Total Lunar Eclipse: April 4, 2015 Astrology: Nodes of the Moon and Sabian Symbols – New Vision of Inclusiveness


M. C. Escher

The Moon fully lit by the Sun will be obscured by the Earth’s shadow and turn reddish at 14° of Libra. The Moon is in conjunction with the North Node at 10° of Libra, which sets the tone for this total eclipse. They oppose Mercury, the South Node, the Sun, and Uranus in Aries. Both Sun and Moon square Pluto, reinforcing the last Uranus-Pluto square, keeping social and political reforms in the spotlight whereas providing a fresh perspective and pointing to possible solutions.

The North-South Nodes polarization gives a karmic and spiritual evolution flavor to the eclipse. The Aries-Libra axis is about the self versus others, that is, the dilemma that everyone faces as an individual who is also a part of a social system. This is represented on a personal level by the opposition between the Sun and the Moon near the Nodes, and on the collective level, by their connection with the Uranus-Pluto square. There is a need to find a common ground that provides balance between self-centeredness, assertiveness, decisiveness, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, on one side; and impartiality, caring about others, putting others first, establishing partnerships, seeing both sides, and commitment to fairness, on the other. This is a true exercise of individual interests coexisting within a social frame and searching for paths to win-win situations. This basic dichotomy finds resolution as they are blended in an ideal and universal Truth that professes that whatever benefits the individual must benefit the whole, and vice-versa. This is a lesson for humanity which requires high levels of understanding and maturity. It will take many individuals becoming adept to this vision and sharing it with others.

As we explore the degrees of the Moon Nodes – around 10° of Aries and Libra – through the perspective of the Sabian Symbols, we come across some interesting and illuminating imagery and symbology. The South Node represents what we have already accomplished and learned, and the North Node where we are headed or the outcome. In a sense, one is the departure point and the other is the goal, and the transition from one to the other is the lesson to be learned. As we look at the South Node, we find the Sabian symbol for Aries 9°: “A crystal gazer who is able to see things through the crystal”. With the help of a crystal ball, someone reaches a higher vision that could be a psychic, out of the ordinary, or a broader view of the whole. The sphere shape is symbolic of the whole and it connects to the Full Moon as a sphere that is completely revealed by the Sun, meaning that this is a time when one can attain higher perspectives. Then we move towards Aries 10°: “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images”. He finds a new interpretation to his vision, rendering it a new meaning and importance. The vision is not new, neither is the wisdom hidden in it, but its interpretation and how it can be applied to this moment is. He is now ready to pass it on to others.

On the other end of the spectrum, we notice Libra 11°: “A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students”. He has incorporated the higher vision and does not need the crystal nor the help of his glasses. He is looking over the glasses and sharing higher knowledge with his students, in a down-to-earth manner, putting it into a language that can reach and be absorbed by the pupils. In a sense, he is looking over his professorial glasses, indicating others forms of teaching than traditional ones. We finally arrive at Libra 10°: “Having passed safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters”. The dynamics between these degrees shows us a way out of personal and social chaos. The North Node indicates where we are headed: a feminine blend of intellect and compassion for self and others in pursue of Justice as we arrive at the haven of the Full Libra Moon. An elevated vision will allow us to pass through turmoil, personally and in regards to the political and social panorama. We can then move on to calm waters as we rediscover some Libran attributes, such as fairness and inclusiveness, and are able to share them with others in practical ways.

full moon

The aspects formed by the planets are also in accord and reinforcing the dynamics presented by the Sabian symbols. Both the Moon and the Sun, as well as Mercury and Uranus are forming beneficial aspects with Jupiter, the higher teacher of Wisdom. Being retrograde, Jupiter brings back ancient wisdom to be expressed by the self-assured and confident Sun in Aries, which is given eloquence by Mercury, and able to find new ways of presenting that wisdom and reinventing it with innovative ideas provided by Uranus, combining traditional and modern values and forms of teaching that will benefit all, as demanded by the Moon in Libra. Perhaps looking into ancient ways of passing on knowledge will bring up some ideas that can be incorporated with technology. Also let’s not forget the value of teaching by example.

This is the theme of the Total Lunar Eclipse from an Astrological perspective. Check also the Tarot and Color Oracle reading and the Pantone Color of the Day for 4/4/15.


First Quarter Moon: March 27, 2015 Astrology, Tarot, Color and Oracle Cards

Josephine-Wall-009The Sun in Aries has a very strong, masculine, fire energy. It squares the Moon in Cancer, which is very feminine, watery, soothing and emotional. Since they are at odds with each other, they will probably stir up some feelings in the home front, but also initiate some overdue changes. We continue with a very strong Arian energy with the presence of the Sun, Uranus and Mars in Aries. On the 31st, Mercury enters this sign, whereas Mars leaves it for Taurus. This will bring some of the heat and explosiveness down, especially after Mars having passed over Eris, the Goddess of Strife, when conflicts, competition and plotting among women, or caused by women or men with very strong feminine traits, might have arised, or you may have grasped the true causes of past discords.

This lunar phase is much milder than the previous ones. We still have the energy for taking action and now we have Mercury helping to initiate conversations and fostering reconnections. Watch out for gossip and unnecessary harshness in communication and aggressiveness in traffic or other means of transportation.

25Dark_Moss_Green_1395324 5 wands

Things have been hectic for quite a while and you might have been pushed into a corner or led to temporarily hide out. It is time now to reconnect with your foundational frequencies and come out of the shadow. First of all, remember and reconnect with your beauty in full, then step into the light so others can see it too. This might take a little effort and focus on your part, but it will be worthwhile.

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse and Equinox: March 20, 2015 – Astrology


Josephine Wall

This is the beginning of a very special lunar cycle. The New Moon takes place with a total solar eclipse at 29°27’ of Pisces, entering Aries right after it, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the South, which is also the beginning of a new zodiacal cycle. It is a good time to reevaluate what we want to leave behind and which projects we want to move forward with.

Between the 16th and 17th of March we had the last one in a series of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares, which began in 2012. During this period we have witnessed insurgencies, revolts, protests, fires and explosions, and lots of violence and barbaric actions. A lot of darkness came out in the open and somehow we had to face the themes of control, power and death. Squares between slow planets such as Uranus and Pluto last for a while, but slowly we will begin to see those things receding and diminishing, especially on the collective level but also in our personal lives.

During the Last Quarter Moon we dealt with karmic issues between fathers and daughters and with unavailable men. We continue with a similar subject, only now indicated by Venus forming an inconjunction with Saturn retrograde, revealing conflicts from the past or past lives between women and male figures of authority such as fathers, father figures, teachers, gurus or older men. This relationships have an attractive and luring side, but also a darker one of karmic revision through hidden agendas and veiled manipulation. From the masculine side, Saturn in Sagittarius makes an impression through the intellect, higher education and connection to foreign cultures, whereas Venus in Taurus is charming and related to sensorial pleasures.

We have been going through a period in which the ego and the masculine self were somehow diluted or dissolved by the presence of the Sun in Pisces and Jupiter retrograde in Leo (ruled by the Sun) hindering the expansion of the self. Jupiter is still forming a Yod with Pluto and Mercury causing karmic adjustments in terms of manipulation and control, especially through deceitful and insidious communication. Being aware of these astrological influences is very helpful in recognizing karmic dynamics, which can be obvious, but most often than not, aren’t.

After being occulted by the Moon, the Sun reappears in the first decanate of the first sign of the zodiac, doubled ruled by Aries, and activating the Triangle constellation. The self is reborn strengthened and able to take initiatives and move on. The warrior energy that we have been experiencing since the Last Quarter phase continues with the presence of the Moon, the Sun, Mars (Aries’ ruler) and Uranus in Aries. It is now possible to regain the focus on the self and move forward.

The Triangle constellation puts in motion the trinity dynamic, the power of finding synthesis and solutions for dichotomies, alternatives and 3rd possibilities. We may use the power of the 3 and its multiples, which is present and important throughout 2015.

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Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – March 13, 2015

pallas pink and orange

The Last Quarter Moon phase comes with a lot of warrior energy, not only masculine, but especially feminine. The Moon conjuncts Pallas in Sagittarius, squares the Sun in Pisces and trines Venus in Aries. Mars and Uranus, also in Aries, trine Jupiter retrograde in Leo (still in a Yod formation). We will be rekindling passions, revisiting paths and purposes, and will gain strategical abilities, perfect aiming and fuel for action.

Unresolved issues between fathers and daughters or with unavailable men will surface. There is a good chance for us to overcome those issues in an intelligent and practical way. Confrontations, trying to talk the issues through, demanding explanations, or giving ultimatums will most likely not work. Mercury enters the fleeting and elusive sign of Pisces, making communication obscure and symbolical.

Strengthen your immune system and watch out for absorbing emotional or psychic debris from places or other people, which might end up manifesting in the physical body.

The colors for this lunar phase are neon orange and pink. They talk about the feminine intelligence, which is firm, strong and determined, being out in the open to be recognized and respected.

The strong presence of the element of fire gives us a push into an extraordinary beginning of cycle on the next New Moon. It will happen on March 20 with a total solar eclipse, the Spring Equinox and the opening of a new zodiacal cycle.

Full Moon – March 5, 2015: Andromeda and Hercules

Andromeda black

Today we have March’s Full Moon. The Moon and Lilith are on the second decanate of Virgo whereas the Sun and Chiron are on the second decanante of Pisces, activating Andromeda’s and Hercules’ archetypes. Women attacking or persecuting other women (including the mother-daughter relationship) out of envy or in order to get things their way, especially by bad mouthing, are the basic themes, which usually play out in karmic connections. Both perpetrators and victims find out more about their inner strength as they act out these themes. This is a good opportunity for the victims, often isolated into a corner, to stop waiting for someone to come to their rescue and free themselves, and for the others, hopefully, to become more aware of what is behind their actions and to grow over it.

Full Moon in Virgo – March 5, 2015

Art by Josephine Wall

Art by Josephine Wall

We are having a particularly intense Full Moon this month. The Moon will be in conjunction with Lilith in Virgo and in opposition with the Sun in Pisces, which is near Chiron. It also forms a quincunx with Venus and Uranus, which is close to Mars, and trines Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun is part of the Yod that has Jupiter retrograde in Leo as the focal point, Pluto on the other arm, and Mercury and Vesta near its middle point.

The Feminine is in the spot light and all its forms of expression will come into play, from the most noble and beautiful ones to the lowest and darkest ones. Some of the themes we might encounter are: relationship with the mother, home, fertility, feminine health issues, friendship with women, seduction, manipulation, energies of the night and magic. There will be a lot of karma adjustments and power struggles involving women, but there is also a potential for deep healing, transformation of the feminine self and body image. We might hear from people from the past or they might pop up in our lives, especially women or people we were in a relationship with. We will be provided with second chances to resolve issues or to choose differently, and will be able to take practical steps accordingly.

Expect very emotional and cathartic encounters as well as the surface of buried conflicts. Beware of impulsiveness and being influenced by others and trust your instincts. Review your female friendships and how you relate to women, and don’t lose sight of who you are. The colors green and blue bring us some flexibility that will help us redefine the feminine self and how we relate to women. We will come out of it more sure of who we are and what kind of relationships we want in our lives.

First Quarter Moon – February 25, 2015: Aldebaran and Archangel Raphael


John Emanuel Shannon

This Crescent Moon happens in Gemini in opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, both squaring the Sun, which is in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter retrograde is still in a Yod formation, now accompanied by Lilith retrograde. We will be still experiencing some dissolution of our boundaries. Even though we will feel like moving forward, we will have to do some inner healing first. Expressing our emotions and frustrations will be very cathartic and best done verbally. If orally, avoid harsh words and confrontations, especially with women. Organizing your thoughts and plans in writing and journaling will be precious during this period. You may find a lot of precision in understanding and solving matters as the Moon approaches Aldebaran, the bull’s eye.

The colors of this Moon make up a powerful combination of clearing forces overseen by Archangel Raphael. Call on him and let a river of green, purple and silver light wash away limitations, obstacles and past materials stuck in the body and the aura.

New Moon in Pisces – February 18, 2015: Under the Sea

20140710_104559       shimmering

The February New Moon takes place as the moon transitions from Aquarius into Pisces. Technically, it occurs at 29°59’ of Aquarius, just 1’ to Pisces. Taking into account that the planets are moving forward and their energy tends to be a little bit ahead of their actual positions, and that the cusp (o°) of a constellation is a very strong point, I consider this New Moon, a Piscean one. Moreover, we also have in Pisces its ruler, Neptune; Fomalhaut at the midpoint between Neptune and the New Moon, once again signalling Archangel Gabriel’s presence; Chiron, still a part of the Yod with Jupiter retrograde and Pluto/Ceres; and Venus in conjunction with Mars. The Pisces’ realm is definitely the theme of this cycle and its energy will be overwhelming.

We will be able to tap into a lot of artistic inspiration, especially with music and words. Spiritual insights and guidance will abound, but caution is necessary when interpreting and following them under such Piscean weather. Caution is also advised if you get too open psychically.

The Feminine and Masculine sides will be brought together on two levels: a more internal one in regards to the self and self-image, with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon; and an external one in terms of how we interact with others, especially romantically and sexually, is pointed out by the Venus and Mars conjunction. This will be felt more internally until the Moon, Venus and Mars enter Aries on the 21st, when things heat up and start to play out in our lives. Then we can see some impulsiveness, anger and aggression appearing in relationships and sexual encounters. We will review our sexuality, may get confused about it and carried away by sexual fantasies. Just keep in mind that this is a temporary process. We will tend to idealize relationships, especially new ones, which will most likely not last under such fleeting and volatile circumstances. We will be susceptible to seductions, not only sexual ones, especially through the use of words. Leashes thrive under this environment, so pay attention to the red flags, for they are always there. Be protective of your money too.

Karmic and unconscious issues will be popping up and we may get too emotional, melancholic, sad or nostalgic, and inclined to rely on drugs as an escape, especially alcohol. A more positive response would be finding solace in music, movies and the arts (use colors!). Yet, it is a great period for healing past relationship wounds, clear our hearts and leave behind what or whom had been holding us back.

We may feel like we are underwater where boundaries are blurred and it is difficult to tell illusion from reality. Everything looks beautiful and exciting, but the currents may take you away without you noticing it. Do not lose sight of who you are, for you may easily get distracted and taken by somebody else’s brilliant ideas while your plans are melting away. This Piscean tidal wave will pass and we will be left with the aftermath, so avoid unnecessary deceptions and disappointments.

The next New Moon will be transitioning from Pisces to Aries on March 20th. Until then, have in mind that all that glitters is not gold and refer back to this post if you need to get reminded to stay focused and not lose your bearings.

The colors for the New Moon are shimmering lilac, pink and yellow. There is a quality of magic this week, and we may feel transported into an etheric realm where we are above the rules of ordinary reality. We can stretch the boundaries we might have imposed on ourselves and see our ambitions getting bolder. This is a very positive process as long as we keep it within reasonable limits. We can gain more faith in ourselves and actually see higher potentials coming to life.


Last Quarter Moon and the Alchemical Fire – February 11-12, 2015

last quarter moonThe Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio closes this cycle forming a t-square with the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter retrograde in Leo. We might come up with insights about where we stand in relation to how we are being seeing and appreciated, and be disappointed with what we encounter. Feelings of injustice, anger and jealousy might show up as a consequence to that. These are enhanced by the fact that Jupiter is still at the Yod’s focal point of the Full Moon, with Pluto in Capricorn on one hand, now in exact conjunction with Ceres, and Chiron on the other, not accompanied by Mars anymore, but by Venus. Past issues about our areas of influence and being respected are being revisited, especially in regards to home and being a provider and/or a nurturer. Old wounds and frustrations related to the feminine, motherhood, matriarchal versus patriarchal disputes, and dynamics involving finances, home and family are being brought to our attention so we can have another shot at perceiving, analyzing and finding new ways of handling them.

Mercury moves forward at the Aquarian cuspid, where the New Moon took place, activating all that energy again and allowing us to move forward with different perspectives about where we stand in our social environment and with new ways of expressing ourselves in consonance with that. Perhaps we will not seem that different, but changes will begin to be noticed as we interact with others in a consistent new way.

For this week, we have the orange, yellow and golden colors, which combined make up the pure alchemical fire. We close this cycle having undergone much more internal changes than we realize. We come out of it with a renewed frame of mind, a new set of attitudes and advanced communication skills. Furthermore, recognition is on its way!

gold  hb