Full Moon & Summer Solstice: June 20, 2016


Faerie Tarot

Full Moon Sagittarius 29 followed by Summer Solstice (Sun enters Cancer) + Sun conjunct Venus (reemerging as Evening Star) + Jupiter conjunct North Node on Virgo 15 (part of mutable Grand Cross).

Let your life be readjusted as your energy is realigned with your higher destination. May lots of light come in and illuminate the path towards your spiritual home on Earth! There is a good potential for finding what complements you on any area and for worlds to collide.

Suggestion: for hints on your highest path and destiny, check on your chart what house holds Virgo 15 and if there are any planets around this point, to know what area will be expanding and opening up. Also see how it can relate and add to your natal North Node.



Tarot Reading: June 20, 2016 – Full Moon and Summer Solstice


On June 20th, we have the second consecutive Full Moon in Sagittarius, this one being in alignment with the galactic center. This is a special moment to get clear about our path and to connect more deeply with it. There is calling to step firmly into our soul’s design. On the same day the Summer Solstice takes place. We have the maximum of light both on the lunar and the solar cycle. This is a very special moment that opens up a 3 month window of powerful illumination and rediscoveries.

The card that shows us the tone for this cycle is The Chariot. It indicates movement and getting back the reins of your life. It also shows a masculine energy pushing us forward and enabling us to take action with courage. We have the opportunity to close a long karmic cycle. We have been detaching from it during the past several years, and now we can reemerge with a renewed path, purified energy, and having discovered the best we have to offer to others and show to the world. We come out of a shell to shine, be seen, and walk towards a position more aligned to our true colors, our unique frequency, our special talents and purpose. This period still involves some transition, in which we cut ties to the past and undo entanglements with people and energies.

Communication will play an important role. We will be more confident and more willing to talk about ourselves, our projects and creations. Spiritual communication is also highlighted. Some changes in the material front might be needed – relocation, job change, a new way to relate to your body, change in finances – in order to improve the health of body, mind, and spirit. A strong connection with nature is beneficial for the body, and  doors of communication with nature spirits will be wide open. You may connect also with energies from the cosmos, planets, and constellations. Being out in nature is highly beneficial, as well as sunbathing and being close to the ocean. The ocean realm can support our body nutrition through algae and sea food,, which also helps us connect with the fluidity of the water element, which teaches us to move with more ease. Neptune retrograde in Pisces enhances our connection with the ocean, as well as spiritual communication. Things from the unconscious and past lives can come up through visions or dreams. A lot can come back to you to assist in the process of rediscovery of self and past connections to people, places, spiritual guides and talents. Attention to signs in movies, poetry, and music.

Purify your thoughts and intentions. Be sure about what you really love and follow that. Once you have a clear picture of where you are at and where you want to be, start sending your thoughts out, blow your wishes in the wind, and take the practical steps that are needed and that make sense to manifest everything you need in your new path. Make sure you don’t dwell in past memories, sufferings, or grudges. Clear your heart, travel light, and open up for new beginnings. We have the chance to step into a place where things happen more naturally and more organically, where we feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Crystals and sacred geometry can play an important part in this process too. Learn more about your skills or new talents, and know that what you have learned and will learn in this period will serve you well to add to your knowledge, wisdom, and skills, and to teach others.

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Gemini New Moon – June 4, 2016

Christian Schloe

The New Moon occurs in conjunction with Venus, giving us a chance to experience a new phase in relation to Venus in Gemini (love, values, finances, and beauty, allied with communication, intellect, trips, exchanges, etc.). Not only that, but Moon/Sun/Venus are part of a grand cross and form a quincunx with Pluto retrograde, adding more power to the New Moon and the Venusian vibes, as well as bringing karmic, issues from the past, and transformational overtones.

Soon after the New Moon, on June 6, we have Venus’s superior solar conjunction, when Venus ceases to be a morning star and disappears from sight for a few weeks, reemerging a few weeks later as an evening star. We will go into a retreat as regards to Venusian’s themes and undergo deep transformation as we get ready to change gears and reemerge ourselves when the evening star does. Our emotional predisposition changes as we turn more inwardly, become more intuitive, emotional, and more attuned to, more productive, and shining more during the nighttime. Those born under evening star Venus will feel  more comfortable and in their element until the next inferior conjunction, which happens on March 25, 2017.