you consider particularly special and important; and relationships. There is a good potential for light being shed on all of that. You can free yourself from outdated plans and dreams if you want to, and then move forward with a refreshed take on life.

New relationships can begin during this period. Reevaluate your friends and companions. Stay around those who are honest and loyal to you. Let the others go, or don’t share so much of your life with them.

Let your mind and your consciousness soar. Rely on spiritual guidance and protection. Raise your frequency and move forward. As a result, you might end up increasing and improving your social networking. You will feel more comfortable and at the center of your social life, where you naturally belong.

Check also the “Color of the Day” for Nov. 22 and 23: Heather Rose and Bordeaux.

Full Moon: October 27, 2015

20151025_133434At this Full Moon window you can come full circle, look back and see things for what they really are. It is about becoming more savvy and smart, polishing up your talents and skills.

There is a process of the soul becoming mature that has been going on, and it is time to discard outdated dreams and desires. We will be more willing to face the truth about ourselves and our lives, which will allow for some course correction that will be very beneficial. In this process, you learn how to find balance in the use and distribution of energy and resources, as a way of becoming more in charge of your life and moving towards what is close to your heart. As you go through these adjustments, you become more honored and receive more spiritual support. Everything will seem more vibrant and colors will be brighter. A breakthrough of sorts is possible.

Overall, the energy will be very fluid and positive. Ride along with it and you will be able to break free from past restraints much more easily than before. Come together as an individual, holding your power, standing your ground, appreciating yourself and your life, before treading along out in the world.

Full Moon: August 29, 2015 – Lenormand Card Reading


The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle

This Full Moon presents a powerful window marked by karma and destiny. Emotions are high and so are psychic currents. Some inconvenient and inappropriate behavior from women must be dealt with, which is a theme that was already present at the Venus Inferior Conjunction. It is time for people to get their acts together or else be disconnected from you or stop having any effect on your life. A rearrangement and placement of women and female matters will be going on. Get rid of negative influences coming from women, be certain of who you are, feel comfortable in your own skin, and hold your ground, if necessary. Follow your hear, trust your instincts, and pay no attention to gossip, intrigues or anyone trying to pull you down. Share your plans only with people you trust and who have faith in you. Align yourself to your path and stick to it. Revelations and insights will surface and can be promptly put into action. Know where your heart lies, steer your life towards that direction and set some roots there. As the heart finds its home, things will unfold from that point on.
The moment for the movement to begin has finally arrived. Things are flowing and there is a good chance for lucky breaks, a sudden turn of events, and success, especially in new relationships, moves and career changes. A crossing or transition will be required, and it must be done by each individual on their own. For that to take place, a lot will have to be said and made clear. Everything will be out in the open, and ties will be undone so others can be done. Everyone will be seen for who they really are. This can go either way, and will engender consequences accordingly. Some people might choose to leave your life or be removed from it. Trust it is all for the best. People who are supposed to be together will come together. This is not the time for second-guessing yourself. Trust your heart, make decisions and cross over to where you want to be.

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