Full Moon – March 5, 2015: Andromeda and Hercules

Andromeda black

Today we have March’s Full Moon. The Moon and Lilith are on the second decanate of Virgo whereas the Sun and Chiron are on the second decanante of Pisces, activating Andromeda’s and Hercules’ archetypes. Women attacking or persecuting other women (including the mother-daughter relationship) out of envy or in order to get things their way, especially by bad mouthing, are the basic themes, which usually play out in karmic connections. Both perpetrators and victims find out more about their inner strength as they act out these themes. This is a good opportunity for the victims, often isolated into a corner, to stop waiting for someone to come to their rescue and free themselves, and for the others, hopefully, to become more aware of what is behind their actions and to grow over it.