Message for May, 2016


Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

A lot of energy has come in during the first three months of the year, which stirred a lot of things up and propelled emotional healing and change. In April the energy stabilized and the changes began to settle down, as a process of energetic readjustment began. That was a period necessary before the actual results of the changes could come into manifestation, which we will see starting in May. This is all part of a preparation for 2017, a year with a strong karmic tone, when rearrangements, reparation, and relocation will occur, and things will turn around big time.

During May we will experience a fine tuning of our energy as the changes hit the mark and place everything where they really belong. The Archangel Raphael Card brings a message for May that tells us to allow the changes to take place. We are ready. There is not much we have to do. Just be open and welcome the new opportunities as they present themselves. Let go of control and release worries and anxiety. There is a lot happening behind the scenes, and  we will be receiving a lot of spiritual support and help with emotional healing, which inevitably follows a raise in frequency. Big adjustments take up a lot of energy, so take time to rest and sleep more if you feel you need to.

Teal is the color of Raphael’s vest, and represents the quality of the energy of May. It is very precise and goes straight to the point. That means reaching the root of problems for healing, and the right time, place, people, purpose, and path. Keep your perception system and your mind clear by connecting with teal. We can get really far this month with this energy backing us up. Focus on teal, allow things to happen, and know that there is spiritual support for all of us.



Message for April 2016

Lapis_Lazuli_429409_i0Lapis Lazuli represents the energy of the month of April. It is about reconnecting to your own royalty and specific talents. It points you to a path that leads to your life purpose.

The first step is to clear the throat chakra from stuck emotions, especially anger, fears, traumas, and feelings of being left out, disconnected and excluded. This chakra goes way beyond matters of verbal communication. As you clear it, you gain a lot of mental clarity and can achieve a clear view of yourself and recognize who you really are. Then you will be ready to own your power.

The frequency of the Lapis Lazuli color provides a space where you can be yourself. Visualize the color around you and on your throat chakra. Use it as a protective layer when you walk into places where you are not understood. Connect with the stone as an amulet for protection, self-healing, and clarity about yourself and your spiritual path.

Lapis Lazuli brings the potential for a lot of self-knowledge and self healing as you engage in the process of building a sacred space for yourself from which to interact with the world. This is a stable, grounding energy that allows for reaching new spiritual heights. Have a happy journey in April!

Full Moon: October 27, 2015

20151025_133434At this Full Moon window you can come full circle, look back and see things for what they really are. It is about becoming more savvy and smart, polishing up your talents and skills.

There is a process of the soul becoming mature that has been going on, and it is time to discard outdated dreams and desires. We will be more willing to face the truth about ourselves and our lives, which will allow for some course correction that will be very beneficial. In this process, you learn how to find balance in the use and distribution of energy and resources, as a way of becoming more in charge of your life and moving towards what is close to your heart. As you go through these adjustments, you become more honored and receive more spiritual support. Everything will seem more vibrant and colors will be brighter. A breakthrough of sorts is possible.

Overall, the energy will be very fluid and positive. Ride along with it and you will be able to break free from past restraints much more easily than before. Come together as an individual, holding your power, standing your ground, appreciating yourself and your life, before treading along out in the world.

One-Year Reading

seasons1This is an overall reading for yearly cycles such as Birthdays or New Year, which uses the Color Oracle and the Lenormand Cards combined. It provides insights and better understanding of the current processes in your life and where they are headed. It is very helpful for making plans, as you get to know the potentials for the year in advance, and for staying focused, since you can refer back to it throughout the year. It points out the areas in your life that will be highlighted, and provides the underlying theme of the year, the colors that will be more relevant in terms of frequency, and a timeline summary.

To view a sample click here.

Family Tree Reading and Healing

949eba1cadb497b9b1d437a5378bc990The “Family Tree Reading and Healing” focuses on generational karma, which is passed down through generations within a family set. It consists of family imprints, unprocessed emotions, deep frustrations, traumas, patterns that keep repeating themselves without a clear cause, and energetic baggage that we unconsciously carry around.

The reading addresses the relationship and karma between the individual and his/her siblings, parents, and grandparents. Both Color Oracle and Lenormand Cards are used to provide information on family karma, the basic energetic signature of each person involved and how they interact with each other, and the roles played within the dynamics of the family. The side of the family, people or person that affects the most the individual in terms of energy and karma is spotted and dealt with during the healing. This is a distant energy healing that uses color frequencies to release ancestral baggage by clearing and liberating karma, blockages and imprints that limit the individual, the full expression of his self, and his happiness. More flow of energy and light will come as a result, and areas that have been stuck will regain flow.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 27-28 September, 2015


The upcoming Full Moon is a very special one. It is a Super Moon (closest to Earth), the Harvest Moon (time to reap what we have sown), and a Blood Moon, being the last one in a tetrad of four consecutive total lunar eclipses (April 15, 2014; Oct. 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 27, 2015). From the first eclipse to the last one, a window of transformation, discoveries and liberation has been opened, and now it is coming to a completion. Before we move on, we should take some time to look back and evaluate what happened during this period and ponder on how our lives have been affected.

There has been an illumination of the mind that brought about discoveries and allowed us to see what had been hidden and going on behind the scenes. That rose the need of purifying our environment and ourselves as we identified dark spots. That was followed by a period of regained vitality and growth, when we had some time to catch our breath and regroup, and we began connecting to new possibilities and ideas. Then we had another period of deep purging and purification in which we gained further understanding of the uncovered processes. We polished up our communication skills and were led to work on what should be said, when, to whom, how, or not be said at all. We became more aware of the importance of words on personal interactions and the energetic impact that it has on it, positively or negatively. We learned how to dose what we say and how to express ourselves. The need of, or the form of self-expression might have changed, since quality has become more important than quantity. Our refined communication skills, as well as difficulties we might have encountered in that area, has become an ally pushing us into a direction more aligned to a genuine expression of the self, and we began moving somehow to where you really want to be and to where we really belong.

We come to the end of the cycle with a higher perspective and able to have a different view in regards to where we stand in life, as we put together and make sense of all the experiences and the knowledge we have acquired. We embody the changes we have undergone and finally come to a place of calm and balance. The energy stabilizes and so do we. We are ready to leave behind what we don’t want in our lives or what we don’t want to be, incorporate our reinvented selves, and move forward certain about our destination, and with our minds and hearts at peace. The changes will be seen and recognized by others, with a positive effect on our careers.

Equinox: September 23, 2015 – Color Reading

20150916_144207We are having energies meeting potentials at this upcoming Equinox. They will be mended together by the threads of Destiny in a measured and balanced fashion, creating a build-up of energies that will peak just a few days after the Equinox. Many new beginnings will be facilitated then. Clean slates will be granted, so we should rethink our goals and plans. Old desires that you have been holding on for a long time might vanish into thin air.

The cooling off of temperatures will bring sharpness, purity, and eventually crystallize new potentials and connections into material form. The fronts that will be mainly affected are the livelihood, self-image and mental frame. Concerns about self-love and self-image will be transformed as features like kindness, compassion and sympathy will be more present. For some, this will have a direct impact on work and career as they try to incorporate these values into daily life.

As we gain lightness of the heart and mind, we might give up some ambition but gain more relevance. Think in terms of preparing a solid foundation to receive a new set of structures in your life. The mind will be flying high, reaching new ideas, projects, and prospects. Give it room to soar, then sort through the possibilities you connect with. This will all come together and be taken to another level by the high intensity of the energy, that will allow new plans and ideas to be manifested. Such intense energy can be a bit disorienting, so we’d better have our minds clear and plans redone before the big wave hits us. A deep rearrangement of people and circumstances will take place so that the higher frequencies can settle down. We will have the chance to disconnect from lower vibrations from people, places or situations. Many leaves will be falling off and taken away by the wind, rain or cold. Some people might need to go into hibernation and later have a chance to reemerge. There is potential for moving away or having people leave your life. A transition to a new destination will happen, one way or another. The purpose behind it is the coming together of spiritual lineages, which requires lots of things being moved around. The first week after the Equinox will be really intense and it will set the tone for the whole season.

Pantone Color of the Day: Muskmelon – August 27, 2015

15-1242 TCXMuskmelon resets your whole energy, removing some old debris, washing off harsh emotions from the heart, uplifting your frame of mind, and bringing in some sweetness.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Apricot Orange – August 13, 2015

17-1353 TCXWe all share a common range of perception, yet each of us has a specific one. Broaden yours a bit, if you will, by pushing the Apricot Orange window open.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Silver Pink – July 9, 2015

14-1508 TCXThe break we took yesterday goes on today. With Silver Pink we keep calm and take our vibration into another level. It is time to rest and recharge, as we gather up energy and momentum for moving forward soon. We should try to be patient and let things be what they are for now.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”