Sabian Symbol of the Day

disarmedbombAries 13: An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest

Radical action is not advised. The end does not justify the means. Express emotions before they become explosive. Road blocked for your own and other’s protection. Don’t push it if something is not working, or it can blow up in your face. Examine your motivations and review strategies. Rebel spirit should be accompanied by balance and reasoning.


Sabian Symbol of the Day

The Emperor

Wizards Tarot

Aries 11: The Ruler Of A Nation

The philosopher king as the archetype of the wise and benevolent king. Limits, borders, rules, structures, and protective mechanisms that comprise organized social living, and those who organize it. Hierarchies. Dynamics of power and control between leaders and followers. We engage in both roles in different times, areas and levels. At the social level, the ruler is the utmost leader who reflects the society as a whole as it mirrors its collective unconscious and general frequency, as well as the belief of the need of being ruled. How and to what extent we allow it to happen should be looked upon. Illusions of power, traps of the ego, power trips, megalomania. Being the ruler of your own life, energy field, and home. Taking your power back. Country borders and real estate.



Sabian Symbol of the Day


Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Aries 10: A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images

Learning from those with more knowledge and experience. Look for a teacher and sign up for a workshop. Finding a spiritual teacher. Alternative forms of learning. Learn from the young. Revisit your positions, refine your concepts, revisit schools of knowledge, recycle your knowledge and skills, share fresh perspectives. Be open minded about what you know, for there is always more to be learned. Broaden your vision through information and be open to other areas of interest. Pay close attention to what others are teaching you, for it can come in many ways. Get ready to change your frame of mind!

Sabian Symbol of the Day


M.C. Escher

Aries 9: A Crystal Gazer

Take a look at yourself and the world around you from a higher perspective. Contemplate and see beyond appearances today. Find answers. Let crystals and crystal balls reflect the truth back to you. Amethyst for enhancing psychic abilities. Trust your mind’s eye. Tap into the future. Stimulate the 6th chakra.

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Sabian Symbol of the Day


Aries 8: A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind

Allow limiting mental structures to be swiped away and spiritual light to come to you through the 7th chakra. If necessary, clear and open it. Free yourself from old beliefs and expectations. Let your hair down. Let life take you by surprise. Be spontaneous and joyful. A gush of new energy, life, and ideas is coming to you. What no longer serves you will be washed away; just let them go. What is really yours won’t be taken away. Connect to the flow of life and the cleansing and renewal power of the East wind.


Sabian Symbol of the Day

The Great Escape

Christian Schloe

Aries 7: A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realms

Identifying yourself with the dual aspect of human existence: spirit and body. Belonging in two worlds and being aware of how they are intertwined. Becoming a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. Being effective and impacting those realms with your words, intentions, thoughts, emotions, actions, and energy profile. Manifestation, spiritual communication, higher vision, psychic abilities, automatic writing, channeling, healing, teaching, bringing in ideals and inspired ideas and putting them into action. Asking and receiving spiritual guidance. Daily living deeply connected and in tandem with the soul’s plan. Connecting 1st and 7th chakras.

Sabian Symbol of the Day

square-button-4_21049890Aries 6: A Square, With One Of Its Sides Brightly Illumined

In Aries 5, the soul discovered the need to set limits and goes off to build strong foundations and boundaries for the energy field, the body, relating with others, energy exchange, money exchange, place of business and home. A strong material starting point for the soul to interact and be effective on Earth. Stability, grounding, and security becomes important. The image represents a material structure, a house or the body, with a window for the sun and spiritual light to come in. As we need protection, we also need to leave space for interaction, a door opened or closed at our will. Choosing what you allow into your life. Managing points of entrance. Owning your space. Feng Shui for body and spaces. Restricted group and a secluded place for reunion. The 7th chakra.

Sabian Symbol of the Day

Triangle with wings

Origami by Hoang Tien Quyet

Aries 5: A Triangle With Wings

A third element comes in to shake up the partnership balance attained in Aries 4. A third party. Love triangles. Someone is already committed to someone else. Discovering the importance of setting boundaries. Conflicts can escalate very quickly. Leadership. The abstract mind. Bridge between material and ethereal worlds. Manifestation. Sacred Trinity. Wholeness. Bringing back scattered fragments of the soul and of your energy. Rebirth. Resurrection. Transcendence. Soaring. Alchemy. Synthesis. Results manifesting. Finding resolutions and solutions. Synergy. Conceiving a child. The number 3.


Sabian Symbol of the Day

loversAries 4: Two Lovers Strolling On A Secluded Walk.

Opening up to love and romance. Expanding the definition of self as you become part of a couple, without losing sight of your individuality. Honoring your partner’s individuality. Exploring a deep relationship, spending time with a significant other and enjoying each other’s company. Experiencing close ties, partnerships, privacy, intimacy, and making room for that in your life. Not allowing outside interference in your relationships.

Sabian Symbol of the Day



Aries 3: The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country.

Awareness of being an individual born under a particular lineage and culture. Recognizing it as part of the definition of the self, and your psychological and energetic profiles. A blend of the self with a sense of community, origin, and roots. We are one and also part of a whole which is represented by a bigger community. Identification with your home country, your language, where you come from and belong, as well as a desire to be acknowledged and valued for it. Full acceptance and pride of your place of origin and ethnicity. Honoring ancestry and lineage. Being grateful for the culture that embraced you into this world.