Mercury on Fomalhaut: May 4, 2015


Archangel Gabriel

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is on Fomalhaut, the mouth of the Southern Fish, which is one the Royal Persian stars. It is related to Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God and Guardian of the South. We have the alignment of two spiritual messengers, making this week very favorable to spiritual communication and delivery of important messages. Be very attentive to psychic hearing and prophetic dreams.


Mars in Pisces – January 13 to February 20, 2015

Mars in NeptuneNeptune has been in Pisces since February of 2012, beginning a long cycle of double dose of Piscenian energy, and at the moment we have Mars passing through this constellation. On the 17th it encounters Fomalhaut, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, which relates to Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South, and is a place of downpouring of inspiration and spiritual information. Mars goes on to meet Neptune on the 20th and Chiron on February 1st. During this transit we will be able to gain clarity about ourselves, our lives and our most significant relationships through the perception of what really happens behind the scenes on an energetic and spiritual levels. We will find solutions for long-standing problems and receive warnings about which way to take and which not to take. Pay special attention to dreams and signs, but be careful when interpreting them. It is best to have a simple and direct approach, for even though the presence of Mars may help as it brings some objectiveness and practicality, Pisces tend to have a romanticized perception of reality.