Pantone Color of the Day: Wedgewood – July 25, 2015

18-3935 TCX

Wedgewood can fine-tune you with a peculiar frequency of elegance, sophistication and intelligence. It can open yourself up to practical and innovative solutions that might not have been perceived yet.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”


New Moon – April 18, 2015: The Bull’s Eye and Archangel Michael


“Taurus2” via Wikimedia Commons

Since the Spring Equinox and the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, we have been under strong Arian energy. This New Moon also takes place in Aries, yet, in a point very close to Taurus. The Sun enters this sign on the 21, which already holds Mars and Mercury, leaving behind only Uranus in Aries. Therefore, this New Moon opens a lunar cycle marked by the transition from the fiery energy of Aries, passionate and action oriented, to the earthy energy of Taurus, more contemplative and internalized. On one hand, we lose momentum and impulsiveness, but we gain practicality and caution.

Taurus likes all that feeds and comforts both body and soul, through nature, food, art, home, family, etc. Whereas in Aries, relationships are passionate and have a strong sexual component, in Taurus we are more inclined to get emotionally involved and value people who makes us feel well and at ease. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, in Gemini is another factor that indicates a focus on relationships, forming a sextile with Juno and Jupiter, an opposition to Saturn retrograde and a square with Neptune, which is in conjunction with Vesta. Venus is very highlighted in terms of aspects, also making a bi-quintile with Pluto, which has just turned retrograde, and a semi-sextile with Mercury. Themes such as communication, expansion, opportunities, soul mates, marriage, destiny, connections from the past, karma, art, beauty, spirituality, music, and home, are all linked to relationships.

Still, we notice that Venus is very close to Aldebaran, the Bull’s eye, one of the Royal Persian Stars, that is related to Archangel Michael. He comes to reveal the Truth, and by doing so, place everything and everyone right where they belong, allowing for Divine Justice and Reparation (ideals pointed by the North Node in Libra, sign also ruled by Venus). Archangel Michael’s light will be upon love and family relationships, providing for an amazing clearing and rearrangement of ties. This time around, we might as well hit the Bull’s eye.

First Quarter Moon – February 25, 2015: Aldebaran and Archangel Raphael


John Emanuel Shannon

This Crescent Moon happens in Gemini in opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius, both squaring the Sun, which is in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter retrograde is still in a Yod formation, now accompanied by Lilith retrograde. We will be still experiencing some dissolution of our boundaries. Even though we will feel like moving forward, we will have to do some inner healing first. Expressing our emotions and frustrations will be very cathartic and best done verbally. If orally, avoid harsh words and confrontations, especially with women. Organizing your thoughts and plans in writing and journaling will be precious during this period. You may find a lot of precision in understanding and solving matters as the Moon approaches Aldebaran, the bull’s eye.

The colors of this Moon make up a powerful combination of clearing forces overseen by Archangel Raphael. Call on him and let a river of green, purple and silver light wash away limitations, obstacles and past materials stuck in the body and the aura.