Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 2, 2015: Astrology, Sabian Symbols and Tarot


As the Moon in Sagittarius enters in opposition with the Sun in Gemini, the Full Moon comes into configuration. This is also the axis of a Kite configuration, as the Moon forms a fire Grand Trine with Jupiter and Uranus.

The Moon on Sagittarius 11 represents the Jack of Wands and the following Sabian symbol: “A flag turns into an eagle; the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn”. This is the motivator, full of a youthful spirit, enthusiasm and urgency, providing us fuel to break free from the restraints of society, achieve a higher vision and begin anew. This indicates where we begin and also where we are headed. The Moon is supported by the energies of Jupiter and Uranus, which, combined, will be focused to the Sun in conjunction with Mars, and find there a creative outlet.

As the Sagittarius Moon, Jupiter in Leo provides idealism, expansion and optimism. On Leo 16, it is the 7 of Wands and: “A volunteer church choir singing religious hymns”. We have an element of religion and spirituality coming into play, but also an unshakeable faith and the willingness of doing whatever it takes for the sake of what you believe. We recognize the desire for change and have disposition to resist opponents as we find our will power strengthened.

Uranus comes in bringing rebelliousness and the impetus to protest. In 19 Aries it is the Ace of Wands and: “A young girl feeding birds in winter”. This is the fire necessary to melt the ice and take us from a defenseless, helpless position into one where we can take action filled with confidence. This image recalls the Oracle card pulled for the First Quarter Moon post – “The Ice Queen” reversed, that showed a frozen state of hibernation and stagnation. With this Sabian image we see the ignition of a rebirth, but the woman is still in her early years. Feeding birds do not seem to be very important, yet, there is an owl on the card, symbol of wisdom, so we could interpret this as our wisdom and inner vision awakening, being fed and growing.

Even though the last exact Uranus/Pluto square in a series of 7 has already passed, the square is still in configuration, provoking revolts, violence, protests, fires, explosions, and confrontations in the social sphere. Pluto retrograde, in turn, adds to the mix the victimization theme and issues of control and power, as well as uses of sexual and psychic energies for manipulation purposes, and  karmic contents. Furthermore, it is in Yod formation with Jupiter (conjunct Juno) and Mars (conjunct Sun), calling for a rearrangement of circumstances in pursuit of justice and reparation. Pluto is on Capricorn 15 – 6 of Diamonds and: “School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits”, demonstrating harmonious youth participation, ready for action and movement, as well as equality between genders.

The Sun on Gemini 11 is the Jack of Spades and the image: “A slave girl fights for her independence in the city”. We see the theme of hierarchies, minorities, victimization and control, and someone young having the urge to fight for her rights, not putting up with the status quo any longer, being true to her truth and being able to express it, fighting for freedom, including freedom of speech. This is a fight with the mind, reasoning and the use of words.

The Sun is in conjunction with both Mars and Mercury. Mars is on Gemini 15 as the 6 of Spades and: “A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause”. Mars provides us with the impulse to speak up with passion, but we also have mental clarity, reasoning and eloquence on our side. Mercury is retrograde on Gemini 7: 7 of Spades and: “Aroused strikers surround a factory”. We stand up for what we want as we rescue old requests and desires and reconnect with our rebellious spirit and get ready for confrontations. We cannot hold in any longer what has been left unsaid.

The Sun and the Moon are forming a t-square with Neptune on 9 of Pisces – 9 of Cups and: “An aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds”. We aim high and fly above the darkness below that represents all that should be purged. From above we get a broad, spiritual view, and connect to the eagle that frees itself from the weight of the institutionalized power with the Moon on Sagittarius 11.

We also have Chiron in Pisces 21: 3 of Cups and: “A prophet carrying tablets of the New Law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai”. We find resolutions for impositions from religious institutions, spiritual groups or movements, such as dogmas and social precepts. We have a deep wound that can be healed as we break free and turn to true direct spiritual experiences and revelations, and align to the Divine Truth and Justice indicated both by the quincux that Chiron forms with Jupiter, and the Sun being on Aldebaran, the Bull’s Eye, linked to Archangel Michael presence. We can count on being right about our demands and hitting the nail on the head, as well as with Archangel Michael support in our quest for bringing the truth into the light. Once that is achieved, some reparation is sought in order to obtain justice. The Moon, in turn, is very close to Antares, the star that corresponds to Archangel Uriel, who provides wisdom, practical solutions and insights. We can call upon him as we look for ways of fighting for justice. We should also consider writing as a way of expressing what we want, for writing is overseen by Uriel.

The overall theme for the Full Moon phase is synthesized by “The Ice Queen” card. It appeared reversed at the First Quarter phase, and now it was drawn upright. Like the image of the girl feeding birds in winter, this comes to reaffirm that we are taking the first step and movement has begun. The presence of the Moon in the card emphasizes the theme of cycles and time, and the connection of these processes to the lunar phases. The Sagittarius’ arrow will be directed with precision from the Moon’s position to the Sun and find its expression there, evoking the archetype of “The Arrow Master” card. This card (number 10) adds up to 1, as does “The Ice Queen” card (number 28), indicating a significant new beginning.

The radical changes indicated as needed at the First Quarter Moon gain more defined contours with the details provided by the Sabian symbols: we attain a higher vision, reconnect with our own beliefs and faith, find an urgent desire of breaking free from what restrains us (conventions of society, religion, education, work relations, government, etc.), rebel and speak up our minds as we reconnect to our youth spirits, let our demands be known verbally (oral or written, directly, through the media or the internet), and begin anew. We are on our way of awakening to a new way of living, more attuned to one’s personal beliefs regarding values, spirituality, relationships, self-expression, and above all, getting free from the weight of institutions, expected behaviors and beliefs. We are less accepting of conventions and willing to pay the price for breaking free from them. As we awaken, we rediscover who we are and find out that our originality and uniqueness has been kept intact.


New Moon – April 18, 2015: The Bull’s Eye and Archangel Michael


“Taurus2” via Wikimedia Commons

Since the Spring Equinox and the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, we have been under strong Arian energy. This New Moon also takes place in Aries, yet, in a point very close to Taurus. The Sun enters this sign on the 21, which already holds Mars and Mercury, leaving behind only Uranus in Aries. Therefore, this New Moon opens a lunar cycle marked by the transition from the fiery energy of Aries, passionate and action oriented, to the earthy energy of Taurus, more contemplative and internalized. On one hand, we lose momentum and impulsiveness, but we gain practicality and caution.

Taurus likes all that feeds and comforts both body and soul, through nature, food, art, home, family, etc. Whereas in Aries, relationships are passionate and have a strong sexual component, in Taurus we are more inclined to get emotionally involved and value people who makes us feel well and at ease. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, in Gemini is another factor that indicates a focus on relationships, forming a sextile with Juno and Jupiter, an opposition to Saturn retrograde and a square with Neptune, which is in conjunction with Vesta. Venus is very highlighted in terms of aspects, also making a bi-quintile with Pluto, which has just turned retrograde, and a semi-sextile with Mercury. Themes such as communication, expansion, opportunities, soul mates, marriage, destiny, connections from the past, karma, art, beauty, spirituality, music, and home, are all linked to relationships.

Still, we notice that Venus is very close to Aldebaran, the Bull’s eye, one of the Royal Persian Stars, that is related to Archangel Michael. He comes to reveal the Truth, and by doing so, place everything and everyone right where they belong, allowing for Divine Justice and Reparation (ideals pointed by the North Node in Libra, sign also ruled by Venus). Archangel Michael’s light will be upon love and family relationships, providing for an amazing clearing and rearrangement of ties. This time around, we might as well hit the Bull’s eye.