New Moon: November 11, 2015

CurtainsThe New Moon is the moment when Sun and Moon come together to start a new lunar cycle, which sets the tone for the following four weeks. This month it happens at 19-20 degrees of Scorpio, which connects to the following Sabian Symbol: “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway”.

Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury, and are on one of the branches of a Yod, or Finger of God. We have Uranus retrograde in Aries at the focal point, and Jupiter in Virgo on the other arm. The Finger of God configures a bifurcation and can be a point of destined reversals of fortune and the opening of a totally new phase in one’s life. This one shows a destined time when curtains suddenly part and you walk into a path that you have been before in previous lives. It involves short and long distance trips, communication and languages, reconnecting to where your ancestors come from and their culture. There could be an opening of a spiritual path and psychic abilities. Uranus is in opposition to Juno in Libra, which is highlighted by the presence of Venus, Lilith, and the North Node. Mars is also about to enter this sign. Even though relationships are not the focus here, they can unfold in the process. You may reconnect with loved ones, people you knew in previous lives, or even to a soul mate.

This interpretation of the Scorpio New Moon relates to and is reinforced by today’s color of the day, Malaga, and the ones of the last couple of days, Aurora Red and Persian Red. It is also in synch with the Message for November, which talks of a parting of the curtains, a return to purity, and the color white. In the picture of the opened curtains, we see the four alchemical stages represented: nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, rubedo. Out of the darkness we have gone through a process of purification by the shedding of light or whitening; the yellow; the red, connecting to the color of the month, Claret Red; and arriving at the purity of self again, represented by the color white. Then we are ready to embark on a new journey as a path opens up and reveals itself to us.

For this week, watch out for impulsive communication and the use of hurtful words.


Color of the Month: Claret Red – November, 2015

17-1740 Claret RedNovember presents a fiery energy, with a touch of destiny and completion.  We can really go deep into a purging process if we so desire. We should take advantage of this available alchemical fire and prepare ourselves for transitioning onto a new plateau in 2016. Now is the time to harness this energy and use it inwards. Watch out for a tendency of being impulsive, prone to conflict, excessive lust, or consuming yourself in your emotions, wants and needs.

After having undergone the yellow alchemical phase or Citrinitas, during the Venus transit through Leo, in November we reach Rubedo, the red stage. This is when we experience the last transmutation through the phoenix fire and come to the end of the process within this current cycle, attaining gold, success, and wholeness of the self.
Intuitive take on “Colorstrology” by Michele Bernhardt

Venus in Leo – June 6 to July 18, 2015


On June 6, Venus leaves the sign of Cancer to enter Leo. Leo is a sign of strength, confidence, assertiveness, leadership, courage, determination, being seen and respected. It is a masculine, fiery energy that represents the self and its ability to shine on its own – like the Sun, Leo’s ruler. As Venus enters this sign we see a softening of these traits as its feminine energy balances the masculine ego.

When Leo’s energy is excessive or out of balance, we can witness traits such as arrogance; authoritarian features; imposition of one’s will upon others; aggressiveness as reaction to one’s own insecurities, fears and defense mechanisms; doing whatever it takes to achieve one’s goals regardless of its effects on others, etc. Venus can tame those energies as it leads us into reviewing our perception of ourselves and our concept of strength. On the other hand, if there is a lack of Leo’s energy, Venus teaches about self-love and confidence while eliminating fears and traumas that might prevent one from shining their light and standing up for themselves.

As Venus harmonizes Leo, we recognize our inner strength and learn how to use it productively to the benefit of all, combining it with grace and kindness. We reconnect with our own pure light and let it shine. We find our place in the sun whereas remaining in harmony with our surroundings. We are able to see beauty in and around us and learn not to fear the lion in others. If we do need to defend ourselves, we can do it gracefully and be the better person.

Venus in Leo is well represented by the Strength card, in which a lion has been tamed by a woman. It is the presence of the feminine principle that allows the overcoming of the instinctive and animalistic drives. Furthermore, the lion and the sun are symbolic of the citrinitas, the yellowing alchemical stage, in which a purging of the ego occurs as lower emotions, mind and motivations are transmuted, and the person becomes the Wise Old Man/Woman. As we look at the 7 operations of Alchemy, Sun and Venus meet at the Conjunction phase – the Rectificando, or setting things right. This is when the sacred marriage between the masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) principles takes place, blending pairs of opposites such as mind and heart, matter and spirit, earth and heaven, etc. From this union, not only balance is attained, but also a higher consciousness that provides a higher sense of self and of strength. This is the process of spiritualization of the ego through a balanced merge of male and female forces.

Last Quarter Moon and the Alchemical Fire – February 11-12, 2015

last quarter moonThe Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio closes this cycle forming a t-square with the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter retrograde in Leo. We might come up with insights about where we stand in relation to how we are being seeing and appreciated, and be disappointed with what we encounter. Feelings of injustice, anger and jealousy might show up as a consequence to that. These are enhanced by the fact that Jupiter is still at the Yod’s focal point of the Full Moon, with Pluto in Capricorn on one hand, now in exact conjunction with Ceres, and Chiron on the other, not accompanied by Mars anymore, but by Venus. Past issues about our areas of influence and being respected are being revisited, especially in regards to home and being a provider and/or a nurturer. Old wounds and frustrations related to the feminine, motherhood, matriarchal versus patriarchal disputes, and dynamics involving finances, home and family are being brought to our attention so we can have another shot at perceiving, analyzing and finding new ways of handling them.

Mercury moves forward at the Aquarian cuspid, where the New Moon took place, activating all that energy again and allowing us to move forward with different perspectives about where we stand in our social environment and with new ways of expressing ourselves in consonance with that. Perhaps we will not seem that different, but changes will begin to be noticed as we interact with others in a consistent new way.

For this week, we have the orange, yellow and golden colors, which combined make up the pure alchemical fire. We close this cycle having undergone much more internal changes than we realize. We come out of it with a renewed frame of mind, a new set of attitudes and advanced communication skills. Furthermore, recognition is on its way!

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