Planetary Ruler of 2015: Mars


We are leaving 2014, year ruled by Jupiter, when we tried to expand our horizons through acquiring direct or indirect knowledge in order to explore higher levels of faith, truth and justice, both on a personal and collective levels. Even though this process might have created conflicts, frustrations and disappointments, Jupiter is considered a benefic planet and may present some lack of commitment that can lead to a certain resignation and complacency. Things change as we enter 2015, year ruled by Mars, the God of Wars. It is likely that we will see an increase of aggressiveness, violence, attacks, explosions and fires. We will be motivated by anger (which must be kept under control as not to get out of proportion) and inclined to take action. Beware of explosive behavior in yourself and others, including strangers. Try not to engage in unnecessary arguments and conflicts for there will be a tendency of fighting just for the sake of it as an attempt to reaffirm self-assurance. It is advisable to recycle the emotions in a positive manner and find ways to handle anger and belligerent feelings before they have a chance to manifest as aggression, and to keep the productivity high and do physical exercises in order to channel any excessive energy. Sports, martial arts, sex on its physical expression, force, taking action, resilience, virility and vitality are Martian themes that can be explored constructively.


In 2015 we will have the chance to learn how to deal with the animalistic and territorial Martian energy, which is the fruit of instinctual impulses that lead to a mistaken perception of a need for protection, which in turn engenders a reaction in the violence spectrum that is doubly mistaken. It is time to tame the lion within each of us, which is also projected on the collective level in our geopolitical relations.



January, 2015: Crossing the Bridge

20141230_120454January represents a moment of transition that is needed due to the differences in character and intensity between the energies of 2014 and 2015. A bridge must be crossed, which may be more difficult than it seems. First of all, one must be willing to leave where they are standing, then take the first step and begin walking. The crossing is a process of transition and should be recognized as such, for the bridge is not a place to linger and stay. It is important to have in mind that there is a destination to be reached, where in turn there will be a period of getting acquainted with the new surroundings. 2014 was a year of deconstructions and rearrangements, and in 2015 the time has come for us to move forward towards a new destiny.


First Quarter Moon – December 28, 2014


The First Quarter Moon this month happens with the Moon in conjunction with Uranus in Aries squaring the Sun in Capricorn. We gain momentum, may experience changes of heart and of perspective and see those changes materializing. Jupiter retrograde is opposite Mars in Aquarius and in quincunx with Venus and Mercury. We might hear from or be thinking about past relationships. There is an opportunity for closure, but not before having a new perception of the relationship, getting square, and somehow receiving or granting reparation .

The colors bring an element of surprise this week, a good surprise, a kind of a wild card – something or someone showing up out of the blue. We will be able to choose if we want that in our lives or not, and also have the authority and freedom to decide how to deal with it. Overall the energy is on the positive, uplifting side, yet it is not mild. Go wild if you like, in whatever form that might take, but without being careless or irresponsible. There is no need for being afraid though.You may find some beautiful side of yourself that had been suppressed coming out to play. Just allow it and enjoy it without any guilt. Have fun and be happy! A new stream of events and places might come into your life: new discoveries, new interests and new excitement. Take advantage of this exciting and productive time, filled with life, ideas and important presences. You may embark on a journey that will take you on a whole new path. There will be some obstacles, but life will find a way around them.

Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn – December 21, 2014

capricornThis is a special day filled with important astrological aspects. The Sun is at 0 degrees of Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice and the Moon is on the same spot marking the New Moon. They intensify each other since the Winter Solstice corresponds to the New Moon in the wheel of the year, that is, the beginning of a new cycle. So we have the beginning of the lunar cycle and the wheel of the year cycle happening at the same time at the same place. The energy of Capricorn sets the tone for this lunar cycle and for the Winter, made even stronger by the presence of Mercury, Vesta, Pluto and Venus. The themes of practicality, plans, responsibility, commitment, dedication, structures, boundaries, figures of authority, hierarchies, etc., will come up in areas such as home, physical and emotional nurturance, real state, relationship and communication with family members and figures of authority, remake of social roles, fatherhood and motherhood, healing of emotional wounds, reevaluation of relationships and new relationships.

Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, is about to leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius. Such shift of signs is the most desirable and welcomed one. Pluto had been in Scorpio since October of 2012 taking us to an underground experience where we could take a deep look into our roots as well as the roots of our problems, past life issues, power struggles, manipulations, control, and use of sexual energy, which affected our structures and our plans. It is not easy to build anything or stand on our own feet as we go through Plutonic processes. As Saturn enters Sagittarius, which happens on December 24, we return to the surface with renewed vitality and enthusiasm to expand our horizons and go after our goals. Saturn counterbalances the Sagittarian tendency of going overboard and being careless and even irresponsible at times. Justice and truth make themselves present in relationships that involve any kind of power and control. It is now possible to rebuild our energetic, emotional, psychic and material structures, and become lighter and more confident.

Another positive aspect is that Uranus, still squaring Pluto, has regained its forward motion, and so can we. Especially for being in mutual reception with Mars, we may receive flashes of intuition, ingenious ideas and solutions for our problems and be able to put them into action.


As for the Color Oracle, we find that we are at the beginning of a new cycle and it is necessary to remove any sort of rust that might have been keeping us stuck, including or especially for karmic reasons. This new lunar cycle is amazing for bringing us new visions, new dreams, and helping us to see doors that we had not seen so far or did not believe we were able to open. It is a cycle full of energies and discoveries that might change our lives once and for all for the better. As for the Winter, we see the emergence and announcement of what is destined to us and rightfully ours. Things are finally rearranged and we begin to see the practical results of previous processes of reparation.

During the cycle that begins now and lasts for approximately 2 years, we will have the freedom to shine and be whoever we choose to be. Our true colors will be revealed and will come to the forefront. Bet on yourself and your abilities. If you decide to try a new path, do not give in to insecurities, learn new things with enthusiasm, value your talents with humbleness and know that what you have to offer matters. Each person’s light is unique but our paths are intertwined with many others. When we come to this understanding, we can experiment real satisfaction.

Forecast for the year 2015 – Color Oracle


The year 2014 was about dealing with karmic issues and relocation, reparation and redistribution related to them. Those who went through this process will find lots of opportunities for reconstruction and reinvention in 2015. The colors for 2015 show a vibrant energy that allows for a whole renovation of our lives and our values, both in conceptual and practical forms. Such energy is already here and we can feel it. There will not be a crescendo in intensity, rather this energy will remain high throughout  the year. We will be able to easily detach from old problems and patterns and we may allow the dark pieces in us and in our lives to be illuminated and the faults to be fulfilled. We will feel very comfortable about who we are and where we are at, no matter what that might look like. We will be seen without having to put ourselves in the spotlight and without fearing scrutiny.


Great achievements will be possible, therefore we should dream big and aim high. We can rescue talents and interests we might have left behind and there is an energy achievable for those who are more attuned to a certain frequency of the spectrum of the 2015 colors. The number 3 and its multiples are favored, so are interactions in small or medium groups. It is a good period for alliances and for not being alone. There will be plenty of movement, novelties, fast changes, experimentation and exchanges. It is not advisable to hold on tight to plans, for those will tend to be modified many times. Towards the end of the year things will begin to stabilize and we will be able to create a solid foundation to build something stable and lasting in 2016. 2015 will be like an avalanche of events and opportunities that will give us the chance to discover our most basic personal frequency and the color associated with it.

Last Quarter Moon – December 14, 2014

last quarterOn December 14 we enter the last phase of this lunar cycle. The Moon in Virgo grants us the ability to discriminate, to take details into account, and to keep our feet on the ground. The Moon squares the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius urging us to express what we observe thanks to the clarity brought by the Virgo Moon.

The colors for this phase – light green, light rose, and beige – show that whatever had been hidden or dissimulated will come to the surface in a simple and clear way, being easily recognized for what it really is. It is not about deep and painful revelations, but about the unveiling of what had been hindering our progress. We will feel grateful and relieved for recognizing those things and able to eliminate them from our lives. We will know what is not good and not appropriate for us and will move away from them. We will be able to make decisions with clarity and confidence, and the directions we take this week will allow for a correct and good start for the next lunar cycle. This is a very special week when our hearts will be lighter and we will feel that anything we want can be achieved in an easy and simple way.


Color of the Year 2015: Marsala


Marsala allows us to look deeper into who we really are and what we value. We can discover new facets of ourselves as we feel compelled to explore our uniqueness. It is a tricky color though, for we may lose ourselves between the pressure for an alignment with our true self and not really knowing what to do about it. The theme of authenticity of self will be present in our hearts and in the back of our minds throughout the year. Yet, it might not be in a very obvious or external way. Also, Marsala can be elusive and let us believe that we are going on a certain direction when actually we will end up achieving the opposite of what we had been expecting and hoping for.

Intuitive take on “Pantone Color of the Year”

Full Moon in Pisces – December 6, 2014


On this Full Moon in Pisces we will be able to see our true self, find out what really fulfills us and express it verbally and in our lifestyle. With the Sun in conjunction with Mercury on positive and confident Sagittarius, we are able to see ourselves in a more favorable light and find a softer, kinder, and brighter self-image. From that point of view we can recreate how we relate and communicate with others. Venus, also in Sagittarius, can be helpful as it begins to reappear in the sky as an evening star, allowing us to connect with the vibrations of the night and get our intuitive and creative juices running. Relationships and expressing our emotions are favorable.

This Full Moon brings a very upbeat energy, especially with the Sun and Jupiter in mutual reception, delivering to us an opportunity to keep our focus on the lighter and brighter side, which comes at a good time, since Uranus is still squaring Pluto, possibly bringing some nervousness, anxiety, and pessimistic and dark thoughts. We can take advantage of this moment to begin ascending from the dark pit we may have fallen into since the beginning of the series of 7 exact squares between Uranus and Pluto on June 16, 2012, which will end on March 17, 2015. It is time to begin the process of coming back to the surface with all the good and bad we have experienced and learned, incorporating the new level of consciousness achieved.


As for colors for this Full Moon’s week, they show a period in which we can really change the tone of our lives. It is one of those moments when we can ask for Divine Intervention for matters we haven’t been able to solve this far or for those we cannot envision a solution. There is a good possibility of an important rebirth and the start of a new cycle of growth. The way is open for emotional healing and some clearing is advised before we encounter family and friends in the holiday season. Just present a different version of yourself and things can improve a lot without much effort. Consider second chances for yourself and for others. Keep your spirit light and have some fun. Beneficial forces are present and this can be a magical and powerful time.

December, 2014: External Movement and Inner Rest


December feels like a Merry-Go-Round in the sense of having a lot of movement and fun, but not really getting anywhere. We will be distracted by the holiday season and the preparations for it. Despite all the fuzz, the month presents a mellow and calm core, bringing up a softer side which grants us permission to take a break from our daily challenges  and worries. We can have a lot of inner rest as we find a common place where we can be both active and at peace.


Archetypal forces invade our psyche and take us to a long lost past in which we rescue a sense of home, community and fraternity. Before the New Year we regain our focus and goals, with our energies renewed, our minds rested and our vitality rekindled for 2015, a year with a tone of  its own.