Pantone Color of the Day: Peach Bloom – August 31, 2015

Peach BloomPeach Bloom puts you in a state of neutrality, detached from current problems, worries and outside interference. This is a safe place in which you can connect to higher consciousness and divine intelligence, and where your prayers can be easily heard, so to speak. Get into this space and state your wishes with responsibility. It is always good to begin your prayers, meditation, affirmations, etc., from a place of neutrality such as this one.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhard


Pantone Color of the Month: Baja Blue – September, 2015

Baja BlueSeptember closes the third quarter of the year and we begin wrapping things up before we embark on the road that leads to 2016, which will come in as quite an energetic jump. Baja Blue helps us ground what has been brewed and prepared throughout the year. Nothing will remain up in the air or undefined for too long. Decisions have been made and there is no turning back. Everything has landed and the portal to a new path is here. The energy of the potentials is very palpable, near and all around us. By the end of the month you might find yourself overlooking a very different view.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Month – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Jaffa Orange – August 30, 2015

16-1454 TCXThis is a powerful shade that gently clears deep-seated sadness, opening up room for more light to flow into you and through you. It goes within and finds forgotten spots, unclogging channels of energy that connect you to past life experiences.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Full Moon: August 29, 2015 – Lenormand Card Reading


The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle

This Full Moon presents a powerful window marked by karma and destiny. Emotions are high and so are psychic currents. Some inconvenient and inappropriate behavior from women must be dealt with, which is a theme that was already present at the Venus Inferior Conjunction. It is time for people to get their acts together or else be disconnected from you or stop having any effect on your life. A rearrangement and placement of women and female matters will be going on. Get rid of negative influences coming from women, be certain of who you are, feel comfortable in your own skin, and hold your ground, if necessary. Follow your hear, trust your instincts, and pay no attention to gossip, intrigues or anyone trying to pull you down. Share your plans only with people you trust and who have faith in you. Align yourself to your path and stick to it. Revelations and insights will surface and can be promptly put into action. Know where your heart lies, steer your life towards that direction and set some roots there. As the heart finds its home, things will unfold from that point on.
The moment for the movement to begin has finally arrived. Things are flowing and there is a good chance for lucky breaks, a sudden turn of events, and success, especially in new relationships, moves and career changes. A crossing or transition will be required, and it must be done by each individual on their own. For that to take place, a lot will have to be said and made clear. Everything will be out in the open, and ties will be undone so others can be done. Everyone will be seen for who they really are. This can go either way, and will engender consequences accordingly. Some people might choose to leave your life or be removed from it. Trust it is all for the best. People who are supposed to be together will come together. This is not the time for second-guessing yourself. Trust your heart, make decisions and cross over to where you want to be.

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Pantone Color of the Day: Green Oasis – August 29, 2015

15-0538 TCXThis is a day with a mark of Destiny. You can find your sweet spot amidst all the confusion and chaos around, and the myriad of possibilities and roads to take. Green Oasis can work as an energetic map leading you towards your personal oasis. Rely on the frequency of this color and go straight to where you are supposed to be. Check also the post for today’s Full Moon.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Apricot – August 28, 2015


Apricot brings in light, warmth, strength, and firmness, dissipating any dark clouds around you. Fill yourself up with it and become a source of light to those who might need your support today.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Muskmelon – August 27, 2015

15-1242 TCXMuskmelon resets your whole energy, removing some old debris, washing off harsh emotions from the heart, uplifting your frame of mind, and bringing in some sweetness.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Coral Gold – August 26, 2015

Coral GoldCoral Gold grounds and grows roots for what Very Grape has brought in and established yesterday. Together they create a bridge between the ethereal realm and the manifested world. Coral Gold is great for grounding in general, as it unclogs our connection to the Earth. An energetic disconnection is one of the main reasons for low vitality, depression and being stuck. It is advisable to keep a clear and healthy link to the Earth in which energies can run back and forth unimpeded.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Very Grape – August 25, 2015

Very GrapeVery Grape brings in things, people, and situations that match your vibration. Also, it facilitates writing, which can be used for organizing your thoughts and plans or to state what really matters to you, what you are committed to, and what you intend to create. It allows for mental acuity and finding clever solutions.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Grape Nectar – August 24, 2015

Grape NectarIf you have been following this blog and putting the information into practice, by now you are probably pretty sure of what you want in your life and which road to take. Everything is in place and Grape Nectar puts things into motion, helping us to move forward. Have in mind that it all happens at an energetic level before it manifests, so it can take some time, which varies according to various factors. In any case, this energetic step cannot be skipped and is crucial in manifestation. Enjoy the launching of your decisions and plans with Grape Nectar and feel the movement of the energy all around you.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”