Color of the Day: Saxony Blue – November 30, 2015

SaxonySaxony Blue is a transitional color. It is supportive when we are in the process of leaving a situation and at the same time preparing to enter a new one. Transitions are a 3-step process that can be very stressful. We must gracefully detach from the past, be patient and accept the time necessary to get ready, and at the right time, step into the new with excitement, but without fear and anxiety. We are transitioning into December, which differs a lot from the previous months, and can be felt as an energetic bump. December itself is a month of transition as we prepare to enter 2016. Have in mind that you can connect to and rely on Saxony Blue to support you during the necessary steps of moving forward with transformation.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”


Color of the Day: Aragon – November 28, 2015

AragonBrick by brick we can change our lives and accomplish a new beginning. Start with a cornerstone and build up from there. The cornerstone is something that you already have, so you can get started right away. The key to recognize it is in your past. Rescue and peruse your dreams, ideas, talents, and your ancestry.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Thistle Down – November 27, 2015

Thistle DownUse Thistle Down for a powerful energetic cleansing in preparation for entering 2016 with a clean slate. Clear ancestral karma and past relationships, especially those who keep coming back to you, be it by bumping into each other, or coming to your mind as memories triggered by related and meaningful objects, places, events, or other people.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Mauve Orchid – November 25, 2015

Mauve OrchidToday we are being gifted with a very light energy. Enter the energetic space of Mauve Orchid and have the weight you have been carrying around lifted from your shoulders. Seize this moment and enjoy!

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Dry Rose – November 24, 2015

Dry RoseStep into Dry Rose for a powerful cleansing of energetic dead weight, outmoded thoughts, and debris in your aura. Breathe it in and be renewed and rejuvenated. Come out of it with a clearer mind and fresh ideas.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Color of the Day: Bordeaux – November 23, 2015

17-1710 TCXRevelations you allow a return to the self today. Once the truth comes to light, it has the power to restore, reset and replace everything where they belong. Be attentive to insights you receive today and don’t take them for granted. They are keys of understanding that can disconnect you from old ways and show you new paths. Check also the Full Moon post.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Day”

Full Moon in Gemini: November 25, 2015

20151121_113917The Full Moon is the time when the energy of the lunar cycle peaks. This one in particular presents a very important and strong peak. It is a very emotional time that can be balanced by Gemini’s mental energy and dexterity. Our minds will be enlightened and we must balance heart and reason in order to take advantage of that.

Nothing will be hidden or withheld from you. You will begin to see things in a different light and perceive what has been overlooked. You will see new ways of doing things and paths you hadn’t considered before. Solutions and ways of surmounting obstacles will come to you.

What used to allure you, won’t anymore. That goes for any area of your life, especially in regards to the path you see yourself on; places, cities, and countries that you consider particularly special and important; and relationships. There is a good potential for light being shed on all of that. You can free yourself from outdated plans and dreams if you want to, and then move forward with a refreshed take on life.

New relationships can begin during this period. Reevaluate your friends and companions. Stay around those who are honest and loyal to you. Let the others go, or don’t share so much of your life with them.

Let your mind and your consciousness soar. Rely on spiritual guidance and protection. Raise your frequency and move forward. As a result, you might end up increasing and improving your social networking. You will feel more comfortable and at the center of your social life, where you naturally belong.

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