Family Tree Reading and Healing

949eba1cadb497b9b1d437a5378bc990The “Family Tree Reading and Healing” focuses on generational karma, which is passed down through generations within a family set. It consists of family imprints, unprocessed emotions, deep frustrations, traumas, patterns that keep repeating themselves without a clear cause, and energetic baggage that we unconsciously carry around.

The reading addresses the relationship and karma between the individual and his/her siblings, parents, and grandparents. Both Color Oracle and Lenormand Cards are used to provide information on family karma, the basic energetic signature of each person involved and how they interact with each other, and the roles played within the dynamics of the family. The side of the family, people or person that affects the most the individual in terms of energy and karma is spotted and dealt with during the healing. This is a distant energy healing that uses color frequencies to release ancestral baggage by clearing and liberating karma, blockages and imprints that limit the individual, the full expression of his self, and his happiness. More flow of energy and light will come as a result, and areas that have been stuck will regain flow.