Venus in Cancer: May 8 – June 5, 2015

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon, The Birth of Venus, 1912

In Cancer, Venus shows her soft, sensitive and maternal side. We see these traits appearing in ourselves as we get more emotional, family oriented and longing for stability. Feeling emotionally safe and belonging in a harmonious environment is very important during this period. Mothering oneself is discovered as we nurture and pamper not only the ones we love, but also our feminine self. Comfort food is in order, as is beauty and art which elevates the soul. Hot beverages, baths, and enjoying water in nature are recommended. Connecting with spiritual family is likely, so is warming and opening the heart up if it has been shut.


Mercury on Fomalhaut: May 4, 2015


Archangel Gabriel

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is on Fomalhaut, the mouth of the Southern Fish, which is one the Royal Persian stars. It is related to Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God and Guardian of the South. We have the alignment of two spiritual messengers, making this week very favorable to spiritual communication and delivery of important messages. Be very attentive to psychic hearing and prophetic dreams.

Jupiter Direct and the Wheel of Fortune: April 8, 2105


Whenever Jupiter regains forward motion, it brings expansion, opportunities and progress. As it turns direct on April 8 at 12° of Leo, it affects our sense of self and our influences and domain. There will be a shift in luck and, as when the Wheel of Fortune turns, what was up can come down and what was down can come up, originating a significant reversal and opportunity for reparation in our personal and professional lives.

Jupiter trines Mercury and Uranus, which are in exact conjunction in Mars. Since both square Pluto, we will go on seeing violence, explosions, accidents, and fires, and their appearance in the media. On a personal note, pay attention to what anyone tells you that sounds odd or catches your attention somehow. They might be delivering precious messages and insights without knowing it, or committing slips of the tongue. Flashes of truth and revelations will find a way to pop out, so don’t discard them. These pieces of information might help your luck turn around.

New Moon in Aquarius – January 20, 2015

Silver_Green_Blue_Glass_Gloss_Smooth_Wall_Mosaic_SKZSMAR158.jpg&w=800&h=700The New Moon on January 20 opens the next lunar cycle, which comes with a lot of spiritual energy. If you have been feeling disconnected lately or took a detour into the dark side, know that the Light is coming back, and it always favors those truly aligned to it. Be strong, your turn is coming. Balance, Reparation and Restoration are on their way. Archangel Gabriel will be very much present during this cycle.

The Aquarian energy is very strong with Sun and Moon at its cuspid and Venus conjuncting Mercury at around 20 degrees of Aquarius, under opposition of Jupiter, Juno and Lilith, all retrograde in Leo. Dark materials from the past and previous lives in relation to manipulation and energy control will give way to less self-centered dynamics. It is a much lighter period, based on mutual love, caring and cooperation. On the 21st Mercury begins its retrograde motion until it reaches the Aquarian cuspid on February 10, rescuing the New Moon energy and bringing it forward one more time while we refine our powers of communication and find new venues for it.

New Moon: January, 20

First Quarter: January, 27

Full Moon: February, 03

Last Quarter: February, 12

Mars in Pisces – January 13 to February 20, 2015

Mars in NeptuneNeptune has been in Pisces since February of 2012, beginning a long cycle of double dose of Piscenian energy, and at the moment we have Mars passing through this constellation. On the 17th it encounters Fomalhaut, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, which relates to Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South, and is a place of downpouring of inspiration and spiritual information. Mars goes on to meet Neptune on the 20th and Chiron on February 1st. During this transit we will be able to gain clarity about ourselves, our lives and our most significant relationships through the perception of what really happens behind the scenes on an energetic and spiritual levels. We will find solutions for long-standing problems and receive warnings about which way to take and which not to take. Pay special attention to dreams and signs, but be careful when interpreting them. It is best to have a simple and direct approach, for even though the presence of Mars may help as it brings some objectiveness and practicality, Pisces tend to have a romanticized perception of reality.