Mercury on Fomalhaut: May 4, 2015


Archangel Gabriel

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is on Fomalhaut, the mouth of the Southern Fish, which is one the Royal Persian stars. It is related to Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God and Guardian of the South. We have the alignment of two spiritual messengers, making this week very favorable to spiritual communication and delivery of important messages. Be very attentive to psychic hearing and prophetic dreams.


New Moon in Pisces – February 18, 2015: Under the Sea

20140710_104559       shimmering

The February New Moon takes place as the moon transitions from Aquarius into Pisces. Technically, it occurs at 29°59’ of Aquarius, just 1’ to Pisces. Taking into account that the planets are moving forward and their energy tends to be a little bit ahead of their actual positions, and that the cusp (o°) of a constellation is a very strong point, I consider this New Moon, a Piscean one. Moreover, we also have in Pisces its ruler, Neptune; Fomalhaut at the midpoint between Neptune and the New Moon, once again signalling Archangel Gabriel’s presence; Chiron, still a part of the Yod with Jupiter retrograde and Pluto/Ceres; and Venus in conjunction with Mars. The Pisces’ realm is definitely the theme of this cycle and its energy will be overwhelming.

We will be able to tap into a lot of artistic inspiration, especially with music and words. Spiritual insights and guidance will abound, but caution is necessary when interpreting and following them under such Piscean weather. Caution is also advised if you get too open psychically.

The Feminine and Masculine sides will be brought together on two levels: a more internal one in regards to the self and self-image, with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon; and an external one in terms of how we interact with others, especially romantically and sexually, is pointed out by the Venus and Mars conjunction. This will be felt more internally until the Moon, Venus and Mars enter Aries on the 21st, when things heat up and start to play out in our lives. Then we can see some impulsiveness, anger and aggression appearing in relationships and sexual encounters. We will review our sexuality, may get confused about it and carried away by sexual fantasies. Just keep in mind that this is a temporary process. We will tend to idealize relationships, especially new ones, which will most likely not last under such fleeting and volatile circumstances. We will be susceptible to seductions, not only sexual ones, especially through the use of words. Leashes thrive under this environment, so pay attention to the red flags, for they are always there. Be protective of your money too.

Karmic and unconscious issues will be popping up and we may get too emotional, melancholic, sad or nostalgic, and inclined to rely on drugs as an escape, especially alcohol. A more positive response would be finding solace in music, movies and the arts (use colors!). Yet, it is a great period for healing past relationship wounds, clear our hearts and leave behind what or whom had been holding us back.

We may feel like we are underwater where boundaries are blurred and it is difficult to tell illusion from reality. Everything looks beautiful and exciting, but the currents may take you away without you noticing it. Do not lose sight of who you are, for you may easily get distracted and taken by somebody else’s brilliant ideas while your plans are melting away. This Piscean tidal wave will pass and we will be left with the aftermath, so avoid unnecessary deceptions and disappointments.

The next New Moon will be transitioning from Pisces to Aries on March 20th. Until then, have in mind that all that glitters is not gold and refer back to this post if you need to get reminded to stay focused and not lose your bearings.

The colors for the New Moon are shimmering lilac, pink and yellow. There is a quality of magic this week, and we may feel transported into an etheric realm where we are above the rules of ordinary reality. We can stretch the boundaries we might have imposed on ourselves and see our ambitions getting bolder. This is a very positive process as long as we keep it within reasonable limits. We can gain more faith in ourselves and actually see higher potentials coming to life.


Full Moon in Leo: February 3, 2015 – Pegasus and Archangel Gabriel


The Full Moon at 14° of Leo, opposing the Sun in Aquarius, is greatly magnified by its conjunction with Jupiter retrograde, where we revise past power plays involving male-female interactions, especially in hierarchical dynamics. This is particularly strong because it is forming a Yod, or Finger of God, with Chiron conjuncting Mars on one side, and Pluto in Capricorn on the other. We find past, karmic, unconscious materials coming to the surface to be healed through adjustments, reparations and a balance between role plays and divisions of power. Original ideas, intuition, intellectual prowess and efficiency must be recognized and valued, and any necessary delegations and reallocation of resources should be made. Old grudges and wounds, feelings of being undervalued and overlooked or any restraints of your freedom or your voice must be reviewed and released, for there is a wonderful potential for change now. The Moon trines Uranus in Aries, in conjunction with the South Node, which is another indication of past issues related to the Aquarian energy coming up in a very palpable, straightforward way that cannot be ignored. There is also an element of communication, speaking up your mind and standing for what you believe to be fair and right for yourself, as we see Mercury in Aquarius also opposing the Moon.

The Sun is at a highlighted position as it opposes the Moon in Aquarius exactly at the Yod’s midpoint, which happens to be on the Gemini decanate that is related to Pegasus, the winged horse. Pegasus is associated basically with divine inspiration, having the ability to bridge heaven and earth delivering messages, revelations and innovative ideas, and as a heavenly messenger it is related to Archangel Gabriel. Once again, Archangel Gabriel reveals its presence in this lunar cycle, as mentioned on the New Moon post. As a carrier of Zeus’s thunderbolts, Pegasus is linked to the Uranian dispensation of knowledge through flashes in the form of lightning bolts. It also uses its paws to release underground aquifers and cause them to spring up, releasing precious sources of clarity, new life and new beginnings.

silver and red

The colors red and silver are present during this Full Moon phase. They point to a lot of action towards restructuring what is around us based on a higher perception of ourselves and our lives and demanding what we deserve. Archangel Gabriel is guiding us with the right actions and the power to stand up for ourselves as we put our needs and expectations into words. We can expect messages, guidance, the achievement of an enhanced self-image and speaking our minds in a constructive manner which leads people to admire and respect us in turn.

New Moon in Aquarius – January 20, 2015

Silver_Green_Blue_Glass_Gloss_Smooth_Wall_Mosaic_SKZSMAR158.jpg&w=800&h=700The New Moon on January 20 opens the next lunar cycle, which comes with a lot of spiritual energy. If you have been feeling disconnected lately or took a detour into the dark side, know that the Light is coming back, and it always favors those truly aligned to it. Be strong, your turn is coming. Balance, Reparation and Restoration are on their way. Archangel Gabriel will be very much present during this cycle.

The Aquarian energy is very strong with Sun and Moon at its cuspid and Venus conjuncting Mercury at around 20 degrees of Aquarius, under opposition of Jupiter, Juno and Lilith, all retrograde in Leo. Dark materials from the past and previous lives in relation to manipulation and energy control will give way to less self-centered dynamics. It is a much lighter period, based on mutual love, caring and cooperation. On the 21st Mercury begins its retrograde motion until it reaches the Aquarian cuspid on February 10, rescuing the New Moon energy and bringing it forward one more time while we refine our powers of communication and find new venues for it.

New Moon: January, 20

First Quarter: January, 27

Full Moon: February, 03

Last Quarter: February, 12

Mars in Pisces – January 13 to February 20, 2015

Mars in NeptuneNeptune has been in Pisces since February of 2012, beginning a long cycle of double dose of Piscenian energy, and at the moment we have Mars passing through this constellation. On the 17th it encounters Fomalhaut, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, which relates to Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South, and is a place of downpouring of inspiration and spiritual information. Mars goes on to meet Neptune on the 20th and Chiron on February 1st. During this transit we will be able to gain clarity about ourselves, our lives and our most significant relationships through the perception of what really happens behind the scenes on an energetic and spiritual levels. We will find solutions for long-standing problems and receive warnings about which way to take and which not to take. Pay special attention to dreams and signs, but be careful when interpreting them. It is best to have a simple and direct approach, for even though the presence of Mars may help as it brings some objectiveness and practicality, Pisces tend to have a romanticized perception of reality.