Pantone Color of the Month: May – Bud Green, 2015

bud green

May represents a turning point in which we begin preparing for the real big turning point that will take place in July. Our dreams need a recipient to contain them, and that is exactly what we will be working on. Bud Green will help us by providing a refreshed energy.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”


Pantone Color of the Day: Aster Purple – April 30, 2015

rich dark purple Aster flower

Our true colors are revealed by complementing and contrasting with others. No color is meant to stand on its own. In some settings you will add to and be enhanced by those around you, and in some you will be out of the color scheme. Finding the right niche for your personal palette is crucial.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Deep Periwinkle April 29, 2015

Deep Periwinkle

After learning to have our hearts protected with North Sea, Deep Periwinkle comes as a shield for the third eye on the energetic field level. This gives great relief to the mind as it won’t be so bombarded by outer stimuli.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: North Sea – April 28, 2015

North Sea

Some energetic separation is healthy as we need boundaries so as not to absorb too much from the outer world, as well as to keep our field defined. The heart chakra, particularly, is protected by North Sea at the energetic field level. It can work as a shield which allows you to be more relaxed as you feel safer.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Easter Egg – April 27, 2015

Easter Egg

This shade has the power to bring back what has been left behind and is lacking in your life. It ignites processes of rebirth and reconnection that might surprise you.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Ibis Rose – April 26, 2015

Ibis Rose

This is a very light energy that allows us to take a break and rest as we feel that it is all good. You have done a lot of work and now it is time to let things accommodate themselves in their rightful places. You can stop worrying about the past.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

First Quarter Moon – April 25 to May 2, 2015: Astrology, Tarot and Color Oracle

Photography by Teun Hocks

Photography by Teun Hocks

We have been having an interaction between the elements of fire and earth since the Last Quarter Moon, and it will go on during the First Quarter phase. There are two fronts of squares between Taurus and Leo: the Sun with the Moon in conjunction to Juno; and Mercury and Mars with Jupiter. The New Moon themes are still active: romantic relationships, communication, soul mates, home and coziness, etc. We also have a Yod formed by Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (earth), Jupiter in Leo (fire) and Venus in Gemini, pointing to a major karmic rearrangement, discoveries, encounters, revelations, communication of what had been hidden, processes of death and rebirth, dynamics of self-identity and self-affirmation. Still, there is a quincunx between the Sun and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius that brings up issues about how the individual relates to hierarchies, lineages and generational aspects.

By exploring some Sabian symbols, we are able to put together a group of images that help the astrological interpretation, in order to create a focus for this week. The North Node is transitioning between 8 and 9° of Libra:

  • Libra 8°: “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home”. This shows an interesting mix of earth and fire. Fire represents movement and freedom, whereas the earth is limitation, structure and restriction. We are caught between the need for novelties and freedom, and the desire for stability and a cozy environment in which we belong. Any resistances in relation to that should be addressed and we should try to find out what really warms us inside;
  • Libra 9°: Three “Old Masters” hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery”. Themes of art, symbology, hierarchy, value of the past and tradition, and 3 generations side by side.

The Moon square is formed when the Sun is between 5 and 6° of Taurus, and the Moon between 5 and 6° of Leo:

  • 5° Taurus: “A widow at an open grave”. Death, past, family, looking into your roots, renewal, mortality;
  • 6° Taurus: “Cantilever bridge across a deep gorge”. A construction that provides a connection between two places otherwise inaccessible;
  • 5° Leo: “Rock formations tower over a deep canyon”. Place that allows for a higher perspective over a terrain eroded by time;
  • 6° Leo: “A conservative old-fashioned lady is confronted by a “hippie” girl”. Generational clash, tradition versus rebelliousness, confrontation, renewal, young versus old age, mortality, intolerance.


The cards for the week add meaning and confirmation to the analysis above. The 5 of Pentacles is emphasized and accompanied by the 5 of Clubs. We are overlooking something that is important, belongs to us and is at our disposal, especially concerning home, real state, family, and tradition. It is necessary to have a broader view of our generational links and reevaluate what we value, in order to reconnect to what we have lost. Coming back home will allow you to reorganize your priorities and your energy, as the waste and dispersion provoked by the lack of direction ends. Not too long ago we drew “The High Lady of Love and Compassion” card, which suggested compassion and kindness to oneself. Now it appears inverted and asks for compassion and acceptance of others, especially of people of previous generations. We should also accept the fact that we are part of a certain tradition, which is part of your personal history and has helped shaping your life and who you are. Have in mind that your light shines on its own, but it is also part of a bigger whole and of a lineage. We have much to learn and gain as we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

The colors for this week are pink and green, colors of the heart, that ask us for softness and kindness with others so as to build bridges that link people, places, traditions and beliefs. Those bridges might represent actual moves from one place to another, but they are also about communication. That should be done carefully and from the heart, since Venus is in prolific Gemini, and Mercury is in conjunction to impulsive Mars. If you find yourself in difficult encounters or conversations, try to focus on the colors green and pink, for they will help you connect to the heart energy.

Pantone Color of the Day: Azure Blue – April 25, 2015

Azure Blue

Azure Blue stimulates your mental powers, determination, self-reliance and confidence. It provides the firmness that make you not susceptible to external tides that could throw you off your balance or lead you astray. It is a great enhancer of the 6th chakra.
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Ultramarine – April 24, 2015

17-4037 TCX

Not only do this exquisite color allows for clarity of mind, the kind we don’t get very often, but it also elevates the energy into the 7th chakra, clearing and opening it up, providing the mind the means to interpret and make sense of spiritual and psychic information, messages and signs. Enjoy!
Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”

Pantone Color of the Day: Lavender Herb April 23, 2015


The first step to change whatever we would like to change in our lives, is believing that things can be different. Our own expectations that they will repeat themselves, and things are what they are, keep the same dynamics in motion, over and over; and these expectations may be more deeply ingrained in us than we realize. Lavender Herb can help to leave memories behind so we can open ourselves up to a refreshed future.

Intuitive take on “Color of the Day – Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt”