Equinox: September 23, 2015 – Color Reading

20150916_144207We are having energies meeting potentials at this upcoming Equinox. They will be mended together by the threads of Destiny in a measured and balanced fashion, creating a build-up of energies that will peak just a few days after the Equinox. Many new beginnings will be facilitated then. Clean slates will be granted, so we should rethink our goals and plans. Old desires that you have been holding on for a long time might vanish into thin air.

The cooling off of temperatures will bring sharpness, purity, and eventually crystallize new potentials and connections into material form. The fronts that will be mainly affected are the livelihood, self-image and mental frame. Concerns about self-love and self-image will be transformed as features like kindness, compassion and sympathy will be more present. For some, this will have a direct impact on work and career as they try to incorporate these values into daily life.

As we gain lightness of the heart and mind, we might give up some ambition but gain more relevance. Think in terms of preparing a solid foundation to receive a new set of structures in your life. The mind will be flying high, reaching new ideas, projects, and prospects. Give it room to soar, then sort through the possibilities you connect with. This will all come together and be taken to another level by the high intensity of the energy, that will allow new plans and ideas to be manifested. Such intense energy can be a bit disorienting, so we’d better have our minds clear and plans redone before the big wave hits us. A deep rearrangement of people and circumstances will take place so that the higher frequencies can settle down. We will have the chance to disconnect from lower vibrations from people, places or situations. Many leaves will be falling off and taken away by the wind, rain or cold. Some people might need to go into hibernation and later have a chance to reemerge. There is potential for moving away or having people leave your life. A transition to a new destination will happen, one way or another. The purpose behind it is the coming together of spiritual lineages, which requires lots of things being moved around. The first week after the Equinox will be really intense and it will set the tone for the whole season.


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The Equinox opens up a window in which we learn to be kinder to ourselves, and in turn the world becomes kinder to us. This will help us achieve a whole new level of self-acceptance and self-love. Self-love is the foundation for every other kind of love and a determinant of the quality of your relationships. Having compassion for yourself, others, events and circumstances in your life provides you an in-depth view about your past, present and future relationships that can open paths for new or renewed possibilities.

Be accepting of both your heart and your mind. When they are not in accord, take both sides into consideration, without denying either one nor taking sides. From a point of internal peace, it is easier to find good solutions and make decisions. Being torn between emotions and reason is a great waste of energy. Get used to being on the top of the both of them and gain the gift of balance, wisdom and sovereignty over your life.