First Quarter Moon: June 24-30, 2015 Astrology and Tarot

Christian Schloe

Art by Christian Schloe

On June 24, the First Quarter or Crescent Moon phase begins. The Sun is still conjunct Mars, only now it has moved into Cancer, forming a square with the Moon – Cancer’s ruler –  in Libra. We strive for harmony, balance, justice, safety, and beauty at home and within the family frame.

The Sun square Moon shows a male versus female principles at play, as do Mars and Venus in quincunx with Saturn and Pluto, respectively. These planets are in mutual reception, they indicate karma and karmic adjustments, and are both retrograde, bringing up issues from the past and the unconscious to be healed. Venus is emphasized by the Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus), and its conjunction with Jupiter in Leo.

We will be reevaluating: our relationship with our parents and how they affect our relationships; past relationships; ourselves and the roles we play as male or female. This will allow for the release of karma and attachments to past relationships, and create a more mature and refined vision of ourselves in regards to how we relate to others, especially with family members and in love relationships. Creating an ideal and a visual reference to it in order to bring it into manifestation is brought up by the Moon conjunct the North Node on Libra 5-6. The Sabian Symbol for this degree – “A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision” – comes to reinforce the image we had connected with at the Summer Solstice for Pisces 29-30.


We envision an ideal that overcomes male/female imbalances, creating a new version of self that fits into mature, meaningful, and spiritual relationships. The Libra/Cancer square is about trying to achieve this sort of balance, which is portrayed by the Temperance card. We can balance reason (male) and heart (female) as we learn how to blend them within ourselves as well as in our dealings with others.


First Quarter Moon: May 25, 2015 Astrology and Tarot

The First Quarter Moon of May opens up a week of intense and transformative energies. The Sun in Gemini squares the Moon in Virgo, both signs ruled by Mercury, bringing together the messenger and the healer. The Sun/Moon square is part of a mutable Grand Cross, as the Sun opposes Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius and the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Communication and mental sharpness is certainly a theme, since the mutable Grand Cross can indicate hindrances and difficulties in that area, Mercury in Gemini is still retrograde, and we also have Mars in Gemini adding some impulsiveness and volatility to our thoughts and speech. It is advisable to watch out for liers, cunning people, thieves, and unnecessary arguments. We might be inquiring about how the mind, our ability to express ourselves through words and the power of speech relate to our well-being, health, energy levels, healing, psychic health and faith.

It is also worth mentioning the t-square formed by Uranus with Venus and Pluto retrograde, which can indicate falling suddenly in or out of love, or the reappearance of old lovers. We can really see some action and shaking up in the relationship department as the Moon moves into Libra and enters in configuration with the t-square, creating yet another Grand Cross on May 29. This one happens in the cardinal signs, all prone to taking initiative and making things happen. Issues in the home front or related to mothers or mothering, and of protection and felling safe, might show up with Venus still transiting through Cancer. Be mindful of what is really important to you and true to your heart. Whatever happens, be careful about how you express yourself, since a mutable t-square will still be in place.


The cards for the First Quarter Moon give continuity to the New Moon themes as they speak of an urgent and impatient desire for change in all areas of our lives. We have come to a place of stagnation that can only be broken with radical change. We have the impetus and the energy necessary to ignite the process, but if we don’t, they will die out. We are being given the possibility of making choices, so aim high and define what you want. Hopefully you have made some important decisions during the New Moon, and now you can expand from that. Rescue old dreams and start pursuing them quickly in any way possible. Look for or build circumstances that will place you amongst like-minded people, who appreciate and support you and will be helpful in your quest for a comfortable and stable place in terms of home and work. That’s when you will be ready and willing to put down some roots. The changes necessary might be extreme, but the outcome will be very fulfilling.

First Quarter Moon – April 25 to May 2, 2015: Astrology, Tarot and Color Oracle

Photography by Teun Hocks

Photography by Teun Hocks

We have been having an interaction between the elements of fire and earth since the Last Quarter Moon, and it will go on during the First Quarter phase. There are two fronts of squares between Taurus and Leo: the Sun with the Moon in conjunction to Juno; and Mercury and Mars with Jupiter. The New Moon themes are still active: romantic relationships, communication, soul mates, home and coziness, etc. We also have a Yod formed by Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (earth), Jupiter in Leo (fire) and Venus in Gemini, pointing to a major karmic rearrangement, discoveries, encounters, revelations, communication of what had been hidden, processes of death and rebirth, dynamics of self-identity and self-affirmation. Still, there is a quincunx between the Sun and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius that brings up issues about how the individual relates to hierarchies, lineages and generational aspects.

By exploring some Sabian symbols, we are able to put together a group of images that help the astrological interpretation, in order to create a focus for this week. The North Node is transitioning between 8 and 9° of Libra:

  • Libra 8°: “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home”. This shows an interesting mix of earth and fire. Fire represents movement and freedom, whereas the earth is limitation, structure and restriction. We are caught between the need for novelties and freedom, and the desire for stability and a cozy environment in which we belong. Any resistances in relation to that should be addressed and we should try to find out what really warms us inside;
  • Libra 9°: Three “Old Masters” hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery”. Themes of art, symbology, hierarchy, value of the past and tradition, and 3 generations side by side.

The Moon square is formed when the Sun is between 5 and 6° of Taurus, and the Moon between 5 and 6° of Leo:

  • 5° Taurus: “A widow at an open grave”. Death, past, family, looking into your roots, renewal, mortality;
  • 6° Taurus: “Cantilever bridge across a deep gorge”. A construction that provides a connection between two places otherwise inaccessible;
  • 5° Leo: “Rock formations tower over a deep canyon”. Place that allows for a higher perspective over a terrain eroded by time;
  • 6° Leo: “A conservative old-fashioned lady is confronted by a “hippie” girl”. Generational clash, tradition versus rebelliousness, confrontation, renewal, young versus old age, mortality, intolerance.


The cards for the week add meaning and confirmation to the analysis above. The 5 of Pentacles is emphasized and accompanied by the 5 of Clubs. We are overlooking something that is important, belongs to us and is at our disposal, especially concerning home, real state, family, and tradition. It is necessary to have a broader view of our generational links and reevaluate what we value, in order to reconnect to what we have lost. Coming back home will allow you to reorganize your priorities and your energy, as the waste and dispersion provoked by the lack of direction ends. Not too long ago we drew “The High Lady of Love and Compassion” card, which suggested compassion and kindness to oneself. Now it appears inverted and asks for compassion and acceptance of others, especially of people of previous generations. We should also accept the fact that we are part of a certain tradition, which is part of your personal history and has helped shaping your life and who you are. Have in mind that your light shines on its own, but it is also part of a bigger whole and of a lineage. We have much to learn and gain as we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

The colors for this week are pink and green, colors of the heart, that ask us for softness and kindness with others so as to build bridges that link people, places, traditions and beliefs. Those bridges might represent actual moves from one place to another, but they are also about communication. That should be done carefully and from the heart, since Venus is in prolific Gemini, and Mercury is in conjunction to impulsive Mars. If you find yourself in difficult encounters or conversations, try to focus on the colors green and pink, for they will help you connect to the heart energy.

First Quarter Moon: March 27, 2015 Astrology, Tarot, Color and Oracle Cards

Josephine-Wall-009The Sun in Aries has a very strong, masculine, fire energy. It squares the Moon in Cancer, which is very feminine, watery, soothing and emotional. Since they are at odds with each other, they will probably stir up some feelings in the home front, but also initiate some overdue changes. We continue with a very strong Arian energy with the presence of the Sun, Uranus and Mars in Aries. On the 31st, Mercury enters this sign, whereas Mars leaves it for Taurus. This will bring some of the heat and explosiveness down, especially after Mars having passed over Eris, the Goddess of Strife, when conflicts, competition and plotting among women, or caused by women or men with very strong feminine traits, might have arised, or you may have grasped the true causes of past discords.

This lunar phase is much milder than the previous ones. We still have the energy for taking action and now we have Mercury helping to initiate conversations and fostering reconnections. Watch out for gossip and unnecessary harshness in communication and aggressiveness in traffic or other means of transportation.

25Dark_Moss_Green_1395324 5 wands

Things have been hectic for quite a while and you might have been pushed into a corner or led to temporarily hide out. It is time now to reconnect with your foundational frequencies and come out of the shadow. First of all, remember and reconnect with your beauty in full, then step into the light so others can see it too. This might take a little effort and focus on your part, but it will be worthwhile.