Taurus: March, 2016 – Tarot Reading


Kalevala Tarot

Time to make amends with the past, no matter what has happened: choices you regret, the lack of support from others, being unable to do what you want or be where you want, being disconnected emotionally from people out of lack of affinity and support, being betrayed or left out, frustration and disappointments, being emotionally hurt and harshly judged, failed relationships, conflicts between you and other people. You might have gone through some of these, or a combination of many of these experiences. This is a set of circumstances and feelings that can prevent you from moving forward.

The way to break free from this cycle is through deep acceptance of what has happened, forgiving yourself and others, healing old emotional wounds, and stop revisiting the past. Then you will be ready to connect to new potentials, make choices that will lead you to different outcomes and bring back joy and loving relationships into your life. Take the opportunity this month to do that and break free from an old vicious cycle.  Beware of the Taurean tendency of holding on to things due to pride or stubborness.

Take the time to face your fears, put the past behind you, and open yourself up to a new life! Let me know how this reading resonates with you.


Aries: March, 2016 – Tarot Reading


Kalevala Tarot

The power of changing your life is in your hands. You have been waiting for the right energy and the right moment to take action, and here it is. Your energy levels will rise, and you will be determined to take your power and follow your passion. That will require cutting ties to the past and focusing on what you want and what suits you. This alignment and correlation will be essential this month. Connect with frequencies that are similar to yours and to your vision. You have been through a lot and now you are ready to do whatever it takes to be on your path. Tap into your innate Arian strength, confidence and courage.

Be attentive to your inner processes as you rebuild yourself and your life. You will be eager to move forward fast, but you should begin with baby steps for now. The movement forward is guaranteed though, and will gain momentum in divine timing and according to your own transitional pace. Jealous people and naysayers might be around you and out to get you. Ignore all of that and just pass them by on your way forward. Inner energy work and healing, taking the first practical steps towards what you want to manifest and create, confidence and determination whereas detaching from anything the holds you back is the focus this month for Aries.

Have a fruitful month and let me know how this reading resonates with you!

Full Moon in Virgo: February 22, 2016

4 R

Art by Johfra Bosschart

At the Full Moon we will be ready to take practical steps based on what we have learned or discovered since the New Moon, as Virgo lends us its practical and grounding features. This process can be channelled and put into action through Virgo’s attributes, such as communication, writing, trips, trading, service, natural medicine, and the Priestess archetype.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Virgo 3-4° is: “Black and white children play together happily”, opposing the Sun at Pisces 3-4°: “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts”. On the Virgo side, we have opposites coming together harmoniously. It is the mingle of the yin and the yang to achieve balance, embracing differences, combining feminine and receptive traits with masculine and proactive ones, mind and intuition, as well as Virgo and Pisces attributes. Virgo can communicate effectively Piscean ideas and inspirations, but we should try not to get caught up or hold on to small details and differences. Virgo can be stubborn and picky whereas Pisces is more about the bigger picture. Yet, it can resort to escapism, fleeing and avoiding. We will feel the pull between those two sides that need to learn to work together.

The Virgo symbol talks about having fun, playing together, reconnecting to childhood flow and ease, finding middle grounds, creating ways of building connections, undoing whatever blocks or prevents connections, and communicating freely. There is a light feel and ease to this process, but at the Piscean end we perceive an excess than can slow down connection and flow, which could be due to too much psychic energy, unconscious material, imagination, and intuition flooding in. The Piscean energy is highlighted by the presence of its ruler, Neptune, plus the Sun, Ceres, and Chiron. We can anticipate a lot of healing of the self, especially through self-healing based on our expanded consciousness and perception. A lot can be revealed through dreams, art, intuition, spiritual messages, and synchronicities. There is a great potential for uncovering what has been preventing you from stepping fully into your purpose and service. Rely on the Virgo energy to stay grounded and use its analytical powers to cope with the revelations provided by Pisces, connect to your inner Priestess and do your own rituals for healing whatever comes up.

When planning trips, leave your schedule and itinerary flexible. Explore various means of transportation, embrace different people, food, language and costumes you might encounter. Trips through the ocean or to the coast are favored. Be open to messages, signs, intuition, dreams, and find practical ways of applying them in your life. Great period for automatic writing.

Let me know how this resonates with you and any experiences you might have that relates to it. If you enjoy the lunar cycle posts, please like, share, and follow the blog. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you for stopping by!

Venus in Aquarius – February 17 to March 12, 2016


Symbolon Cards

The energy of Aquarius has the power to shake up some Venusian features such as what we value and love, as well as our self-love. As Venus transits through Aquarius, our hearts will be longing for reaching higher consciousness via the crumbling of old mental constructs, and breaking free from recipes and molds.

Deconstruct your self-image as a way to liberate your individuality in the face of the collective, so you can reach higher grounds. Leave behind rigid mental processes, fixed ideas and concepts, and dare to find new ways of doing things, accessing the uniqueness of your individuality, rising above your previous self and above the constraints of the collective unconscious. Build a new relationship with yourself and open up room for intuition and guidance to flow freely through you. Make space for innovations, new ideas, new ways of being and relating to others, new spiritual paths and practices to come in. Connect with the arts, let your imagination run wild, and use it to reach levels that are hidden within yourself or escaping the eyes of the collective.

In the area of relationships and romance, open up your heart, but especially, broaden your horizons as you stretch your concepts of relating with others, expand what you want and expect, the kind of people you see yourself with in close relationships and partnerships (which can include business), and the roles you and other people play. Flexibility is key in this area.

This is a great period for quantum leaps, starting new projects that are bold and original, and freeing yourself from expectations and other people’s judgments. Enjoy the ride towards freedom and higher consciousness and discover new passions and new facets of yourself.

New Moon in Aquarius: February 8, 2016



The Sun-Moon encounter happens at 19-20° of Aquarius this month. This is the opportunity to break free from societal molds, especially by working through deep karmic ties, deep seated emotions and issues. Saturn squares Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, releasing a lot from the unconscious as well as pumping insights into our dreams, that can have a deep impact on us and be easily remembered. You will be able to get to the roots of what has been holding you back. Pluto conjunct Venus squares Uranus conjunct Vesta, igniting issues about family, home, finances, and love, especially in relation to a few specific women in your life. Sun and Moon square Mars conjunct Juno in Scorpio, which in turn form a quincunx with Uranus. Emotions are running high, sparks and tension may be flying all around, and the energetic profile is quite heavy and tense. It will be difficult to walk through it, but it comprises some necessary karmic adjustments at this moment. Jupiter retrograde brings up a lot of energy into rescuing matters from the past, adding more baggage and fuel to the mix. It is conjunct the North Node though, which points to the direction that we should take and lessons to be learned.

The Sabian Symbol activated by the New Moon is: “A large white dove bearing a message”. During this lunar cycle, we will be prone to receiving life changing messages, so be attentive to that. Spiritual light will be pouring down to us, so do your best not to get swamped by your problems, anxiety or low vibrations around you, so you can have some room for receiving the blessings. We are being given the energy needed to rise above what has been holding us back. This is a movement from breaking free from the past towards a place of inner peace. This process is also taking place on the collective level. One of the Aquarius’ features is about finding and defining your individuality so you can break free from the pressure and narrowness of the society, and from there, envision and build a new collective. The theme for this lunar cycle is to break free through deep transformation as we rescue and resolve the past, towards an inner peace that allows us to envision and begin moving into a more peaceful Earth.

The North Node in quincunx with the New Moon points us the direction we are going, activating 22-23° of Virgo:  “A lion tamer displays his skills and character”. Agendas of the ego, unconscious impulses, animalistic instincts, uncontrolled emotions, manipulation and control, defensiveness as a result of fear, passive-aggressiveness, etc., should be acknowledged and dealt with. The tamer is not afraid nor loses his temper in the face of adversities. Remain centered on the notion of who you are and recognize you inner strength and your light. This is a process of purification of emotions and motivations so we can become a more enlightened and spiritual being, able to rise above lower desires and immature needs of the ego.

This is a good month to realign or align more deeply with your spiritual support, spiritual family, and spiritual lineages. Jupiter is just by the North Node helping us restore our faith and belief in our strength, reconnecting us to buried jewels, past achievements, self-worth, and our personal power at 21-22° of Virgo: “A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones”.

As difficult emotions and situations surface or are played out in your life, remember that it is part of a necessary process towards inner peace. If you get overwhelmed or thrown out of balance, remember the image of the white dove bringing in illumination in many forms, and know that there is spiritual support available, as well as the energies that you need.

February 2016 Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

20160201_102019.jpgFor Water signs, February is the end of the presence of restrictive influences, be it other people trying to control or manipulate you, low vibrations or dark energy around you. There has been some women causing you harm by bad mouthing, sending negative energies, or deliberately plotting against you. It is nothing that you might have done with them, they are just motivated by fear and envy. They don’t understand you, don’t get your light and how you live your life, and they might feel small and insecure when measured up against you. In most cases this seems to have been going on for quite a while. For some of you this has been happening at the workplace, for some within the family environment, and for some, all around. It is time to become more aware of these dynamics, how deep they can go and how sleeky they can be. Just ground yourself in your light and go on with your life. By mid-month a lot might have changed. The more conscious you become of it, the less of an effect they have on you. Don’t restrict yourself nor retreat your energy. Quite on the contrary, expand and grow. If people come around trying to create dissent, just don’t engage in it. You are so over it. It is for them to deal with their own unbalances and insecurities.

Cancer: Some material restrictions that have been preventing you from moving forward will be lifted. You will begin to see the first signs of it on the second week of February. Money, material or financial assistance, as well as spiritual support will be available. You will be able to move on with your plans around April, and there will be nothing in your way. A trip to the beach, long-distance or business travels are favored and can bring you new ideas, projects and important connections.

Scorpio: This is definitely an intense month for Scorpio. Everything and everyone will be seen for who they are. You will get a better vision with what and who you are dealing with and that will lead you into making some important decisions that will end up having an impact on contracts and agreements. These could involve family, buying or selling real estate, wills, partnerships, marriages or divorces, business transactions, investments, etc. A lot will be revealed, including hidden enemies, and inner transformation is bound to occur as a result of that. Be grounded in your values and your integrity. Don’t engage in unnecessary disputes for they will most likely not end well. Be careful with people that are too nice or too willing to help.

Pisces: Divine Justice will be active in your life leading you to where you belong and to your true heart’s desires. This is a wonderful, magical, destined time. Yet, many changes and adjustments might have to happen in your life and around you. For some, it could be very disruptive, whereas for others, they will be receiving some deserved reparation and what they have been longing for. It could be a little rough for those who are disconnected from their true path. In any case, the cosmic scales must be balanced and you must be placed on your original one. Reconnect with your dreams for they can come true. It might not happen so fast, as it seems to be a two-folded process, but it is definitely beginning in February.

February 2016 Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

20160201_094456.jpgAir signs have been revising, reorganizing, planning and recreating their lives. The work on the spiritual and energy realms are almost done, both on your part and on the spiritual level. Blessings and new beginnings are coming in and your creations are about to be manifested. There is a good potential for starting new cycles.

Gemini: Changes at home and work fronts will bring excitement and like-minded people into your life. Your mind is sharp and your plans are solid. You are in control of your life and will take some important practical steps this month. Career changes may occur, as well as moving into self-employment. It is important to showcase your talents. People will appreciate your work, professional attitude, centeredness and confidence. You could also play a main role in renovating or decorating your home. You are able to create a comfortable, solid, safe, and cozy environment. Something or someone new might show up around the middle of the month.

Libra: You are about to embark on a new phase, one that you have been waiting and preparing for a long time, so it is important to weight what you want to take with you and what should be left behind. Take a close look into people around you and use your sharp mind and discernment to figure out who belongs on your new path. Allow passage to those you want around you. Cut ties or keep your distance from those who have dragged you down in the past. There are people around you with hidden agendas, so pay attention to that. Be very discerning about people’s motivation. Above all, stay focused on the way opening up for you, for it is very energized and available during this month. Step on it with certainty of what to take with you in terms of people, work, habits, beliefs, etc. It is always good to keep an open mind and be flexible when entering a new phase.

Aquarius: It feels like you have been swamped by emotions, and deep inner changes have been happening for you. You have been kept on hold while old emotional states were being washed away. February comes in as a new beginning for you. Dry up your tears, regain a sense of excitement and start moving on with your life. All of a sudden you can get all your energy and vitality back. The coast is clear and it is time to take up where you left off. Take a trip if you can, to refresh your energy and reconnect with a sense of joy and fun. If you feel the need to talk about your emotions, go ahead, for that can be done from a calm space now and will do you a lot of good.