February 2016 Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

20160131_152803.jpgFor Earth signs there is an ancient call to realign with their spiritual heritage, which will provide the strength and power needed to take control of their lives and their surroundings back. This is a movement towards being the creator of your life and maintaining your autonomy and a positive atmosphere around you. Give one more shot at things you have tried in the past that haven’t worked out. You have an opportunity for do-overs now. Situations from the past will reappear providing you the chance not only for that, but also for healing old frustrations and sadness. Make different choices this time for there is a great potential for finally getting it right. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and trust your inner guidance. Keep an open mind and a willingness to try new paths and new ways of doing things. A radical change of perspective may be necessary, but it will bring you solid and lasting results. This is a good period to recognize and connect to what strengthens and empowers you, from activites to people and spiritual lineage.

Taurus: The overall theme for Earth signs is really highlighted and particularly intense for Taurus. There is an incredible potential for success and fulfillment in every area of your life. Unexpected events will enhance even more your resolve in staying grounded and firm on material structures and provide a safe environment for others to enjoy your abundance with you. You are in control of your destiny and outside events will only add to what you already have. Stay true to yourself, your values and beliefs. Keep moving forward with confidence. What comes into your life during this month will provide a breakthrough that will have very long and positive effects.

Virgo: There may be the need to look back in your life as far as your childhood and your relationship with siblings or peers, to realize how they have affected the way you interact with others. Some things might have been blocked there, preventing you from moving into full emotional maturity. Themes such as emotional safety, being able to trust others, connecting with your inner child, washing away stale emotions, self-sabotage will come to the forefront to be dealt with. Healing the heart is in order this month. This will be key to coming full circle and recognizing a new path of happiness and fulfillment for you. Find ways for safely sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reopening your heart will allow you to align yourself to a path in which you will connect even more with your empowerment.

Capricorn: The way for Capricorn to reconnect with their strength, autonomy and true path is through a lightening of the heart, connecting with their inner free-spirit, less work and more fun, rediscovering how to enjoy themselves and all that life has to offer. Some of you may be overconcerned about money, which is contracting your spontaneity and your ability to be in the flow of abundance. If there is fear of losing all that you have, or spending more than you should, this should be reviewed. Abundance happens when we are able to trust its flow. Some might also be worried about investments that have been made. Try to take it a bit more lightly. If you do come to loose it, you will know how to reconstruct things in a way that is more aligned with your spirit and your heart. Check if or to what extent you have been acting and making decisions, especially those related to finances and work, following the norm or doing the expected. Be creative and original and free yourself from outmoded ways of thinking. This can bring a new sense of excitement into your life, which you seem to be needing. Stay away from clashes of the ego, and unprofessional  or immature behaviors. Focus on yourself and on your ability to reconstruct a better, lighter version of yourself and of your life. Be or get inspired by young innovators. It is a good idea to be surrounded by them. After some soul searching, gather new ideas and projects and get ready to put them out there in the world.


February 2016 Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

20160130_162440Fire signs: Reconnect to all that is available to you and is at your disposable by spiritual right. Reconnect to the flow of energy, to resources, people, but above all, to your own wisdom that has been gathered through many lifetimes. In the past you’ve had to step back and retreat as a means of protection, but now it is time to reconnect with yourself and with your life again. The lack of resources and people around you will come to an end.

Aries: Trust you inner wisdom and your intuition and get your energy levels heightened. Regain a sense of vitality, youthness and self-confidence. Rely on your inner compass for guidance and you will be on the right path with all the resources you need. This is a destined time for you to realign to what really belongs to you and to people who will support you. Someone has got your back, and you may not be perceiving it yet. This person can offer you help and advice you can trust. This is a month to be grounded and focused on yourself as you take on a new direction. You have a perfect sense of who you are and where you are going, so hold on to that. Magical encounters are possible, romantic or not, with people you’ve been with in past lives. You can reconnect with old projects and put them to fruition, especially if they relate to writing, research or education. Just remain focused on what your heart wants and on your own path.

Leo: A lot is coming back into your life, unfinished businesses, leftovers from old quarrels, people and situations that can throw you off your balance. You are being offered a chance to gain a new perspective on all of that. People have been blocking your way and preventing you from having a fulfilled life. It is time to learn to go past those limiting influences and live your life the way you want. A lot of constraints, verbal and psychic attacks have been directed towards you. That can all come to an end now. You can finish karmic contracts with a group of people, which could be your family or people who are always around you, such as friends, neighbors or coworkers. All you have to do is declare your freedom to yourself, and live your life despite being pushed into a corner. You can put your guards down and stop holding back. Don’t worry about how people will react to your new posture and choices, and make your best not to engage in gossip and confrontations. Other people can only continue to block your way if you engage in their unbalanced dynamics. Be firm on your convictions and start writing your own destiny. Cut ties if necessary.

Sagittarius: The opportunity you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You will have all the resources you need, including money, so you can move forward towards your dreams. This is a destined moment that had been marked. A lot of weight will be lifted from your shoulders. As a new material situation settles down (home, work, money, health, etc.) you will see doors opening up for you in unbelievable ways, one after the other. Your life is being spiritually prepared and guided at this moment. You will enter a path of movement and growth towards your dreams and emotional fulfillment.  February is a portal that you will walk through and your life will be forever changed for the better. If you are looking for love, it is in the horizon. Most of all, you will begin experiencing deep emotional balance during this month, which will bring you some deserved and needed relief. Recognize the signs and synchronicities this month. They will be reassuring you that you are on the right path and that the coast is clear. Trust your intuition and pay attention to your dreams for valuable messages.

February 2016 General Reading

20160130_153810The overall theme for February is about becoming more conscious of how we have given our power away in the past, bent ot others, made choices out of fear or being in need of emotional and financial protection. Check your motivations, where and how they have been guided by the need of pleasing others for the sake of keeping harmony, for social purposes, or being forced to give in in situations where people are hierarchically above you. This could relate to work, governmental rules, family structures, spouses, etc. You might find patterns in how you have been positioning yourself in society and assess the toll you have had to pay for it. It is time to find new ways of being true to yourself and more in control of your life, stop compromising so much, without creating disruption or conflict, unless it can’t be avoided. Some people might be at the other end of the spectrum, making others bend to them and fulfill their desires, being manipulative and controlling in order to satisfy their egos. Both ends should find some balance during February. These type of issues relate to similar situations that have happened in previous lifetimes and are coming back now so we can free ourselves from repetitive karmic traits. This has also a direct impact on our health, especially manifesting as anxiety, depression, mental confusion due to not being grounded, spine and structural problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, or lymphatic diseases. There is a lot of old anger and feelings of being injusticed that should be healed and released now. We must deal and process these issues so we can move into another phase in our lives.

February is a month for lots of changes in the material area. The way you deal with finances, your job or line of work could change. Moving and relocating are likely. How you used to provide for yourself and others can change. These changes in career and profession will be directly related to being in control of your professional life and not settling for less than what you deserve. Drastic changes may happen, but there is an excellent potential for walking into a much better place with more happiness and stability. Self-employment is also highlighted.

Walking into a new material path is accompanied by a new emotional path, especially in relation to love and family. Let bygones be bygones and reconnect with people. Open your heart for new possibilities, either to reconstruct ties or build new ones. This will be a very emotional process, but one that is needed and will bring movement into your life. Drop your guard and your need for protection. With a healed heart we are in a much less vulnerable position. As you work out your professional and material situation, you will attain lightness of the heart and will be more open and available to people. It is time to finally embark on the career you have been dreaming about.

There is a process of emotional and material breakthrough that we must undergone one way or another. If we hold on to old patterns, habits and grudges, things will turn against us. If we allow ourselves to be softer and at the same time truer to ourselves, we will be able to make a beautiful transition towards happiness and success. Things can really turn around for the better in February, but deep changes, healing, ends and new beginnings are necessary. Remain calm and positive, trusting that all changes will be for the best.

This is a month of transition, with a potential for incredible rebirths in March. The cards are much in alignment and complementing the Message for February at thespiritualquill.com, which I recommend reading. I hope you all have a smooth and rewarding transition. Check also the reading for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. For a personal reading, click here. If you have any questions, send an email to mosaicofthesoul@gmail.com.

Venus in Capricorn – January 24 to February 17, 2016


Venus is leaving Sagittarius where it had the chance to stretch its wings and expand, yet it could also have gone overboard in terms of hedonism, sophistication, superficiality, and adventurous spirit that leads to carelessness. As it enters Capricorn, the expansiveness and exaggeration of Sagittarius is balanced by Capricorn’s modesty, soberness and seriousness.

During this transit we learn to enjoy the calmness provided by stable and lasting structures. We put our finances in order and learn how to make and spend money with our feet on the ground. We turn ourselves into appreciating material structures, security, stability, practicality, responsibility, simplicity, long term relationships, where we come from, ancestry, tradition, legacy and the passing of time.

We can achieve an impartial sense of justice and balance, and get a better understanding of karma and divine justice. We are able to align beauty, home, and fashion with practicality and functionality. Interior design is highlighted as a way to enhance beauty and harmony. We also connect to the beauty and sense of balance provided by nature, especially through rocks, crystals, flowers, and animals. Grounding crystals such as citrine can be very helpful, as well as the use of essential oils that are feminine and balancing, such as rose, geranium, lavender, and orange.

Full Moon in Leo: January 23, 2016


Symbolon Cards

The lunar cycle we are in opened up with a lot happening in the invisible, spiritual, and inner realms. At the Full Moon, the inner and outer worlds come together, as well as the male and female principles. The time has come to make ourselves visible again after the preparation and transformation we have undergone since the New Moon. The Full Moon in Leo comes to shed light on our self-esteem, confidence, and visibility in the world. This is a good time to strengthen your solar plexus, put yourself out there to be seen, and let yourself shine.

The Moon at 3-4° of Leo activates the following Sabian Symbol: “A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition”. Gather up all your abilities, resources, accomplishments, prizes, titles, certificates, and put together the best picture of yourself to be presented to others. Organize yourself and polish up websites, business cards, presentations, etc., in order to showcase all that you are.

At the other end, the Sun is at  3-4° of Aquarius: “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers”. This is about inner healing that brings about an impact on others. Transform how you see yourself and what you have to contribute to people around you and to society. Change your mind about how you relate to the world and how you perceive yourself contributing and getting back from it. If you are or want to be a healer, this is a great period to have your work expanded and seen, as you gain a greater perspective about being of service and working from a spiritual standpoint.

The energy of Capricorn is highlighted and will support us providing objectivity and practicality. The New Moon took place in this sign in conjunction with transformative Pluto. At the Full Moon, it is Mercury that comes together with Pluto, favoring writing about the past, reconnecting with people, reestablishing contacts, and revisiting places for healing. Mercury turns forward on January 24 reigniting our communication abilities as an ally to launch our improved self. Venus enters Capricorn helping us have a loving and kind outlook on ourselves, our life, our body, and how far we have come. Value what you have and all the foundation and structure you have around you, including your family, rather than focusing on what is lacking.

Color of the Day: Fir – January 13, 2016

FirThe “Color of the Day” is coming full circle today, having gone through each day of the year. It’s been quite a ride and I thank all who came along. It began one year ago with the following post: “Inspirations and new ideas are coming in flashes. Jot them down if you want, but more importantly, act upon them. This wave will not wait for any scrutinizing – either you catch it or you don’t. Trust it is a good wave.”

I will embark on the next wave of another year-round of daily messages at the beginning of the next astrological year, on March 21. I will be exploring the Sabian Symbols for each astrological degree so as to provide daily guidance and inspiration. You are all very welcome aboard!

Color of the Day: Ginger Bread – January 12, 2016

Ginger BreadPamper yourself today. Give yourself a treat in whatever form you would like to. Make it a celebration of your life, of all that you are, all that you have accomplished, and all that there is to be done and to grow into.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Doe – January 11, 2016

DoeConnect with Doe’s delicate, soft, and carefree energy. Put your guard down and allow yourself to become like it without feeling threatened. There is great beauty and spiritual strength in it. This is a state we should aim to be in, if not always, at least at certain times. Give yourself the gift of delicacy today.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Bombay Brown – January 10, 2016

Bombay BrownPay attention to signs that appear for you three times, and give a chance to situations or people showing up a third time around. Those will definitely be very significant to you. Be attentive and don’t discard them. Resolution and answers you have been looking for might come around in that form.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”